Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Fool

The Senate’s official fool, Senator Bernie Sanders, has called for a progressive estate tax.  For those of you who do not understand what he was calling for, it is basically a tax on the wealth you leave behind after you die, except it would be applied at higher percentages the more wealth you have when you die.

Right now, the United States Federal government imposes a massive estate tax already.  In fact, it is already a progressive estate tax.  We already have it.  So what does that freak mean?

This was something he announced at an AFL-CIO convention in Vermont.  In other words, he was appealing to his own voter base.  The problem is, he probably knows that the United States does have a progressive estate tax but he also knows that the members of the AFL-CIO don’t know much about it.

Basically, this asshole is outright lying to his core voters in order to promote envy, that most destructive of deadly sins.  He is trying to get people to hate the wealthy.  What’s worse is he’s doing it in order to enrich the government.  None of the money collected from a progressive estate tax will go into the pockets of those union morons.  He didn’t even bother to promise them that.

This is why I’ve said that siding with the Left is sure to damn your soul to Hell.  I know that the Right does not grant salvation, only Jesus can, the Left promotes envy, lust, and all other kinds of sin as righteousness.  They are a bunch of immoral busybodies who believe that they make your lives better by stealing your money, making you attend gay weddings, and ensuring that only police can have guns, which they use to shoot your family dog.

Socialist Sanders is probably a true believer.  Despite being in the Senate for decades, he is clearly delusional with regards to what Socialist ultimately does: it enriches the elites at the expense of the poor and middle class.  This is because Socialism essentially monopolizes all industries leaving only a few with complete control over them, thus enriching them and limiting consumer choice.

But he doesn’t care.  He’s spent his entire life fighting for a cause that was proven to be a huge failure with the millions of mass graves and the failed economies in the countries that fully implemented it.

Doesn’t matter though.  Sanders is smarter than those people after all.  Socialism will work under him because he’s better than Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and all the others who have tried to implement it.

So it will work because Sanders and his ilk are smarter than you or me.  And no matter how much we may think otherwise, they will ensure that our lives will get better.

Even as they are shoveling dirt on our fresh graves.