Thursday, June 19, 2014

Those Meddling Christian Women

Women like to meddle in other women’s affairs.  It is part of their nature.  They are much more social than men and so they like to talk about many more topics than men do.

And sometimes those talks are destructive.

My wife has been having a hard time lately.  I don’t know exactly what is going on, but she was insisting for a time that we go get marriage counseling.  Because paying someone to share all my intimate details is a sound investment.

I’m not against counseling per se, but I find it to be unnecessary myself.  While my life is far from perfect, I’ve accepted the things that I can’t control.  I am content with my life as it stands right now and view most problems as petty annoyances that will go away once I die.

My wife tends to be more worrisome about things.  She tends to view minor problems and life-changing events at times and treats them as such.  Right now, she has what she wanted in life: a good husband who provides for her while she stays home and raises a child.

But there was some demonic desire planted in her to want more.  More of something.  She didn’t know what it was nor could accurately identify it herself, but she clearly wanted more.  And when I refused to change my life around to accommodate her gluttony, she demanded marriage counseling because our marriage was, in her eyes, falling apart.

I’m probably biased.  But I am the husband, after all, and the leader of my household.

In any case, she did share with other members of our church her problems and you know what they said to her?  That she should keep on demanding marriage counseling or divorce me.

Bitches every last one of them.  They literally told her that because I was not obeying her, she should destroy her family and everything we’ve built together because I refused to go talk to some stranger about how I’m not doing a good job as a husband.

That’s pretty much how marriage therapy goes.  There is always this suggestion that both sides need to “work” on something.  For the husband, it is usually bowing to the whims of his wife while his wife has to “love” him more.  I know I’m making generalizations here, but that’s how most therapists are trained.

The truth is, a marriage is a sacred vow and a commitment with God.  For a Christian woman to suggest that another Christian woman divorce her husband for succumbing to her rebellion is an act of pride and envy, not love and support.  And I won’t stand for it.  Women have been burned at the stake for less in the past.

I bring this up because it is a microcosm of what is wrong with Western Christianity.  We’ve allowed feminism to gain acceptance with Christianity and it has resulted in strife and female control over marriage.  There is also a touch of pop-psychology as well with this whole goal of making “happy” marriages.

Look, let me be blunt: as long as divorce is out of the question, a man and a woman can make their marriage work.  When you both decide that you have to live together, you find ways to ensure that it works.  Statistically, people who stick with their marriages, regardless of what happens, are happier for it in the end.

So maybe the focus of the modern Christian world should not be so much on ensuring happy marriages as it should be focused on condemning divorce and outlining the proper, Biblical reasons for divorce.

But I don’t see that happening any time soon.