Tuesday, December 3, 2013

End the Suffraging of Women

I used to think that women should be allowed to vote.  I thought that the problem with voters is primarily because most voters have a conflict of interest.  Either they are of the looter class or the moocher class and that only the productive class should be allowed to vote.  Also people with insufficient intelligence should not be voting as they will simply be suckered by confidence men posing as politicians.

But lately, I’ve begun to rethink the notion that women’s suffrage is good for any republic or democracy.  Should women be voting?  Demographically, they have a huge influence on the political process and seem to constantly vote for more debt, more government, and more civilization-destroying policies.

I’ll provide a list of reasons, but first I want to say one thing: not all women are alike.  I know that.  But with any large group, there are trends especially when choices are limited.  As always, any generalization I make follows an 80/20 rule where roughly 80% of the time I’m right while 20% of the time I’m wrong.

  • For starters, men and women think differently.  This has been proven in a recent scientific study.  Men think more rationally.  While rationality is not always a preventer of evil, it certainly is better at it than irrational thinking.  Voting with your heart rather than your brain is what causes you to pick the wrong kind of person.
  • Abortion.  I’ve discussed this topic before.  There is nothing more selfish than killing an unborn baby because you can’t deal with the consequences of your bad choices.  And with a huge majority of women supporting it as a political cause, all the more reason to end women’s suffrage.
  • A woman’s primary vice is Envy.  Envy is an irrational desire to destroy what you cannot have.  It is jealousy on steroids essentially.  Envy is the default driving force behind Statism and as such, women will vote for more government by default.  It takes a lot to get a woman to vote for less government.
  • Women generally do not care about politics.  From my own personal experience, I have noticed that most women do not give a damn up until Election Day.  And they vote for the abortionist by default.
  • Women are naturally more inclined to be submissive.  Despite decades of feminist upbringing, women have been unable to get out of this mode.  A naturally submissive person is more likely to allow leaders to tell them how to think.  In a sense, this subverts voting as the whole intention of it is to allow independent individuals to make rational choices.  You don’t do that if you accept what others say wholeheartedly.
  • Apparently back in the 1960s, the personal became political.  Or the political became personal.  Either way, it was attributed to the Left-wing but this is the very essence of how women think.  Everything for them is personal.  They will defend their fellow sisters to the death from a man who dares to judge the actions of a few (like Rush Limbaugh correctly calling Sandra Fluke a slut).  This is because an attack on one is an attack on all in their minds.
  • Women tend to have a high time preference.  Among the many distinct gender differences, men tend to think long-term more often than not while women fail to do so more often than not.  This is because they are not wired to think this way naturally.  In any case, it is not good to have people vote based on short-term solutions.  The national debt cannot handle it.

It is true that the Constitution never explicitly forbid women from voting.  This is an important point that no government skool ever brings up these days.  Women have never been expressly forbidden from voting in the United States.  They were merely never permitted to vote.  There is a difference.

In this day and age, we need a return to the patriarchy.  The matriarchy (and yes, we are essentially living in a misandrist matriarchy these days) has been increased government, the national debt, and nearly destroyed our civilization.  We cannot suffer under their rule of hatred and irrationality any longer.  There is a reason it is called the “Nanny State” after all.