Friday, March 28, 2008

The Big Screw You Moment of the Week

This week, EPA (that's Environmental Protection Agency) Administrator Stephen L. Johnson decided to shelve the findings of whether or not greenhouse gases are a danger to the public. While I think he may have bought us some time, in terms of the coming expansion of government, I think he should produce the findings. Why? It's simple really. We need to end the ridiculous global warming debate as soon as possible.

The debate on global warming (or climate change or Al Gore's happy fun time movie) is ongoing with many scientists split down the middle. The problem is, the idiots who ascribe to the pathetic notions of man-made global warming tend to have the biggest megaphone and use it to stifle any dissenting view.

From stupid bimbo meteorologist to a stiff-necked dork who tried to steal the Presidency, it doesn't end. They will howl, whine, and outright lie, even in the face of scientific evidence to the contrary, in order to preserve their religion. The environmental movement is a religious movement brought to you from the same idiots who brought us free love, rampant drug use (which is now either outlawed or heavily taxed), and Jimmy Carter.

Environmentalism is nothing more than Socialism incognito. If you don't believe me, then go to an environmentalist rally. You'll probably more than just save the Earth crap lying around.

The bottom line is that the EPA chief is probably avoiding disclosing the results not because he thinks they're irrelevant but because it will demonstrate that the EPA needs to scale back its regulation of gasoline. One of the reasons why gasoline prices go up during the summer is because the EPA has restrictions allowing only certain types of gasoline to be sold in certain regions. The difference isn't that much, just enough to make it more scarce than it needs to be.

So when some government bureaucrat shelves a study, then I become really suspicious and wonder if it demonstrates the opposite of what he or she believes to be true. Kind of like the whole premise of the movie Stigmata. Basically, this man is denying the public access to a possible apocryphal gospel.

I am tired of seeing shit like this in government. Scientist in general can't be unbiased, but science from the government is never unbiased. Thomas Sowell himself said that when he worked for the Department of Labor, he found himself having to adjust his findings to meet the personal preferences of the higher ups. How many lies are told on a daily basis within one building in Washington DC? Especially when it comes to scientific studies.

I'm sorry, but I don't like any of this. I want the stupid global warming debate to end. I want to see gasoline prices go down with the expansion of oil drilling, refinery building, nuclear power, and deregulation of the energy industry as a whole.

What's funny is, for all the mishandling on the government's part of energy (among other things), the liberals still think that they will be able to provide universal health care effectively.

To quote John Stossel, "Give me a break."