Friday, October 3, 2008

A vote for McCain is a vote against conservatism

While it is pretty clear that Barack Obama is not a conservative and voting for him would be counter to what's left of the conservative cause, voting for McCain would be no different. I'm not going to detail all the reasons why, as I've done so in the past and because it should be pretty obvious to even the Low Church Conservatives that John McCain is not a conservative (Remember when a Democrat considered him to be his VP running mate?).

The bottom line here is that John McCain is not good for the country. He's already proven that by supporting the creation of money out of thin in air order to "rescue" greedy Wall Street banks. Citing economic collapse and rampant cannibalism in our major cities as a result, he has taken a page from the Bush playbook of fear-mongering (yes, because of President Bush's recent actions, I question his motives for the Iraq War and find myself almost on the side of the moon-bats).

Aside from that, I've heard the arguments made that Sarah Palin is a true conservative. But I question the woman's integrity in the light of the fact that she is more than willing to tow the line with John McCain and tout any message he has that antithetical to conservatism. This means she is not a true conservative, but merely a conservative of convenience, much like Mitt Romney is.

The argument could be made that this is just part of politics, but integrity matters at all times. The most wealthiest men and women in this country got to where they did largely due to the fact that they are extremely honorable men and women. Politicians are merely charmers at the bottom of the barrel. Thomas Sowell was right. We should pay Congresspeople 11 million a year. That way, those who are honorable and successful have incentive to run for office. And all the failed lawyers, veterans, and business folks on Capitol Hill can go home and continue to fail at ordinary life.

So please, I urge every conservative to not vote for John McCain. Even you are doing it for the sake of Sarah Palin, you are still hurting the conservative movement. Vote your beliefs this election cycle, not the lesser of two evils. In a contest between Satan and Dagon, we will always lose.