Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stupid Environmentalists

Environmentalists are sick people.  By sick, I mean deranged, irrational yahoos who would do anything in order further the cause of big government environmentalism.  The latest is Greenpeace posting a video about how Santa Claus won’t be able to give kids their presents because of global warming.  The video was released amid record low temperatures across the world.

In truth, these monsters don’t really care about the environment.  They want government to expand and control everything under their Socialist dogma.  The environment is more of an excuse than an actual reason.  If Al Gore cared so much, his mansion wouldn’t use more energy than the average middle class community.

Yes, there is pollution going on.  Sadly, it isn’t primarily from those corporations who are reviled for all the wrong reasons by the Left.  It is primarily from the USGov itself.  For example, there are no emissions standards for USGov-owned vehicles.  This means that military-grade hummers are not street-legal.  And note the hypocrisy of the government who claims to be protecting the environment while at the same time is destroying it.

Also note that the USGov court system allowed pollution to continue back in the 1800s when people sued factories for the filth that was pumped into the air.  It was all in the name of progress you see.  And let us not forget how BP bribed various inspectors and was able to get unsafe oil drilling conditions in the Gulf of Mexico.  That ended so well.

My main beef with modern day environmentalists is that they are too stupid to see how the world really works.  Fighting for the environment is great and noble, yet they seem think that the government will fix it.  I’ve got news for you all: the government has no interest in cleaning up the environment, only protecting the financial interests of a select few elite.  The only reason that pro-environment laws are passed is so that those elites are protected from competition.

It’s really that simple.