Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Illusion of Freedom in the United States

Gunn: No way. We make our own choices.
Skip: Yeah, sure. Cheese sandwich here, uh, when to floss. But the big stuff.…

You have no freedom in the United States.  It is a mathematical impossibility.  It is an economic impossibility.  And it is a practical fact.

I know most people don’t like to hear that.  Most people like to think that our soldiers are overseas defending our freedoms.  That the terrorists hate us for our freedoms.  That we are the best, most free nation on the planet.

We are told that our democratic process of choosing our leaders means we are free.  We are told that because we vote for the lesser of two evils, that our government must be good and wholesome.  And when the facts reveal that it is not, we delude ourselves into believing that it is all for the best.  Except when it was a guy we didn’t vote for.

The truth is, there are literally thousands, if not millions of laws on the books right now.  On top of the laws, there are 10 times that number of regulation that go with the laws in order to implement them.  This is the Second Set of Books by which the country is really run, by the way.  Laws come and go, but the bureaucracy hardly ever changes it’s policies.  It may even enforce laws or treaties that have yet to be approved.

Every day I read stories about how governments impose on the liberties and freedoms of others.  They do so in big and small ways, although most of the time they target weaker individuals.  By weaker, I mean either physically or mentally.  Most of the time, strong-willed individuals tend to fight back and the oppressors will back off because they are bullies at heart.

The truth is, you cannot use alternative currency, such paper backed by gold and silver, or you are a terrorist.  You ingest any substance that is not approved by all government agencies or you are drug-user.  You cannot educate your children the way you wish to, instead you are forced to adhere to government standards or risk having your children taken from you.  You cannot raise dairy cows without a subsidy or risk fines and poverty.  And this is just the type of the iceberg.

And if you break any of these rules or resist those who enforce them, you will end up in prison getting raped or murdered by law enforcement.

Every law, no matter how small, is backed by the full force and violence of the State.  All money is backed by the full force and violence of the United States government.  But it is privately owned.

And yes, if you go to prison, you will probably be raped.  If you are arrested by a police officer, you will not succeed in getting any charges dropped against you.  In fact, more than likely, you will be over-charged with crimes and will be threatened with decades in prison unless you plea out.  Most prosecutors never go before a jury to make their case.

Our entire government has decided that it will save us from ourselves and from others.  This is not freedom.  This is tyranny.  And until we recognize this, we will continue to be duped by our leaders that are free.

But freedom is an illusion in this country.