Wednesday, February 26, 2014

All Things Gay

Apparently, it has been a good few months if you’re gay.  Or rather, if you’re a gay activist.

In Russia, an anti-gay law was passed.  By anti-gay, what it really meant was that gays could talk about gay sex with children and could not have gay pride parades.  This is considered anti-gay: sexualizing children in government schools and holding parades where mock acts of sodomy are performed for your viewing pleasure.

In reality, the laws that banned gay stuff in Russia fell under the Russian government’s jurisdiction as both the roads and schools are owned by the government.  If Russian gays want to hold parades, they’ll need to build their own roads.  If they want to teach children about being gay, they’ll need to start up their own schools.

In Uganda, a much more strict anti-gay law was passed.  This one made it a crime to be gay.  The law also made it a crime punishable by life imprisonment (originally death) to rape children and the disabled and give them AIDS.  So opposing the law made you pro-child rape but supporting it made you anti-gay.

I don’t like the provision where imprisoning individuals for gay sex for life in the law, as I think it is unnecessary, I do think that the rest of it is a good law.  If you don’t agree with me, then you’re a child molester.  And I’ll be damned if I’m going to be lectured to by a child molester.

Uganda has suffered more than Western gays under the spread of AIDS.  Since it is mostly spread among gays, of which there is a huge underground movement there, this law was probably the government’s way of dealing with that issue as best they could.  I have witnessed firsthand the effects of this, having traveled to rural towns in Uganda where only children remain in the wake of AIDS.  If you are the leader of your country, how would you deal with this?

And here in the United States, the state of Arizona recently passed a law to let businesses discriminate against gays for religious reasons.  This is anti-gay because in our modern age, you are forced to service others with your business as well as forced to buy products you may not need on threat of death by government.  That is what capitalism is all about right?

In reality, there are only 9 million gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual people in America, and that is probably an overestimation.  But giving that number the benefit of the doubt, that means that they make up only about 3% of the population (9 million divided by 310 million is a little less than 3% for you idiots who don’t know math).

Given that gays make up probably the smallest minority group in the country (women being the largest “minority” outnumbering men by a thin margin), you would think they would be the most oppressed in this country.  After all, the smaller the group, the less likely they are to fight back.  So it is only logical in a democracy that gays are the most oppressed group out there.

Yet, I have not heard of very many gays being oppressed in the same manner as say, the blacks under Jim Crow.  To even compare it to that (looking at you George Takai) is an insult to the blacks who suffered under Jim Crow.

Or how about all the Japanese who were rounded up into concentration camps during World War II?  I see no camps being built to house the gay population.  Well, nothing that specifically targets gays.

So gays in the United States need to shut the hell up about the Arizona law.  It does not harm you in any way, much like you getting “married” does not harm me (only no-fault divorce laws can do that).  If you don’t like a business that doesn’t cater to gay weddings, then make an Internet site to blacklist them for all your gay friends.

Or expatriate to Uganda.  Then you might have a legitimate complaint.  Assuming you aren’t a child molester.