Friday, March 7, 2008

Where Are The Men in Football?

Now, I'm not a football fan. I don't follow it and I don't care much for it. I happen to think that it is nothing more than a big distraction from what really matters for most men. But lately, it just seems that men in football has a sense of misplaced masculinity.

Former Steeler Head Coach Cowler cried at his retirement speech. Brett Farve, more recently, does the same. I didn't see Lou Gahrig cry when he left baseball or when he gave that heartfelt speech. And he was dying of a rare disease. If anyone had a right to cry, it was him.

I just don't see why these men, who spend their days slamming each other in one of the most manly sports in history, have to breakdown and cry like little babies when they leave the sport. Really, its disgusting and it ruins the moment. I know that there is a lot of emotion in the whole situation, but to cry like they did just shows me how much feminism has damaged our country.

Seriously, there's a reason that men suppress their emotions. If we didn't there would be constant wars, widespread death, and a whole lot of women raped. Men are aggressive by nature, either because of some evolutionary need to protect or some spiritual strength endowed upon us. But we generally have the discipline to suppress our darker impulses because of our standards of decency and morality.

This is just the latest in a long line of cases where men show unnecessary public displays of womanly emotion. There is no need for men to get in touch with their "feminine" sides anymore than women should get in touch with their "masculine" sides.

Now, I realize that everyone is like a snowflake, where no two are exactly alike. But seriously, these are men in the manliness sport the United States has to offer. There's not limp-wristed players there. So what's the deal with all the crying?

I admit to getting emotional myself sometimes. Watching Tears of the Sun really gets to me at times because, I guess, I've been to Africa and seen firsthand some of the suffering that goes on there. I guess that movie reminds of that fact. Also, the ending gets me because it shows men doing the right thing and losing their lives in the process. I guess this movie was real to me. But I have not cried, just gotten a little choked up.

I am not saying that there is no reason for men to cry. But there are only a few select situations for that to happen where I find it acceptable in public. The death of your child or wife is a good example. In fact, most of them involve death or extreme personal injury.

In any case, I don't find it to be very appealing. If I ever was going to watch football, it's pretty much ruined for me now. There are no men there anyway, just boys.

To be a man you must have honor; honor and a penis! -Shin Chan