Friday, March 7, 2014

No Conservatives at CPAC

I left the conservatives long ago when I realized that they are not nor have they ever been constitutionalists.  Like the progressives they hate so much, conservatives tend to favor constitutional restrictions except the ones they don’t like.

So after seeing the morons parade around at CPAC this week, I am not surprised to see various idiots touted as the last great hope for ‘murica.

Truth be told, I don’t think conservatives are going to last much longer.  As more and more young people realize that their conservative parents are morons who want to kill children, so long as they are foreigners, it won’t be long until the Republican party either disbands or comes under new management.

Governor Chris Christie is not the great, big, white hope conservatives are looking for.  He is pro-gun control for one thing, and he seems to very much in love with President Obama.  Just because he speaks his mind and put teacher’s unions in their place, doesn’t mean he is a conservative.

Governor Rick Perry wanted to start a little rebellion.  Which makes me wonder: what is this asshole rebelling against?  Giving young teenage girls an untested and dangerous vaccine because it might prevent cancer in less than 2% of the sluts among that demographic?

Senator Rand Paul appears to be a fan favorite, especially among younger voters it seems.  While I have my reservations about him, I suppose he is better than the two asshats I mentioned previously.  Unfortunately, he cannot win due to his father’s legacy of being pro-freedom.  The Bilderberg Group will not let him win.

It is sad though.  Ron Paul and Rand Paul both would garner immense support.  Yet somehow Ron Paul lost all those primaries and caucuses.  It’s as if none of those votes were counted.

Still, that is old news, after all.  The truth is, the Republican party is dying.  Much like its predecessor the Whig party, we see a party of corporate cronies battling each other internally and unable to make any headway against the Democrats.  They may be evil and wicked, but the Democrats have a solid party machine.

The point is, there are no good conservative leaders in the Republican party.  There are either liberal cronies or soft libertarians.  So do yourself a favor and don’t waste money at CPAC.