Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hollywood Cesspool

Only in Hollywood is an actor condemned for not wanting to do gay scenes:

When Luke Grimes started on HBO’s “True Blood” last season his character James Kent was wooing a female vampire. But Grimes reportedly quit in December when he found out Kent was bisexual and starting a romantic relationship with a gay character in the seventh and final season.

Yet critics argue that Grimes should have known what he was getting into when he initially signed the dotted line, given that the supernatural drama – created by the openly gay Alan Ball and produced by his company in conjunction with HBO – routinely pushes the envelope when it comes to relationships.

“It’s unfortunate that an actor today would feel uncomfortable playing gay, especially on a program that has always put LGBT characters front and center,” Stacy Lambe, Associate Editor for the gay and lesbian-focused OUT Magazine said. “But Nelsan Ellis and Nathan Parsons are proof that Luke Grimes is not the norm. Grimes is the exception.”

All of this is bullshit of course.  Luke Grimes has every right to refuse to anything he is uncomfortable with doing.

This same courtesy would be extended to all actresses.  If an actress refuses to do a nude scene, she gets to refuse no questions asked.  There might be some pressure, but at the end of the day, nobody really blames her.

This is just another stab at morality by Hollywood, who views morality as subjective and contingent on happiness rather than acknowledging a true moral standard.  It is no wonder that there are probably dozens of pedophiles there preying on child actors (Corey Feldman anyone).

Speculations aside, this is the kind of thing that will only serve to further alienate Hollywood.  As they continue to try and push sexually deviant behavior (which less than 3% of Americans regularly engage in) down the throats of Americans, the less they will consume.

Hollywood is a cesspool, now more than ever.  It is time to start looking elsewhere for entertainment.