Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Government Liars

No matter what you may think, the government officials at all levels are lying to you.  What they are lying about and why is what you should be investigating.  Never accept the official narrative as the whole truth.

I know that this perceived as a cynical view of our government overlords, but I believe it to be a realist view of government powers.  It does not matter what level of government a person is at, from top to bottom, from local to Federal, the people in the government are lying to you.

This is because lies are their default language.  Especially at the top.  The first thing a top government official does when reporting on any event is to spin it to favor him or her rather than just tell the outright truth.  Any kind of spin is nothing more than a lie.

This does not mean, however, that the individuals working for the government machine are going to completely lie in their statements.  More than likely, there is usually a lot of truth in their statements in order to mask the lies.

I know for a fact that most economic data that is reported by the United States government is garbage.  This is not necessarily the fault of the data collectors, as the top officials will often dictate the rules of collection as well as distort the results as best they can.  This is why when there was 9% unemployment, in actuality it was probably much higher.  And calculating it is a simple matter really: total up the number of tax returns that were full time versus the population count.  Of course, that method is never employed.

The fact remains that many of the official stories we are told by our government leaders are plagued with lies.  From President Roosevelt’s Pearl Harbor speech (which he knew was going to happen and even lied about submarine attacks on the west coast) to the USGov hiring actors to pose a victim’s families in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting to local authorities saying there is nothing they can do about illegal immigrants.

Why do I bring this up?  Why should this be considered to be a big deal in the grand scheme of things?  Well, it is quite simple really: if our governments are filled with people who lie on a regular basis about even the most smallest things, then what would be they willing to do with the big things?

A person who is capable of maintaining their integrity in small things, is more likely to keep things honest when the shit hits the fan.  But a person who lies about little things is more likely to murder people to keep big lies maintained.

And given that the government is basically an organization that has been consented to use violence without a lot of repercussions, this should be of great concern to anyone who is not in the government’s employ.