Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Birthday Proverbs

Well, it’s my birthday.  Again.

I’ve lived for more than three decades now and I have seen a lot, experienced a lot, and I could literally die tomorrow and be okay with it, save for the well-being of my family.  I wonder if that is how most men feel.

It’s not that I’m beaten or broken by the world.  I’m not.  I love living and I hope to do so to see my children to the fourth generation, God-willing.  Long life is a gift of God, after all.

In any case, I’ve managed to pick up some wisdom along the way and I think I’ll try and share it.  It is probably wrong, so in tens, I’ll re-evaluate:

  • When it comes to finances, try and follow the 10/10/80 rule.  10% of your money goes to giving, 10% goes to savings or debt repayment, and 80% is spent on the rest, including all your taxes.  It will give you a plan of action regarding your finances and allow you to ultimately save money for bad times.
  • Never go on welfare, unless you literally have no other option.  What I mean is, if you can work two or three jobs, then fucking do it.  Don’t go on unemployment because it pays better.  All you are doing is validating the politicians who whore the government’s money like a desperate crack addict.
  • If you are a salary worker, never work more than 40 hours a week, unless there is literally an emergency that if not fixed by you, will result in the loss of your job.  The fact is the job you have is a contract between you and your employer.  Your employer hired you to do 40 hours a week.  Anything beyond that is you giving money to your employer.
  • Don’t bother voting for any person unless you agree with at least 85% of their platform.  Chances are they are lying about most of their platform anyway, so 85% may be a bit conservative.  If no one is worth your vote, then just write your own name in.
  • If you have artist talent of some kind, don’t waste it.  But don’t depend on it for a living either.  Most artistic-type careers are hobby jobs anyway.  Very few people are so good at it that they succeed.  And usually, the entertainment industry hand-picks people to do their art so to get it big, it is who you know, not how good you are.
  • If you’re a man, marry a virgin with long hair.  Less emotional baggage.
  • If you’re a woman, try and marry young and as a virgin.  Less problems long-term.
  • If you’re already married, make the best of it.  The only person who can change is you.
  • If you’re a husband, know that you are the head of the household.  Act like it.
  • If you’re a wife, then you must submit to your husband, no matter what you think of him.  You married him, so if you want it to work, you shouldn’t be a quarrelsome wife.
  • Be content with what you have, but strive for a better life.  If you figure out how to do that, let me know.
  • Do not resent people who have wronged you.  But only forgive them if they apologize.
  • Read the Bible every year.  Chronologically.
  • Try and pray everyday to God.
  • Never go into debt, even for a house.  Debt creates inflation.
  • The best thing you can do for your community is to leave well enough alone.  Don’t go around seeking to make things better because you are only making them better for you not everyone else.
  • Don’t police other people, even if you are a police-person.  Instead, strive to help out when someone brings harm to another person.
  • Always take jury duty and only vote guilty for crimes that involve the taking of life, liberty, or property through force or fraud.
  • Do everything you can to legally not give the government your money or your labor.
  • Always video record cops, but don’t actively patrol for them.

Well that’s about it.  Gotta go and celebrate my birthday anyway.  I don’t expect you to follow my advice in totality.  Like I said, I’m probably wrong on something.  But there’s always the chance that I’m 100% right.