Monday, December 8, 2008

The Beautiful Let Down

Well, it looks like the liberals are already starting to become disappointed in Barack Obama, before he's even taken office. The only thing that is surprising is that it's happening sooner than I expected. I assumed that he would have been in office at least 100 days or so before everyone started realizing what a tool he was.

I'm quite pleased with what is starting, and hopefully, continue on the left. I was severely disappointed with President Bush. I was naive enough to believe that we were voting for a conservative in 2000 and I voted for the lesser of two evils in 2004. I didn't know how royally one man could screw up things so bad.

But just to further continue this trend, let me offer some basic truths to shatter your faith in Barack Obama:

  • No organization or individual or institution can ever control the millions of financial interactions that take place between individuals every day. That is how our economy works. Do not think that a President or Congress can fix the economy. At best, they will keep it going the same. At worst, like in the 1930s, they will only prolong the pain and suffering faced by hard economic times.
  • Many of the tough economic situations, especially those involving jobs lost to outsourcing or illegal aliens, are created by government intervention in the economy, not a lack of it. Government intervention causes more problems than not, which is why government should be severely limited.
  • Our current economic system is not capitalist. It is statist, or fascist. That is, we are allowed to own private property, provided it does not interfere with the interests of the government. It beats Socialism, where there is no such thing as freedom or private property, but it has its limitations. So, despite what you may think, more government regulation won't fix jack crap.
  • The housing market collapsed because of the government's own regulations and controls on the financial markets and political influence in what should have been private endeavors. Also, I've heard that they pressured banks into giving out loans to people who couldn't pay back. But even if that isn't true, it was still government's watch.
  • The government currently has 80 trillion in debt, including Social Security liabilities. This means that our Federal government is bankrupt. No amount of printing money, taxing the wealthy, or selling bonds to foreign nationals will fix it.
  • Congress is nothing but a bunch of pillagers. They don't care about your future or mine, only theirs. And since many of them are knocking on Heaven's door already, how much do you think they really care about others?
  • The United States government has no regard for the Constitution. Routinely, they ignore it and impose unconstitutional laws, executive orders, and judicial rulings that relieve the people of their everyday rights. Both parties are guilty of this and both cannot be trusted.
  • The only economic system that will promote peace is capitalism. When individuals are more interested in making money for their own lives, then they aren't too happy when some military starts to break their property and kill them. The same cannot be said for statism or Socialism.

But hey, if this is what you want, then that's fine. I know this seems cynical and that I'm just out to kill your buzz, but it is all the truth. It is a truth I've know since high school, and if some dumb, horny, lonely teenager can figure it out, then so can most of America.

There is real hope though. You can find it in yourself. Only you can fix your life, find a trade that will make money, and live out your life. That is the one thing that you can rely on.