Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Excusing Evil in Women

When it comes to women behaving badly, there is a huge double standard.  Often times, this double standard manifests itself when women commit crimes, especially crimes against their own children.

Today, for example, I saw a story of a woman who drove her minivan into the ocean with three kids in the backseat and a baby in her belly.  A fellow Facebook ex-friend (ex because of what I said), stated that it had to be related to hormones and that she needed mental health treatment.

I simply pointed out that she attempted to murder her children.  Another friend of hers threw out the whole hormone excuse as well.  Such arguments are bullshit in my view.  First of all, men have hormones that make them extremely aggressive and dangerous.  Testosterone is not exactly a hormone that is known for making men gentle.  Secondly, she tried to kill her kids.  It doesn’t matter what her mental state is, she deserves to go to prison for that.

Of course, in this enlightened age where the sexes, I mean genders, are equal, that means that women get away with murder by claiming temporary insanity.  It’s like our justice system is being run by a stand-up comic.

Another incident happened several years ago.  My mother knew a female back surgeon who was pulled over for DUI.  When she got out of her car, she punched the police officer.  She also had her two kids in the backseat.

She got off.  She pulled the PMS defense and the charges were dropped.

I am sorry, but no man could ever pull any of this shit and get off scot free.  And no man would ever be given any kind of sympathy if he was caught endangering his children in this manner.  No, society would throw the book of laws and then the Second Set of Books at such a man, and rightly so.

It pisses me off to no end that we coddle women and automatically assume that these women don’t know what they are doing.

Intentions do not matter.  It is actions that define the person’s intentions.  You can never know what another person’s intentions are because you cannot read their minds and all you have to go on is what they tell you.  And people lie about themselves to other people all the time.

The justice system needs to remove the idea that the motive is important, unless said motive is crucial in proving guilt.  And often times, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is what the evidence says along with what witnesses testify to.

As for society, we need to cultivate a culture that doesn’t excuse women (and men for that matter) for possible mental illnesses and instead judge them based on their actions.  We are not mental health professionals, by and large, so there is nothing we can do to determine a person’s mental state.  Hell, many sick, sociopathic people have fooled even the best mental health professionals in their day.

So can we all just stop attributing wicked, malicious actions to mental illness?  Can’t we just call evil for what it is, regardless of sex, and stop trying to rationalize the actions of the evil?

Is that too hard?