Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Am NOT Responsible For You

This wonderful country I live in is sliding closer and closer to fascism every day. Right now, the health Nazis are out there and in full bloom. These uptight, self-hating yahoos think that they know how to live life better than the rest of us. The latest trick is to use Medicaid and Medicare as excuses for mandating government regulations of food. The reasoning is that because people just burden the taxpayers with their health problems, then the government should ban things like trans fat and other unhealthy eats. The problem is that this line of logic doesn't end.

For example, if people are having frequent sex with multiple partners (separately or at the same time) then why not mandate that people are only allowed to have sex once a month? It would certainly cut back on the spread of AIDS and many other STDs. If you want to question it, then you are a cruel to do so. After all, these people would just be one huge burden on taxpayers when they come down with a serious disease.

It gets better. Eventually, the government would mandate what we eat entirely to make sure that we are not burdening the other taxpayers. Remember when you could smoke on an airplane? I don't. But according to the elderly, you could. Now you can't even smoke in your own home in some places. The same thing will happen with the foods you eat. Junk food has always been known as "junk" food. I cannot remember a time when I was growing up that places like McDonalds was considered a healthy establishment to eat at. Yet these health Nazis feel like no one knew. I suspect it was the same with smoking as well.

In any case, it's pretty clear to me that the main culprit behind this new trend in fascism is government funded health care. Right now it has been limited to poor people and the elderly, but there is a growing movement to expand it to everyone, mostly because several million adults refuse to get medical insurance. If this policy was expanded to everyone, then imagine the insanity that will spring forth.

Already, in the UK where this plan has been in place, there are people who are dying of treatable infections because they smoke and the government won't take care of people who smoke. How long before the UK itself is overrun by the health Nazis there and they are all forced to exercise in the morning, eat rationed food, purchase a license to have sex, and receive regular drug tests? You may laugh at that, but it would not surprise me if this kind of stuff happened in the UK in the next few decades, provided the Islamic head choppers don't overtake them.

This is what the health Nazis here want. They want to control our lives so that we all can be self-hating tightwads like themselves. The government that pays for your health care also has control over your behavior. It's that simple.

So whenever someone says that passing a law that mandates certain health-related behaviors lifts the burdens off of taxpayers respond by saying that you aren't responsible for stupid and that the only reason you are now is because the government forces you to. If there was no government funded health care, then there would be much more liberty and people would probably be a lot healthier anyway. Individual responsibility has a tendency to motivate people to take care of themselves.

For now, we should be OK. If you aren't too old (over 65) then you should look into Health Saving Accounts for medical coverage. And try and get it outside of your job so that you don't have worry about it as much if you are fired or get laid off. Health care should not be a consideration in a major change in careers.

Also, be sure to vote for politicians who do not promise to whore the government out to you. It's your life. Don't hand it over to the government because things are too hard for you.