Wednesday, August 14, 2013

You Can't Fix Bigots By Force

You can't fix people. Not by force anyway and just about every social policy handed from the high heavens within government buildings are about fixing people by force.

I read a story about a homeowner's association that is refusing to allow residents to buy condos there if they are not legally married. The article itself is fairly objective but the implication is clear: voluntary associations are bad when it interferes with commonly accept social policies.

I honestly don't care what homeowner's associations do with their agreements. Personally, between the Federal, State, and Local governments dictating various terms on how I manage my own property, I'd rather not add another group into the mix.

I do believe, however, that there are going to be many left-wing, socially liberal activists who will converge on this neighborhood and try and change things "for the better." Because in the minds of the rabbit-zombies who populate the intellectually dead-end known as Left-wing ideology, any disagreement with their ideals is insanity and you must be insane if you disagree with them.

Let me ask you all who believe that this policy is wrong and that the government should step in and force them to rethink it: would you really want to live around people like that?

It is the same thing as when racial discrimination is taken to government courts when it is found in the workplace. While I know that there are struggles to find decent jobs, I also think that if a job discriminates against you for being a certain race, religion, or whatever other esoteric reason, you should just leave. There is no point in staying at a job that racially discriminates. There is no point in bringing them to court because regardless of the outcome, they will still hate you for whatever original reason there was, only much more intensely.

The same is true in this case. A bigot should be allowed to be a bigot. If it offends you, then simply don't associate with them. You need not tell them why, unless they ask, but the worse thing for a person to face is a life of loneliness followed by a death that no one cares about.

Of course, in this case, I'm sure some government body will get involved. One thing our post-post-modern society does not tolerate is intolerance.