Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Government Trolls: Now With Fewer Bridges!

Today on Alex Jones’ show, he had a guest who confirmed that there are people who are paid by the government to troll.  For those of you who just read blogs like this and have no idea what trolling is, it’s basically where you go to a website that has a message board of some kind and disrupt the discussions in progress.

While you can take Alex Jones’ claims with a grain a salt (which I would recommend you do with just about every boisterous personality in public), if this is true it does explain so much.  In my personal experience, I have seen so many people who seem to be reasonable and nice people at first completely and utterly refuse to comprehend even simple concepts because it runs contrary to their worldview.  What I mean is that I have encountered jerks on forums and comment boards on the Internet who seem to only intent on misrepresenting my views no matter what I say.

Let me give you an example: there was one poster who was convinced (from what I could tell) that I hated the police.  This was because I would post articles on police injustice as well as articles highlighting the dangers of police officers who follow orders rather than the law.  It did not matter how many times I stated that I did not hate the police nor how many times I pleaded with him to be reasonable.  He was going to destroy me.  Eventually because of him I was banned from the Ann Coulter forum, of which I had been a member for several years.  That guy was a moderator at the time and his screen name was Og.  He was a jerk and I’m sure he was a government-funded troll sent there to ensure that people like me were shut out of debate.  There were others there who were probably paid trolls, either government or Republican party-related, but I’m also sure many of them were just jerks because they were bored, unemployed losers.

In any case, it doesn’t matter a whole lot.  Anyone who deviated from the viewpoints of Ann Coulter in the slightest there were subject to cruelty unmatched, much worse than any 14-year-old punk on Facebook could ever concoct.  The moderators and administrators did not care either as they usually agreed with these assholes.  I had hoped to change the hearts and minds of some people there but I suppose I would have been better off not knowing those people.  But hey, if you ever want to have some fun, feel free to troll that forum.  I won’t pay you though, so it’s really up to you.

In any case, it does not surprise me that the government and, more likely, the two parties would hire people to sit on their asses in their mommy’s basement and troll various forums and comment boards.  This is all about counter-intelligence and sowing dissent.  I suspect that most political discussion boards have a pro-State slant to them, even the self-described libertarian ones, and I am sure that many people troll there for money in order to promote the state.  They will hone in on people who are particularly reasonable and intelligent too and try to oust them.

Personally, I don’t know if Og really was a government troll or just a regular asshole.  But it doesn’t matter in my case because I’m done going to political forums as I have found them boring and pointless, long before I was permanently banned.  I guess I just held out some hope that someone would actually acknowledge me as a person with legitimate viewpoints.  But apparently, most people can’t stand the viewpoints of others unless they are in perfect alignment with their own.

Or they are paid government trolls.  Personally, I prefer the trolls because that means that most people are not idiots.

Then again, I never was good at being an optimist.

If there really are paid government trolls out there, I think the rest of us can all agree that they can go fuck themselves with a plunger rod.

As for the regular trolls: get a life.

As for the bloggers: get a life.  Oh, wait….