Monday, February 10, 2014


Can I renounce my citizenship and not replace it with another one?  Become a non-citizen?  Is that feasibly possible in this modern age?

I ask because I have no benefit from being a citizen of the United States or the commonwealth of Virginia.  As far as I can tell, most of the benefit goes to either the lazy or the corporate cronies.  People like me, the ones in the middle, are stuck being fleeced.

As far as I can tell, the government spends its days either securing its own monopolies and providing benefits to its corporate friends in order to stop competition.  But what are the benefits for average citizens?

We can vote.  I know that much.  Voting is probably one of the most useless exercises in the political sphere.  Not only are your choices limited to two people, but both of them tend to carry on the same policies of their predecessors, regardless of whether the previous person was in the same party or not.  If I wanted the government to change, then I wouldn’t bother voting.

Then again, if I were to become a non-citizen, would I then be exempt from taxes?  Would I be free to leave and go as I please?  Would I be treated differently by law enforcement?

I doubt law enforcement really cares, in all honesty.  They tend to treat all people equally as they beat on them with batons.

As for taxation, that happens to everyone, even those who do renounce their citizenship.  Seriously, you will still have taxes collected for 10 years following a citizenship renouncement.  That is how greedy the USGov is.

My citizenship was thrust upon me at birth.  I do not hate it really.  I just wonder what benefit I have with it, as it seems to offer no benefit to me.  On top of that, our leaders seem to care little for it.  Even the Romans regarded citizenship as a special privilege.

But our government sees it as nothing more than an excuse to con people into doing things we otherwise would not do.  Our leaders do not respect us, but instead raise up non-citizens as the special class.

And unfortunately, I cannot simply minimize the complications of my life because of this.