Monday, January 27, 2014

Sexism and Reality

Yesterday, I was accused of making a sexist statement from my father.  He’s a conservative Republican, so for him to engage in liberal-speak was a bit off-putting.

What was my statement?  While an online dating commercial was playing that featured women who were looking for men online, I stated that maybe they should ask themselves why they had to turn to online dating in the first place.  In other words, what have they done with themselves that made them unattractive to non-digital prospects.

If the gender roles were reversed, then I would not be accused of making a sexist statement.  Hell, I’d be considered a great philosopher for calling men out for their whining.

It’s a different standard I guess.  But seriously, if a woman is in her early 30s or older and is going to an online dating site, it makes me question her value as a woman worth marrying.

The best time to date a woman is in her 20s or very late teens (like 18 or 19).  It is when her beauty and youth are at its prime and it is when she is most likely to be a virgin.  Men want inexperienced women to marry.  They only bang sluts, but they will not marry them unless coerced into doing so.

Is it sexist?  Perhaps, but I never cared for such labels as they have been thrown around so much, it literally means nothing these days.  It could mean that I simply won’t give my wife more money.  Or it could mean that I don’t support scrambling the brains of the unborn.  Or that I simply do not agree with the feminist agenda, which is anti-men and in many ways, anti-female.

The fact is, the feminist agenda has radically altered our cultural landscape in the past several decades.  In truth, women had all the legal rights they needed by the time of the passage of the 19th amendment.  They could own property and vote.  There was literally no other legal rights they needed.

Instead, the modern feminist movement focused on murder and labor force, the latter of which was promoted by corporate elites who wanted more production from the middle class.  Knowing that they couldn’t legally impose their agenda, as even most women opposed them, they went about changing the culture.

And so we end up with conservative men telling other men they are sexist for questioning whether a woman should ask herself what she needs to do in order to be more attractive.

This is the state of the culture these days where men are told all the time to change.  We are told that we are too extreme, too reckless, and our desires to have sex are evil.  Meanwhile we forgive women who have sex out of wedlock, get pregnant, and go on the government dole.  We tell our men to “Man Up” and marry such women, who will always long for the Alpha male who got her pregnant in the first place.  Even Beta males don’t want to be the second or third place man in the life of their wives.

So now we see a rash of men who refuse to marry or even engage in long-term committed dating.  And everything from porn to video games is blamed.  But no one places blame on the women for being unattractive harpies or for making stupid, irrational decisions when they are younger.

What it comes to is a lack of shaming women.  We don’t shame women for losing their virginity so carelessly to a boy or a man they have no desire to marry.  We don’t shame women for having children out of wedlock.

Well, scratch that last thought.  We do shame women for wanting to be a stay at home mother or for not going to college or for not pursuing a career.

And yet, our experts are constantly scratching their heads wondering why women are having children later on in life when they are going to have more problems with child-bearing.  And we don’t try to segregate colleges by gender when told that 1 in 4 women are raped in college.

I know that figure is a farce, just turn the logic around on them.  If women are 25% likely to be raped in college, then maybe the solution is that women shouldn’t go to college.  If men are truly the sex fiends that feminists make us out to be, then what is the reason for encouraging women to go to an institution filled with testosterone-fueled boys who are just experiencing freedom from parental rule for the first time?

If women are more likely to divorce if they have more than 2 previous sexual partners, then why should a man roll the dice and marry a slut?  The truth is, she may never desire him as much as she desires her previous flings because marriage is, by and large, a boring relationship.  Quick flings are scary and spontaneous and thrilling.  A husband cannot compete with that, especially as the relationship moves forward.  It gets worse if she was dirty, filthy slut in the past and fucks like a prude in the current relationship.

In truth, all of these things will probably be seen as sexist.  And yet, I know that these are the fundamental truths of the relationships between men and women.  Our culture has encouraged little girls to be  princesses while telling the potential dragon-slaying knights to stop fighting and calm down.  And it only gets worse from there as they get older.