Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Remember When The Cops Blew A Hole In A Toddler’s Chest?

I heard about this story a couple of weeks ago.  I was outraged about it then.  Now I’m beyond outraged.  I have reached a level of anger that I haven’t been at in a long time.

If you aren’t going to bother to read the article, it’s written by the mother of the boy whose was hit by a flash bang grenade in his crib.  He’s still in the hospital right now in critical condition.  The doctors say that his ribcage is exposed.

That’s right.  His ribcage is exposed under the bandages.  He’s probably going to need skin grafts from many donors and months of recovery therapy.  And did I mention that he’s in a medically induced coma, which may hinder his brain development?

The cops involved claimed they didn’t know children were in the house when they threw their military grade weapons into the house.  They claim they were looking for the nephew of the family, who had been kicked out of the house.

Guess what they are looking for?  They wanted him on drug charges.  Not even a whole lot of drugs.  Nothing to justify a raid of that size.

The chief of police blamed the victims for living in the house of a drug dealer.  Except he didn’t live there.  He basically stated that the cops did nothing wrong.

So I guess the hole in that poor boy’s chest magically blew open.

Here’s the deal: the cops involved in this raid should be charged with attempted murder and reckless child endangerment.  The police chief should be charged with obstruction of justice and conspiracy to commit murder.

Because if an ordinary group of citizens did this exact same thing, they would be charged with all that and more.  Cops do not get a pass in my view.  They have to be better than citizens, not worse.