Friday, February 28, 2014

Christian Defiance

The lords of evil are ramping up their timetable.  Here in the United States, we see them defying what every good, honest, and decent person stands for.

In just about every aspect of our lives, they are pushing the American people toward a total collapse of civilization.  I, unlike other conspiracy theorists, do not believe this is intentional, merely delusional.  It is still dangerous nonetheless.

I see a government that promotes evil across the board.  From trying to drug our children with lobotomizing medications to promoting unhealthy sexual practices, they are attempting to corrupt what little goodness remains in our society.

Evil is on the march and most people are either oblivious to it or firmly believe that what is evil is actually good.  Most people can’t see that, for example, feminism is merely the politicization of envy.  Most churches do not condemn single women or women who divorce for reasons other than adultery.  Most churches do not condemn men for their idol worship of football.  Hell, most pastors embrace football as well.

There is something evil in this world and I suspect that behind the psychopaths in power is something far more dangerous than most people realize.  I know that Satan is out there right now working to destroy humanity and mold into his twisted image of what creation should have been.

This world was conquered by him the moment that Eve ate of the forbidden fruit.  At that point, mankind ceded headship over this world to Satan.  And he has ruled this world ever since.

There has been rebellion against the power that is.  It started thousands of years ago when a few obedient servants of God set out to fulfill a promise He made to them.  And out of one old man and his elderly wife came a nation, strong and proud of their heritage.  They believed themselves to be God’s chosen and to some extent, they were right, but not for the reasons they believed.

God punished them when their pride became so great that it corrupted all of them to the point that they engaged in child sacrifices and pagan idol worship.  The nation of Israel is a great example of how a civilization falls.

When the remnants restored some of what they had, this is when God finally fulfilled his promise to them and brought forth the Messiah.  He was not fair of form or pleasing to look upon.  He wasn’t ugly necessarily, but he wasn’t incredibly handsome either.  He probably was burly and had calloused hands from working alongside his adopted father.

When he ensured that his mother was taken care of, he began his ministry to show to us how we should have been after the fall in Eden.  He healed the sick and disabled.  He cast out demons in His Father’s name.  He taught to the simple truths of the Scriptures.  But most importantly, he defeated Satan in what can only be described as a spiritual rebellion.

And so for two thousand years, there has been an element of humanity rebelling against this world’s king in the name of the King of Kings.  We are not perfect people.  We are flawed, ugly, and, in some cases, sick.  But know He has saved our spirits and provided us a path for something more than this life.

This life is hard.  There is nothing wholly good in it.  We are born to die.  But despite this, there is something after this life that can be much better than what is happening right now.  This life is not the life we were intended to live, but we have been given a second chance.  And while God has allowed creation to exist as it does today, He will not let it happen forever.

I know He exists and I know it because I have been in His presence.  This life seems dull without Him.  But I go on because He wants me to.  I don’t know what He wants me to do exactly, but I suspect I will know it when the time comes.  Or perhaps He merely wishes for me to press on and live out my days as a regular person.

What I do know, however, is that after all of this, after all the pain, the joy, the suffering, the celebrating, the death, and the life, I will have a greater life than this one.  Maybe one where I can truly enjoy his Creation without having to endure the hardship that was inflicted upon our very being.

So when I say that the lords of evil are moving faster and faster toward completing their terrible agenda, I tell you I am not afraid of them.  I defy them and everything they stand for because I know that they are not gods nor are they worthy of being called God’s children.  They are weak when confronted by the Truth, which is why they will do everything in their power to destroy us.  But our Truth is not limited to people.  He is beyond their control, beyond their reach.

Defy them.  Defy them until you have nothing left but your very soul.  Anything less would be ungodly.