Thursday, December 5, 2013

When the Youth Shrug

The welfare state is all about taking the productive wealth gained by the young and transferring it to the unproductive elderly.  Back before Social Security, a parent would be taken care of by his or her children once they reached a point where they were unable to work.  The government has successfully taken away from that, much like how they have taken away the father from the family.

But most of the time, the pillaging of our youth is subtle and the youth go along with it.  Here’s an example:

A poll released Wednesday by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics found that more than half of 18- to 29-year-olds disapprove of ObamaCare and believe it will raise their healthcare costs. 

Even more troubling for the administration is that less than one-third of uninsured young people said they plan to enroll in coverage. 

Without a large number of young, healthy people in the insurance exchanges, it could create a “death spiral” of high premiums that could threaten the long-term viability of the marketplaces.

The key is the last paragraph.  What it basically means is that in order for the new healthcare regulations to work, a key number of young people need to be enrolled so they can have their income redistributed to the elderly.  Because Social Security, Medicare, and all those other programs don’t do that already.

On top of that, many of the regulations that are imposed on American businesses do nothing but damage the opportunities of young people.  The minimum wage, for instance, creates more unemployment among unskilled workers because it limits the number of people an employer can hire.  On top of that, it reduces productivity as less workers means less production.  And so the potential for raises among those unskilled workers who are hired is also stifled.

The loss of manufacturing jobs in this country, coupled with increased demands for more and more college education, seems to create a perfect storm of over-educated waiters and waitresses.  Who are deeply in debt.

The fact of the matter is, the United States Government is giving young people inadequate education, less job options, less personal freedom, increased debt, and less income.  There are so many factors at play, it is surprising our civilization hasn’t collapsed.

Eventually, the enough young people will start living the rat life.  And then this thing called a stable society will collapse, followed by the United States government, and then the American civilization itself.  All because a bunch of ideologues with provably bad ideas decided to make everyone equal and make everything fair.  Except for them, of course.