Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Israel is NOT Our Ally; Neither is Palestine

As a Ron Paul supporter in the past, I’ve been accused of being anti-Semitic.  This is because of Ron Paul’s foreign policy of non-intervention and because many mainstream conservatives resented it.  It was the only way they could attack Ron Paul’s foreign policy views as reason and rationality in such matters were lost on them.

I bring this up because what I am about to say will probably get more accusations thrown my way from the same conservatives.

Israel is not our ally.

I know I just got a bunch of people’s panties in a bunch when they read what I’ve written, but it is the undeniable truth.  We have no treaty, no formal agreement with Israel.  At best we have some vague, implied agreements with them.  But we have never come into any kind of official agreement to be Israel’s ally.

We are allied with Turkey, however, which is increasingly becoming more and more anti-Israel as the radicals take over their government.  Of course, to remove an alliance with them might mean the end of NATO as we know it.

The Palestinians are not our ally either.  They don’t even have a formally recognized state as far as I can tell.  They celebrated the death of Americans on 9/11.  I have no love for such a people who celebrate murder in such a way.

So where does that leave the US?

Well, logically it would mean that the US should remain neutral in this Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  It would mean that Americans should pay no attention to anti-Israeli or pro-Israeli propaganda and the same would apply to Palestine.

It would mean that the US government should tell the Israeli government that they can do whatever they want to resolve this conflict and the US will not step in their way, provided they do not attack any of our allies without coming to the US first.

As for the many Christian Zionists who want to keep their favorite tourism spots in the Middle East protected know this: while God made a special covenant with Israel and continues it to this day, He did not do so with the United States.  We are under no obligation to help them.  If God truly is with the Jews, He will provide the means to protect them.

But do not forget that the primary purpose of the Israelites has been done.  His Son Jesus came from their line of kings and redeemed all of mankind before Him.  So while they are a people set aside by God, those who reject Jesus essentially reject God as well.  Have nothing to do with the disobedient Jews.

Ultimately, we should keep a level head in all this and let the conflict play out.  We should not get involved in any way, except maybe to facilitate negotiations.  Anything more is foolish and morally wrong.