Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Medicare Rant

Author's Note: Originally, this post was call "Medicaid Rant" and I realized later (at 3:30 in the morning after being woken up by crying son) that I was referring to the wrong program. Good thing nobody really reads this blog, otherwise I would have had correction comments galore.

The Medicare program is a welfare.  Yes, most people on it now paid Medicare taxes for most of their careers.  But you never paid into a system.  There was never a promise that it would be anything other than welfare for the elderly.

These days, the program offers a wide range of benefits to the Baby Boomer generation like adult diapers, penis pumps, and Viagra.  Apparently 85% of the medical costs that Medicare covers are for none fatal ailments.  And while that number seems arbitrary, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is close to it or even higher.

And all of this comes at the cost of the productive work of the young.  The younger generation pays for the elderly to fuck as much as they like (and without the fear of pregnancy that a young person risks) and for the diapers they have to wear after their done while the young have to pay for the diapers for their children who were conceived when their father was too drunk to pull out.

That is the terrible world we live in.  The elderly use the government to get free shit at the expense of their own children.  The welfare state is literally eating the young and healthy in favor of the feeble and dying.  Civilization does not survive like this.  Eventually something will break and then the whole system unravels and leaves the elderly dying in a ditch as the apathetic youth walk past them while checking their text message for the next hook-up party as their sociopathic kids throw ice cream at the now homeless elders.

Perhaps it won’t get that bad.  But for some reason, the more government has gotten involved in healthcare, the higher the costs, the less efficient the system, and the more annoying it has gotten to deal with doctors.  I’m not an expert, but if more government creates more problems, then perhaps it is time we sever the government from the healthcare system.

It isn’t hard really.  Just remove all regulations, rules, mandates, subsidies, taxes, fines, and whatever else is attached to it.  Then fire everyone in the government involved.  You let the free market decide how to charge for healthcare.  I know, some people are worried about greedy doctors or hospitals refusing to treat patients.  Well, these doctors and hospitals are already overcharging patients on a daily basis.  I ,for one, would like just an upfront cost of the services, but I can’t get that until it gets processed through insurance.

But there have been other ways in the past, before health insurance.  My great-grandfather paid the doctor who delivered his children with bathtub gin.  And his wife had eleven children.  And if a border-line alcoholic doctor is willing to accept homemade gin from a poor family, I’m sure the rest of us could work something out.

The system is going to collapse and soon.  As the Gervais Principle states, the more Clueless people in an institution means that the system is about to die.  It is clear that the government is full of Clueless people whose misplaced loyalty blinds them to the truth of their oppressive actions.

While many feared that Obamacare was the path to Socialized medicine, in truth it is probably the last act to be passed before the bankruptcy hits and it all goes to shit.