Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Voting Breakdown

So here is how I voted (for those ethereal people who read my blog):

-Chuck Baldwin for President

-Jim Gilmore for Senate (only Republican I picked)

-Amit Singh for Congress (write-in, but ran in the Republican primary)

-Voted against a ballot referendum to allow Fairfax County to take out a bond to fund public parks. They get enough tax revenue off of real estate and personal property taxes to fund 77K worth of parks. Besides, the polling station I was at was in a park.

I actually am proud of how I voted. My conscience is clear and there is no uncertainty that we're all screwed anyway.


OK, I actually read a sample ballot and the ballot initiative that I voted against was a bond for 77 million, not 77,000. I voted no anyway because either way, it puts the County into more debt.