Thursday, March 6, 2014

No Solutions

I’m a big believer in no political solutions.  I firmly believe that no matter what person is elected into office, no problems will be solved.  More than that, I believe that no solutions should come from the government for anything.

I’m in the minority here.  I’m not an anarcho-capitalist.  I have my problems with their belief that justice can be reduced to economics.  In my mind, murder is murder and justice is really just damage control, not a solution to the problem created.  So I can believe in no political solutions but still support government justice in some cases (I believe property crimes should be dealt with in a free-market justice system).

The problem then becomes a question of what an individual can do in the face of a large group of nannies whose professional career is politician.  Politicians are too eager to claim to be able to fix the problems that regular people should take responsibility for.

Unfortunately, there is little that can be done really.  As an individual, you have a right to your life, your liberty, and your property, but not everyone else agrees with that.  And most of those people will vote to take it away from you.

I know it seems hopeless.  And it probably is.  But it is the truth.  The truth is we live in a culture that expects the government to fix whatever problem they face and believe to be unfixable.

But sometimes, things cannot be fixed.  Sometimes the only solution to accept the problem and find another way.  And the government is only able use a hammer to fix the problem.

We forget that life is hard.  For most, it is a struggle just to obtain a simple sense of peace and contentment.  Happiness is chased in the form of religion, cults, pills, and obsessions which really only distract us from the problems we cannot resolve.

There are no simple solutions.  The solutions to our major problems will require great personal sacrifice on our part and I don’t see many people willing to do this.  Our mass consumerism has given rise to an attitude of resolving it all now rather than later.

Once our culture realizes that long-term solutions require long-term sacrifices and hard work, only then will many of these problems begin to unravel.  But until that time, we are going to be riding one hell of a roller-coaster.