Monday, June 23, 2014

On Iraq

So apparently Iraq is being overrun by Islamists right now.  Already, the judge who condemned Saddam Hussein to death has been captured and executed.  Of course, if people had paid attention to the court proceedings, the judge’s death would be justified as Hussein was not given a proper court proceeding.

In any case, it looks like the Iraqi people are by and large celebrating their liberation from an oppressive puppet government set up by the United States.  But here are a few observations I have regarding the situation:

  • I read a headline of troops lamenting that their fellow soldiers died for nothing.  Sadly, this was the case from day one.  The entire Iraq War was initiated based on bad intelligence and outright lies.  Even if Saddam was stockpiling weapons, what business was it of ours?  Iraq was a sovereign nation and the US has no justification for bringing war to that nation.
  • The Iraq War was illegal.  You see, under the constitution, Congress has to declare war in order for the President to send troops anywhere.  So the very act of a soldier stepping foot on a sovereign nation for the purposes of war was unconstitutional and illegal.  Justice demands the lives of everyone who orchestrated and carried out this war.  Murder is punishable by death after all.
  • What is happening right now is the natural consequence of what happens when you don’t properly colonize a nation and fail to understand the origins of civilization.  Some of the most misguided fools are in power right now and have the most influence in the world right now.  They are ideologues who believe that civilization is created through democracy and corporatism, failing to see that those very things are bringing down Western civilization.
  • The ISIS invaders, who were originally referred to as an extension of Al-Qaeda, are supported and funded by the United States government.  They came out of Syria.  The Syrian government managed to maintain their hold on their country in spite of US support of the rebels.  As far as I can tell, the ISIS troops are not Syrian military, but Syrian rebels, probably looking to escape Syrian justice.  Ergo, ISIS is composed of US-backed Syrian rebels.
  • The Iraqi government was already Islam-based.  If anything, the ISIS movement promises a more “pure” version of the government they already have.  They will fail to live up to that once they do take power, but the point is they are doing exactly what the Taliban did in Afghanistan.  They are promising a Muslim Utopia.  And Utopias do not exist and never will.
  • Don’t worry about oil.  To date, I don’t believe that Iraqi oil has made its way to the US, given the skyrocketing prices.  What is probably happening is corporate interests are threatening to raise prices in the face of losing what oil fields they do own.  In any case, there are no oil interests for the US to protect because the oil doesn’t belong to the US or anyone outside of Iraq.  And if ISIS takes over, they will have to trade with the US because human greed often trump religious fanaticism.

I honestly don’t care about the outcome.  And normally I would be outraged over the persecuted Christians there, but I’m disgusted with them as well.  Increasingly it is becoming obvious that Christians will need to beat the plowshares into swords and fight against the ever-expanding wickedness in the world today.

If ISIS wins, what is the worst thing that will happen?  It will be a symbolic victory at best.  Iraq is a broken country right now.  The only reason that the USGov cares about this is because it makes them look back.  And making the USGov look bad is usually lethal.