Friday, June 20, 2014

Cantor’s Defeat Brought Illegals

The recent outrage over the immigration issue is nothing new.  Except that it is clear that this is a manufactured issue following Eric Cantor’s defeat.

Think about it.  You have a top Republican leader in Congress kicked out of office for his stance on immigration and suddenly, the Obama administration starts trucking in Mexicans by the hundreds like a reverse Holocaust.

It’s a brilliant strategy really.  If you get tons of immigrants crossing the border, you outrage more and more Republican base voters (or conservatives as they are called) and they vote out the bums who support this.

We know that House Speaker John Boehner doesn’t know how to play politics properly.  I doubt he views the Democrats as an enemy but more like a friendly rival.  He seems to be adverse to adversity and cries way too much in public.

And now he is in a real pickle.  He has expressed desire to legalize all illegal immigrants in the past and now the government is literally shipping them all in.  So he now has to either denounce himself or face the wrath of the conservative base.

It’s a pretty basic divide and conquer strategy and tactically brilliant on the part of the Obama administration.  They get more Mexican voters while at the same time weakening the Republican base.

They also get slave labor for their corporate butt buddies and sweet ass corporate deals following the end of their term.

Watching civilization collapse has never been so fun.