Friday, September 26, 2008

President Bush Officially Sucks Now

I was a supporter of George W. Bush for a long time. I voted for him twice, not just because he was a Republican, but because I liked his many of his campaign promises. In 2004, I especially liked his privatization plan for Social Security.

But he has been a huge disappointment. Despite his immediate response to 9/11, I'm seriously reconsidering all of his polices with regards to the war on terrorism. Nevermind that it is a buzzword, as terrorism is an aggressive political tactic that cannot be defeated, his handling of the war has been a joke. If he had been heavy handed, most of the Islamic terrorists who threaten us would be dead or in hiding, not sitting in a prison where they are fed better than some of the children in the countries they come from. If I had my way, I'd inject all enemy combatants with pigs blood and put a bullet in their head.

The one thing that I've been so frustrated with is President Bush's pushing of a clear Socialist and Humanist agenda in economic and social issues. Not only does he routinely not show a clear faith in free market economics, he also has shown contempt for the very people who supported him throughout his Presidency. While is probably a nice guy, his brains have been flushed down the toilet a long time ago.

I use to believe in him as President. I use to think that he was laying the groundwork for a better America. Now I see that he was just helping out his rich buddies who contributed to his campaign. And what's the deal with his selections for Cabinet? A diplomat was chosen to head up Homeland Security?

And why wasn't the director of the CIA and the head of the FBI fired after 9/11? That's a monumental failure. And still President Bush seemed insistent on parading the failures around and giving them medals. He has also shown no desire to reform the tax system (his panel to do so basically asked for what happened back in the late 1980s, which was not reform, just a flushing of the buffer, so to speak).

But I do have to admit, he's made me libertarian-minded as a result. Because of his disregard for the Constitution and his callousness toward conservatives (who seem to still defend him, despite his obvious contempt for them), he has turned me and I'm sure many others further to the right in order to maintain some semblance of true freedom.

I despise the current "frontrunner" candidates and the President. They do not represent hope or freedom, but oppression and tyranny. And everyone seems Hell-bent on voting for one because he's not the other. That's the only reason any common idiot will vote for Obama or McCain. Very few people are voting for them. They are all voting against the other.

Folks, don't let fear be your guiding factor in life. Fear is what brings about tyranny. Fear is the enemy we face these days.

And President Bush knows how to use it to sucker-punch the American people. Does anyone think that Obama or McCain will do any better? If you do, you're a retard and you shouldn't vote.