Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Good Marriages Are Good For Civilization

I got a message on my private Facebook account from my father about how my posts were (yet again) angry and judgmental.  He was talking about my sharing of the sexuses spreadsheet.

He was mainly worried about how I was focusing on divorce, marriage, sex, and the role of women.  He was wondering what my obsession was and why I kept on sharing those things.  Truth be told, I am a bit obsessed with it for now.  But my obsession, I think, is the key to preserving what is left of our collapsing civilization.

Civilization depends on having children, especially children of the dominant people group who founded said civilization.  For the United States, the dominant group was Western Europeans.  That demographic is rapidly changing now as we see the birthrates of European-descended Americans on the decline in most areas of the country.

What does this have to do with marriage?   Well, the answer is quite simple: married couples create babies.  Healthy marriages usually result in more children than unhealthy ones as well.  In order to have a growing civilization, married couples need to have, on average, about three children.  Having only two children results in replacing the existing parents.  And having one signifies a decline.  So in order to have a growing civilization, parents should strive for at least three children each and more is preferred.

Unfortunately, marriage in the United States is a damaged institution.  It has gotten so bad, that many men are opting out of it entirely and just living their own lives.  In other cases, men suffer through a sexless (loveless) marriage with a woman who doesn’t understand why he doesn’t bring her flowers anymore.  In still other cases, a marriage ends in divorce.

Divorce is detrimental to child production.  The couple splits up and therefore ends up having to literally start over in the dating world.  The process of dating leading to marriage and then children can take up years at a time and most people don’t have that kind of time.  And so we end up with divorced couples with only one or two children at best, which doesn’t really grow civilization.

The progressive Left has done its best to instill in American women that having children in a monogamous relationship is evil.  And they’ve made several converts, even causing churches to compromise with them.  They believe that having children does not bring joy or happiness in one’s life.  In truth, they are wicked and ugly and only wish to tear down the joy and love of everyone else.  Hence, their proud declarations of 50 million abortions since Roe v. Wade.

A population that does not breed is not one that will remain around for much longer.  We live in a country with vast wealth and comfort.  There is no reason that we shouldn’t be able to have as many children as we desire.  And yet, those options are increasingly limited to us.

I am not saying that having children is easy.  I have one son (so far) and he is already a handful.  But I want to have more every time I view pictures of his infant years, despite the exhausting nature of being a father (and the hard part for me has yet to come).

I am also not saying that we should pass laws to fix all of this.  Civilization rises and falls based on the attitudes of the society who built it, not on its governing body.  The mere fact that the government is pushing anti-civilization laws and policies is merely a reflection of how much our society despise civilization.  Or rather, the responsibilities inherent in maintaining a civilization.

Focusing on strengthening marriage by getting husbands in a leadership role in their own family while getting their wives into a helper position is a step in the right direction.  In just 40 decades of female-centered leadership in marriage, we have seen divorce rates go up and a general sense of unease or unhappiness when it comes to marriage.  Now perhaps I’m not being fair to women, but doesn’t it seem that once men handed their headship over to their wives, things got worse, not better?

Look, no marriage will ever be perfect.  No one marriage will have the right amount of children or the right level of happiness.  But with more men in charge of their marriages and their wives in a more supportive role, we might see things get better all around.

And just remember that most married couples who have had less than three children regret not having more.  And also know that those married couples who consider divorce not an option are often in a happier relationship.