Monday, March 3, 2008

Why I've Stopped Listening to Neal Boortz

I really just want to say this. I know that Neal Boortz, or any of his staff, will probably not read this. Heck, barely anyone reads this blog anyway, so I'm not blind to my own lack of an audience. But I really need to write this because it has been on my mind for the past few weeks.

Neal Boortz is a libertarian-leaning talk radio show host who is probably one of the more entertaining (and underrated) talk show hosts out there. He broadcasts out of of Atlanta, Georgia. He is brutally honest, something I respect in this day of political "correctness," and he almost always takes the libertarian position on every issue. He supports the war on Islamic baby killers and supports the occupation in Iraq (no, I am not being critical of the Iraq War, only pointing out the obvious current state of affairs there).

But I became increasingly annoyed with him in the past several weeks. It started with his almost constant mocking of Ron Paul supporters. It probably several of us to remind him that while there are some crazy, conspiracy theory-minded freaks in our ranks, most of us are sane and rational people. Even then, he still would mock us, only clarifying himself after the fact.

Then, during the New Hampshire primary, Neal Boortz was offended by Ron Paul when he didn't bother to sit down and talk with him on air. While Ron Paul probably shouldn't have snubbed him like that, without a good reason, Neal Boortz has acted like a child about it ever since. His constant whining about how Ron Paul wouldn't "face" him on his radio show was another source of annoyance.

The final straw was on one Friday where Neal Boortz went on a huge rant about how pro-life people are wrong and that they are the ones who destroyed the conservative movement in the Republican party. While Mr. Boortz could not have been more intellectually dishonest at that moment, it was his passionate hatred for those of us who believe that a fetus is a human life that really got to me.

It is clear that Neal Boortz hates those of us who seek to protect the life of the unborn child. He asserts that we want the government to force a woman to have a baby she doesn't want, but that's not true. We want the government to not license clinics that stick a metal probe into a fetus's brain and suck it out with a vacuum cleaner. Maybe these woman should be more responsible with their behavior and armed with a gun (to prevent rape) then opting for abortion after the fact.

But that's neither here nor there. I think Neal Boortz has had significant others in the past who have had an abortion who were his kid. I think he was there and supported her all the way through it. And I suspect that this is why he refuses to admit that a fetus is human life, in spite of the growing observation and evidence with the advent of sonogram devices and many other things.

I am only speculating here. Neal Boortz doesn't talk about his personal life all that much other than to boast about his various vacations and funny stories (the big wheel story and the Planet of the Apes mask on Halloween are my favorites). I don't know if Neal Boortz has personally been involved in an abortion in some capacity or represented clients (he was a lawyer for a decade and a half or so) who were involved in such cases. Either way, it is clear that he resents pro-lifers much more than on an intellectual basis.

I guess that was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I was tired of being called crazy and I was tired of being insulted for my personal beliefs and for being accused of putting a gun to the head of pregnant women. What is most insulting of the whole situation is that he refuses to debate or discuss the matter with listeners or read e-mails on the subject. While it is his choice as it is his show, I have a choice as well. I choose not to listen to him anymore. In fact, I think I will flat out ignore him from now on.

Frankly, it just shows how much he hates pro-lifers. He hates Sean Hannity as a result (someone who he routinely considers his friend). He hates you if you think that human should be protected and that mothers-to-be should be allowed to kill the life in their womb.

So I'm done with him. I'm done with reading his website and I'm done with listening to his radio show and I'm done with buying his books. I could not have been more offended than from him. It is clear that he cannot function on an intellectual basis when it comes to this issue. Mr. Boortz needs to start checking his pride at the door when he enters the booth and be more considerate of his own audience, where many of them do not agree with his position on abortion.

There's no point in trying to convince him otherwise too. He has made it clear that he will die supporting the right for women to scramble their babies brains, provided those children are still in the womb. The best thing to do is to ignore him, like every other insane mouthpiece with a megaphone.