Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Divided Republican Party

Great story that features a Republican party operative hating Ron Paul supporters

I have always said that the Republican primary and caucus races were always between Ron Paul and Willard “Mitt” Romney.  Romney and Paul represent the two different ideologies that dominate the Republican party right now.  The first is Statism, as represented by Romney, and the other is liberty as represented by Paul.

Say what you want about Willard Romney, he is a Statist through and through.  He has more flip-flops than John Kerry and he constantly talks about how he would make government work better for everyone.  This is the language used not only by Romney, but pretty much every other candidate who ran except for the Ron Paul.  In other words, the party elite and the party loyalists are more concerned with obtaining and keeping power so they can run government their way, not rolling it back in order to provide greater liberty and freedom for everyone.  Like the Democrats, they seek power in order to enrich themselves and their friends.

Meanwhile, many young people are trying to get involved in the Republican party for the sole purpose of pushing Ron Paul.  They seek to elevate him for their own sake, as Ron Paul’s stated policies are much different from everyone else because everyone else is doing exactly what we have been doing in the past decade or more.  Ron Paul actually proposes cuts to the Federal budget, the elimination of whole departments, scaling back the military without destroying national defense, and maintaining the current promises for Social Security and Medicare while offering young people an alternative.

Think about what has gone on so far.  In the past decade both President Bush and President Obama have played the Keynesian game by pushing out stimulus packages.  In Bush’s case, he gave the money directly to the people.  In Obama’s case, he gave it to his friends and supporters.  The young see little difference in these policies and the results have been, predictably, the same.

Congress does not seem to care much about the fiscal hell-hole they have dug and they show no signs of changing.  While the Democrats have no ideas on how to properly balance the budget, the Republicans are pushing Paul Ryan’s plan, which adds debt and does not balance the budget for 30 years.  Hell, the Democrats would probably support Ryan’s plan if he was a Democrat.  But Senator Harry Reid, who basically controls the Democrats in Congress, is probably suffering from a brain tumor at this point and hence he is scorching the fiscal Earth as it were.

Only Ron Paul, and to a lesser extent his son Senator Rand Paul, have offered a real solution.  Notice how nobody is paying attention to either plan, mostly because these plans rolling back Empire Amerika and properly addresses our domestic issues.  The Federal government wants endless wars and both the Democrats and the Republicans want this as well because they can buy votes.  Meanwhile, our civil liberties are rolled back, our wealth is destroyed, and the most talented among us are taken to work for the military industrial complex.

This is why the woman in the video was so nasty to the Ron Paul supporters.  She, like so many others, wants to continue the war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on poverty, and any other wars we are currently fighting which escape me at the moment.  I am not saying that Ron Paul is the final answer to all the problems we face, but he is the better option for anyone who desires an end to corporatism and fiscal insanity.  A race between Romney and Obama is nothing more than two clones with slight differences, both genetically and intellectually.  A real presidential race would be between Ron Paul and Barack Obama since this would show a real difference in ideas, rather than merely parties.