Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Statists Hate Young People

There is a war on young people these days, although I suspect that most don't realize it. Something about being young, in the Millennial and late Generation-X group just seems to rub the wrong way for Statists and their corporate butt buddies. Apparently, it isn't enough that they are stealing our retirement to fund the retirement of the elderly, that they've tried to kill us off with abortions and GMO, they also have decided to mess with affordable medical coverage:

That won’t be an option next year. In 2014, plans sold on the individual and small-group markets will have to meet new standards for coverage and cost-sharing, among other things. In addition to providing 10 so-called essential health benefits and covering many preventive-care services at no cost, plans must pay at least 60 percent of allowed medical expenses and cap annual out-of-pocket spending at $6,350 for individuals and $12,700 for families. (The only exception is for plans that have grandfathered status under the law.)

Plans with $10,000 deductibles won’t make the cut, experts say, nor will many other plans that require high cost-sharing or provide limited benefits — by excluding prescription drugs or doctor visits from coverage, for example. Plans next year can continue to be linked to a health savings account, however.

While the article cites an elderly couple but let's be honest about who these kinds of things really affect: young people who have low risk of long-term hospitalization or treatment. You know, the young people who are looking to just cover what they need to so they can invest in their own futures?

But Statists don't give a damn about the young, mostly because we aren't voting for them. Instead, they continue to rape our finances and steal from our productivity in order to fund their vote-buying schemes. This latest example is just one more inch of their dick up our collective asses.

And what is even more frustrating is the fact that if we don't have insurance, we're going to be fined for it. So not only are insurance costs going up, but we're getting a baton to the face if we don't pay for one.

A civilization that survives is one that doesn't burden its young with the weight of its own sins. Instead, it allows them to seek independence from their parents and their government, to grow and foster innovation and invention, and allows them to make their own choices, for good or ill.

Instead we have a culture where the young are encouraged to engage in decadence and debt while being financially raped by people who assure us that it is for our own good. In olden times, such people were wiped from the face of the Earth for being an abomination.

UPDATE: Looks like the out of pocket expenses caps have been delayed until 2015. Looks like the Obama administration knows they will lose a lot of support in the Congressional election if they were implemented next year.

It doesn't matter, they still are trying to destroy the wealth of young people because the baby boomers' lives of wild hedonism are ending in destitution should the government handouts suddenly stop.