Tuesday, August 5, 2014

War on White People

So there is some controversy coming from Republican Rep. Mo Brooks.  On Laura Ingraham’s show, he stated that there is a war on whites coming from the Democrat(ick) party.

Of course social media has exploded with mocking tweets from the Left and serious stories of black on white violence from the Right.  The Left paints a Republican like an idiot, which is nothing new, but the Right takes up the cause of white men.

The truth is, Mo Brooks is right.  As far back as I can remember there has always been a war on white people.  It is systemic and generally accepted by the vast majority of society.  In schools, for example, the Jim Crow era is explored in both history and literature more often than other great things that happened around that time.

You remember how the Federal Reserve was created during the Jim Crow era?  How about FDR’s New Deal?  The roaring twenties?  The Great Depression?  Both World Wars?  The Cold War?  And that’s just in the USA.

The point is that we never hear about the positive aspects of that era.  Just how badly blacks were treated.  Martin Luther King, Jr. is treated like a saint, despite his backdoor communism and organized orgies.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Jim Crow laws were laws that needed to be repealed both morally and economically.  But at the same time, I remember how as a child I was raised to think that I was racist because I was white.  Fortunately, I overcame that handicap when I got older.

President Barack Obama attended a black liberation church for 20 years.  It was a church that fostered hatred against white people.  Michelle Obama considers every white person to be racist unless you agree with her 100%.  And the Democrats in general have played the race card so much, that people are starting to check their sleeves.

Meanwhile, black kids in liberal enclaves are running around beating white people as a kind of game.  The primary group that represents Hispanics is called “La Raza” which translates into “The Race”.  And the Jewish leaders are showing a serious level of racism against the Palestinians with some Israeli officials calling for concentration camps and genocide.

Meanwhile, white Leftist hipsters are making fun of Mo Brooks.  They are children who lack both wisdom and knowledge of the world they live in, largely because they live in a white enclave.

Mo Brooks spoke the truth.  It is the first time I’ve seen a politician actually take a stand against the race card in a long time.  I really hope he doesn’t back down.

But that would require a spine.