Thursday, February 27, 2014


I see those stupid “Coexist” bumper stickers on cars from time to time.  I find them offensive because they are ignorant of history and assume that religion causes wars and is the sole cause of wars.  If I walked up to those idiots, I’ll bet they could not name five wars started for religious reasons.  They would probably mumble “the Crusades” but beyond that would demonstrate just how ignorant they really are.

And by the way, why are the Crusades brought up as the reasons for Christians being evil by Leftists?  It is usually that or the Salem witch trials.  Given the track record of Christianity over the past two thousand years versus the track record of communism in the past century, Christianity has less body count and better societies as a net result.  Communism has given us declining populations, starving children, and more warfare and death the Catholic Church could ever conceive of in its most militant of days.

I heard recently that the Catholic Church did not officially denounce slavery until the 1960s.  I guess they had political reasons for doing so since there were probably countries whose primary denomination was Catholic and still held slaves.  To be fair, God never did require slave-owners to free their slaves.  Well, that’s not exactly right.  He did require Israel to free a slave after seven years of slavery, unless the slave wanted to remain a slave.

I’m not a supporter of slavery, not because of my Christian faith, but because I find to be just another form of welfare.  In reality, you are providing a person with food, shelter, clothing, and, in some cases, money for menial labor tasks.  Well, maybe it’s not like welfare, but it is certainly close.  On the flip side, slavery did offer solid job security in the United States.  In the middle east, you were either castrated or a sex slave, depending on your sex and age.

I have seen atheists support Muslims as they oppose Christianity.  Unfortunately, these are probably the stupidest atheists on the planet as they are really just sowing the seeds of their own destruction.  This is because one of two things will happen: either the Muslims win and then they enslave the atheists, making them either eunuchs or sex slaves (or both) or the Christians win and they outlaw atheism for supporting rebellion in their country, exiling them to the Muslim lands where they become eunuchs or sex slaves (or both).

A lot of people believe that the Muslims are future threat.  Indeed, many of the radicals have stated they wish to destroy the United States.  Unfortunately, for some reason, they seem to be getting access to weapons they are incapable of making on their own.  From my perspective, we should just get the US government to stop selling all military weapons overseas, or at least give Americans top preference for private purchases.  Chemical weapons are not easy to make and most Muslim nations are incapable of making them, by the way.

Yes I believe that private citizens should have chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, high-grade military vehicles, and kick-ass guns.  If anything, the governments of the world should give them all to private American citizens.  Or sell them at a discount.

Of course, American citizenship means absolutely dick right now.  About the only “right” you receive as a citizen is the right to vote, but the voter fraud is so rampant that I doubt that matters much anymore.  Of course, the votes are between a stupid man and an evil man and usually it is between men (or women) who are both.

I used to think that stupid and evil were two separate traits, but I have been finding more and more people who are both stupid and evil.  Nancy Pelosi comes to mind, although her stupid act may be just a fa├žade.  I get the sense that nobody that senile could keep on becoming the leader of the Democrats in the House.  Then again, Harry Reid seems to be incredibly stupid as well and is doing a bang up job of not doing his job in the Senate.

Senator Reid recently urge the Nevada legislature to outlaw prostitution.  It was a political move that yielded no benefit to his own political career or material benefit to him personally.  He is probably looking to leave behind some kind of legacy, given that he probably knows that he’s a failure.

Congress these days is a joke anyway.  President Obama has basically said that he will make the laws without them and nobody is even trying to impeach him.  So really, unless you have a candidate this year who openly states that he or she will impeach Obama, then you really should just write in your own name.

I suppose that voting is a useless exercise anyway.  I don’t see a point in selecting either a Democrat or a Republican because I know they are liars.  And Libertarian candidates are either Democrat plants or whiny ex-Republicans.  And the rest are just lame.