Monday, December 9, 2013

The Union of Opposites

The concept of the union of opposites has often been a common theme among humanity.  It predates Christianity and it may even stretch back past known history.  It is also one of the most spiritually destructive concepts in religion or any other spiritual philosophy.

First of all, we need to establish what exactly the union of opposites means.  It is, quite simply, the unification of two opposing concepts in order to make something better.  We often see in depictions of the unity of a man and woman, both considered being polar opposites.  The Yin-Yang symbol is a popular depiction of this.

The concept behind the union of opposites is predicated on the idea that mankind is broken and missing something that leaves us only a shell of what we could be.  This is a concept that is seen in just about every religion, philosophy, and even among more common ideas.  One would be a fool to admit that there isn’t something that is wrong with humanity.

The commonly believed problem, however, is that by uniting with our opposites, we will become whole.  Such thinking is often seen throughout many pagan cultures and, more recently, in certain rituals involving magick or other related things.  Alastair Crowley’s sex magick was an example of this.

Alchemy was traditionally another practice of this.  The idea was not necessarily turning Lead into Gold, but the idea of breaking down an element into it’s base parts and reassembling them into something different and better.

The process, breaking something down than rebuilding it, is the common process used to achieve the sacred union.  In sex, you are both destroying something (virginity) and creating something at the same time.

This kind of thing has a darker twist.  The MK-Ultra project, a project concerned with developing the perfect spies for the CIA, involved getting custody of children and abusing them, or breaking them down, in order to rebuild them in a manner that better served their masters.  In the military, the whole point of boot camp is to break you and rebuild you into a better killing machine.

The prevailing imagery associated with the union of opposites are often depictions of duality.  For example, the checkerboard tiles are often used by Freemasons in their buildings.  The black and white squares represent two opposite, and equal, ideas that need to be united.  Their patron deity, Baphomet, is a representation of the perfect union of opposites.

The reason that this is a destructive mode of thinking is because of the process of destruction followed by creation.  It is a common theme throughout many myths, legends, and even false lore.  We have stories of Satan bringing the creation of the universe when he is cast out of Heaven.  We have the stories of a god of order fighting a god of chaos and creating the world that way.

It is further destructive in how it depicts the opposing forces as being equal to each other.  Chaos and Order.  Good and Evil.  These are often concepts that are described on equal terms with each other, yet science itself has proven this to not be the case.

What do I mean by this?  Well, for one thing, we see that darkness is merely the absence of light, not an opposing force to it.  Cold is often a lack of heat, a lack of life, not the opposite of heat itself.  In essence, polar opposites rarely show up in nature, except is certain elemental base forces like magnetism or subatomic particles.  Even then, their interactions are just about attraction and not about creating something better.

And the only religious idea where the union of opposites is largely ignored or discarded in order to bring about the salvation of mankind is Christianity where evil is merely the absence of good and Satan is subservient to God and His Son.  We see that there is no need to break yourself in order to become whole, only to humble yourself and accept Jesus’ sacrifice as being one for you as well.

Christians need to avail themselves of these pagan concepts and take the world for it is.  There is no one person for marriage.  Bipartisan laws passed by Congress are worse than the partisan laws that are passed.  Understanding the world requires a huge shift in our natural way of thinking and to view things not as equal and opposites, but as wholeness and lacking.  Only then will you begin to understand why people behave as they do.