Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Marriage, Love, Sex, and Video Tape

I read a tragic story of a man who found out about his wife’s past sexual history.  Now, I am not going to share it here, just follow the link and read it.

But in case you don’t, I’ll sum it up quickly.  Basically, this man has been married for seven years, has a two-year-old daughter, but the sex with his wife has left him wanting.  And then he found a video tape in the attic of his wife, pre-marriage, having an orgy with several men and a woman.

But that didn’t upset him.  Finding his wife’s crazy sexual history on display didn’t get him angry.  What got him angry is the realization that his wife does not love him.  This is because, as he states, “I am so fucking lucky.  I got married to a whore, that fucks like a prude.”

I don’t know what has happened to him since his posting.  I wish I could find out more about his story, mostly because his story is probably one that has played out in the United States in multiple families.  A woman is encouraged to go out and be independent.  Be confident.  And bag as many cocks as she can.

Then she is encouraged to settle down.  To settle for a BETA provider rather than an ALPHA.  In the patriarchy, ALPHAs were forced to settle down and marry as that was what was expected of them.  But feminism has liberated the ALPHAs to engage in sexual exploits that make age-old legends such as Casanova look tame by comparison.

And so the ALPHAs and the women are liberated to do things that make porn stars blush and the BETAs are left with used up women who secretly hold their husbands in contempt.

There is a way to turn this around.  Unfortunately it means that every man has to become ALPHA, married or not.  The problem with this solution is that being ALPHA is a lot of work for someone who isn’t used to it and it can be incredibly draining, especially if you are a introvert.

The best thing we can do for our daughters is to encourage them to cherish their virginity.  Barring that, I think that a return to polygyny is in order since problems like this are minor annoyances when you have a small harem.  Think King David in his response to Michal’s disrespect.

Women need to understand that we want, as Rollo puts, our wives to be our sluts.  The man in I refer to didn’t mind that his wife had a colorful sexual past.  Just that she refused to share it exclusively with him while he was married to her.

Husbands don’t ask for much from their wives.  We have simple needs and we have simple desires.  Wives would do well to meet those needs.