Friday, February 7, 2014

Racial Integration is a White Man’s Dream

Racial integration was always a white man’s dream.  Sure, Martin Luther King, Jr. talked about integration to some degree, but his close followers, most especially Jesse Jackson, do not adhere to such principles.  What this tells me is that he was personally not a big fan of integration per se, just tired of the government imposed rules to exclude blacks.

I find those rules to be distasteful as well.  Laws passed to make one class of citizens to drink from a separate water fountain was just stupid really.

In any case, racial integration has always been the goal of old white people, who think themselves to be better than everyone else.  Jim Crow laws were overturned, yes, but because of segregation, most races had their own, tight-knit communities.  It was the Supreme Court who forced integration on the American public.

The goal of the modern civil rights movement for blacks is to steal from the productive citizens, both white and black, as much as possible in order to shore up votes for their anointed leaders.  Anyone who disputes this is either a liar or just plain ignorant.

But was it like that back in the day?  I have my suspicions that while the stated goals of various civil rights groups were to promote and obtain equality under the law, in reality, many of them were probably groups bent on revenge, not justice.  This is just conjecture on my part as I did not grow up during that time and I’ve never had any conservations with any of those leaders.  I could be wrong about this.  I hope I’m wrong about this.

But I suspect that I am not.  I suspect that from the beginning, a large group of envious and prominent local leaders organized and got the rest of the people in their community to get together and fight injustice.  I’ve heard that Rosa Parks may not have been simply a woman tired of giving up her seat on the bus, for example, and may have been a communist activist.

Nowadays, it is quite clear that the “black” community wants nothing to do with white people.  They have no desire to integrate.  Hell, they don’t even want successful businesses in their communities on the off chance it attracts white people.

There is nothing wrong with this.  If a community of like-minded people want to exclude other people, that is their business.  Anyone who lives within that community and disagrees can simply leave.  Not a huge deal in my book.

But there is never the discussion of a white community, except maybe on the more openly racist sites on the Internet.  We cannot deny its existence though as much as we cannot deny the black or Chinese or Mexican or Korean communities exist.  There are large communities of white people, which are just as diverse as black people.

For some reason, given that whites are supposedly becoming a minority, nobody considers the needs of white people.  I think many white people just simply wish to live a peaceful life without having to leech off of others as much as possible.  I think they are also afraid of conflict.

For well over four decades now, black citizens have been given special treatment in an effort to make amends.  As far as I can tell, it hasn’t appeased them.  This is because envy is a virtue among many black communities and envy devours and destroys, it does not build up.  Many black communities (but not all) are dilapidated husks of what was once a great bastion of civilization.

We can blame any number of external causes.  Both sides of the political spectrum do.  But I blame it the individual character of each member of said community.  Our station in life is merely the sum total of our own choices.  Yes, many of us get dealt a bad hand to start with, but it is what you do with it that matters.

Given the final results of the black community and its increasing isolation and acceptance of violence, I have come to the conclusion that racial integration is merely a white man’s dream.  The dreams of the black community are much, much different.