Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Great Gay Marriage Distraction

All over the mainstream news, the political buzz is about President Obama and his support of gay marriage.  And why would he not support it as the State is his god and he is its high priest.  So he comes out in support of gay marriage, which critics point out is a 180 degree reversal of what he said in 2008 during his campaign.  I mean, a politician does a reversal on his own campaign promises, imagine that!

The problem I have with all this is not that President Obama supports gay marriage, because I personally believe that the State cannot redefine what is considered sacred and holy before God no matter what laws it passes, but that this is nothing more than one big giant distraction.  It is a distraction from the real issues that truly matter in our society and culture and they are, namely, the fiscal issues that a plaguing the Federal government these days, the onerous Federal regulations imposed on business and labor (which only benefits big corporations all you liberals), and the horrendous violations of human rights in this nation wrought by the ever increasing police state.

Social issues in the United States these days are nothing more than political football games.  We all like to watch them and route for our favorite side but at the end of the day, nothing really gets resolved and nothing is gained.  Given the fact that most social issues involve non-violent activities such as recreational drug use, prostitution, gambling, and sodomy, any liberty-minded individual worth his grain of salt could easily recognize this.  You can make an argument for abortion being a violent activity, as I do, and I do believe that it is an act of aggression against another individual, albeit one currently engaged in parasitical activity with a host (yes, any mother can tell you that the unborn child is basically a parasite sucking up all the best nutrients but unlike most parasites, has no need to reproduce and whose only goal is to grow enough to be able to survive outside the womb).  Even so, I advocate a more Agorist approach to abortion that involves putting abortion clinics out of business due to lack of demand rather than rely on politicians to make the right decisions.

The fact is, any time politicians take up these issues, it is a clear indication that they are losing.  In President Obama’s case, it is clear that he is not expecting to win this year (a horrifying prospect since Willard Romney is just as bad but will have his agenda rubber-stamped by all Republicans anyway) and so he is taking on this issue head on.  I suspect it is largely due to the fact that he has lost a lot of the youth vote to Ron Paul and he is simply trying to take it back as gay marriage is more favorable among the younger generation.

Regardless, this is a clear indication that President Obama is losing right now and he is merely trying to mitigate the damage.  He was unable to start a new war with Iran and had to settle with continuing aggressions in Afghanistan, he has not had an official budget plan that has been approved by Congress, he has added more debt to the Federal government’s name than George W. Bush managed to do in his eight years (not an endorsement of Bush, who doubled the national debt), and he has started a campaign of terror against the American citizenry through his trollish Homeland Security Secretary Janet “Shoulder Pads” Napolitano.

And let’s be honest: despite his campaign of hope and change, nothing really changed and people have less hope for their future prospects as far as the government is concerned.  He has merely continued and expanded the policies that George W. Bush started, despite his campaign promises to the contrary.  The wars continue, with more and more aggression into more countries who don’t want our help nor have they asked for it.  Moreover, none of these nations posed any real threat to the United States.

In essence, the politician who starts throwing out social issue stances is the one who is losing.  I would encourage Republicans to not fall into this trap and merely state that as President there is nothing he can really do about it as he isn’t the one who passes the laws nor interprets them.  If they are feeling bold, they can even mention that this acknowledgement is merely a distraction from his disastrous policies that are bankrupting the Federal government and destroying the opportunities here in the United States.

Of course, I predict that many of them will use this as an opportunity to talk about how they oppose the President’s stance and will do everything in their power to thwart him.  They will do this because most people are idiots and have been conditioned to view the President as a king or a god (or both).  They will freak out about it and demand that their guy does something about.

Meanwhile, the road to economic and financial ruin draws ever closer and no one is all the wiser.