Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Americans: Obama Is Your God

In what started out as just a mocking of man, apparently a rodeo clown has violated the religion of Statism and their righteous god, President-Man Obama:

The fallout from a Missouri rodeo clown’s mockery of President Obama continued as the Missouri State Fair said it will force all clowns to undergo sensitivity training and the head of the state rodeo-clown organization resigned.

The state fair commission voted Monday to ratify its decision to ban for life the clown in question who wore an Obama mask. The rodeo announcer and a second clown wearing a microphone asked whether the crowd wanted to see him get run down by a bull.

And here I thought flyover country was full of nothing but hicks and morons. I didn't know that there were good, well-meaning individuals who know their place in the current pantheon of Statism.

Sardonic sentences aside, this would not have happened if the rodeo clown had done the same thing with George W. Bush, the previous God of America who was devoured by the great serpent in a noble sacrifice to save us all. He would have been criticized by various conservative and Republican talk radio show hosts, but no calls for re-education camps sensitivity training.

The priests of Statism is getting more and more desperate. They are starting to push forward their plans to eradicate the moochers then the producers who don't produce for them. They are getting more and more protective of their symbols and their idols.

I say it is high time we impeach god: