Monday, November 3, 2008

The Fear of the Lord

So this past Saturday morning, I was at my church's Servants Council meeting and one of the members talked about how she was afraid of this year's election and the implications of (implied) an Obama presidency. She was afraid of what will happen to Christianity if it were outlawed in this country, which she believed was a very real possibility. While I don't think Barack Obama or anyone else will outlaw the country's dominate religion as that would be not only political suicide, but a precursor to open rebellion, it is a small possibility. Nothing to be afraid of though.

I didn't open my mouth right away, but later on, our pastor brought the subject back up with her and I decided to add to his comments. I told her that regardless of what happens, God will be with us for one thing. Also, I stated that even if things like abortion are not outlawed, it really doesn't change what we are going to do. The best thing to do about abortion, I told her, was to bring about the change of heart that only Jesus can bring. What would be better, for abortion to be outlawed, or for people to be so disgusted with the practice that abortion clinics go out of business?

She saw the wisdom in this and I really hope that I put her fears to rest. I don't care if she ends up voting for John McCain, that really wasn't what I was trying to convey to here. I was trying to tell her that the government is not the solution for establishing morality in this land. And while she probably didn't get that message, as many things I talk about tend to be vague and require extensive thinking, I think the seed was planted.

Tomorrow, I will not be voting for either Barack Obama or John McCain. It may come down to Chuck Baldwin, even though I know I said Bob Barr earlier. It will probably be a toss up between the both of them really. I am not afraid of Obama or McCain. Either way, this nation is headed down the wrong path and both of them will probably make America snap out of their entitlement-mentality funk.