Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The War That Never Ends

President Obama is set to lay out a plan to fight the rising tide of Islamic terror groups tonight.  Already we have anti-Democrat pundits criticizing the speech before he gives it, as is the nature of politics.  Make no mistake, I’m not going to be too impressed by anything the President does (or doesn’t do) but not for the reasons that Republicans and their shills have.

Let us not forget that the ISIS terrorists are a group of Syrian rebels who were armed and funded by the US government to overthrow Assad.  We have pictures of Senator John McCain sitting with ISIS leaders when he went to meet with those rebels last year.

The truth is, all of the death and misery caused by ISIS is also the fault of the United States government.  My guess is that various intelligence agencies felt that the Syrian rebels would make good assets in the future should they gain their own country.  And the ISIS group went rogue on American intelligence interests.

The fact is, these are bunch of rag-tag, bloodthirsty posers who are jacked up on drugs and ravaging Iraq because they lost the war in Syria.  I am not downplaying the threat they pose to the good people of that region, but this is what happens when you try to play the Nation Game.

If anyone argues that the Middle East is better off now than before intervention from the Western nations, they are na├»ve at best.  What we are witnessing is the rise of the third wave of radical Islam.  Our response must not be invasion, but decimation followed by containment.  The US government needs to stop giving weapons and training to foreign Muslims as many of them could easily turn around and use such things against us, as has been proven time and time again.

It is high time that Americans consider that the sacrifices our military made and has made in the past was not worth it.  That our young soldiers died for nothing.  And that there is nothing that can be done to make any of those sacrifices mean something.

So whatever President Obama says tonight will probably largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.  It is meant as a distraction to keep Americans looking overseas instead of within our country and seeing the crazed maniacs who run things for who they really are.