Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ted Stevens and the Magic School Bus

Well, it looks like a corrupt, and relatively stupid, old man will be either going to jail or serving probation of some kind because of dirty dealings. The 84-year-old Senator from Alaska has finished duping the people who live in that great state and they will see new blood in Congress representing them.

I shed no tears for Senator Ted Stevens. He was clearly corrupt long before the official charges became public to me. He was eager to spend as much taxpayer dollars as possible on his own citizens, which put him in direct competition with Senator Robert Byrd with most pointless leader in America.

I despise this man. He is the model for what becomes of men when they allow politics to their morals rather than let morals dictate their politics. This is one bum that I am glad to see go.

Ted Stevens also represents another symbol. That is the old guard Republican who clings to the half-assed Socialist policies that seem to pervade the Republican leadership in Congress. John McCain falls into this category as well.

In any case, this may be the beginning of the end of the big government Republicans who are responsible for their losses in 2006 and for their continued lack of overall enthusiastic support for Republicans in general. Pray that God's judgment will come upon other Republicans who lie about who they are when they are elected into office.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Ted Stevens is a textbook case of what happens you secure such power. Good riddance I say.