Monday, April 7, 2008

OK, I'll bite the hook Mr. Boortz

As I have stated in the past, I have stopped listening to Neal Boortz and stopped reading his website altogether. This was largely due to his growing contempt for people like me, pro-life Ron Paulers. It's not as if my lack of attention will affect him any, but it's more for me. I cannot sit down and let someone insult me the way he did and continue to absorb his crap. I spent the majority of my government skool years being picked on and ridiculed (lucky for some kids I found Jesus instead of Nietzsche) and I refuse to take it from any immature adult, no matter how much older and wiser they may be. Especially when it is a direct attack on my own faith.

Today, while I was browsing the columnists at (I don't read all of them because I don't have time and find many of them uninteresting), I noticed that Neal Boortz had posted his own column. This is pretty rare for him, usually he just babbles on the radio and posts his thoughts (complete with spelling and grammar errors) on his website.

But this time, I decided to ignore my principles for a bit and indulge my curiosity (I know, this is how sinful lifestyles start). What he wrote was very short (200 words) and very well written. It was simple and easy to understand. And the logic was flawless.

So kudos to Neal Boortz for having yet again made things simple for the stupid. I can barely wrap my brain around various concepts and have even more difficulty communicating what I do know to others. But Mr. Boortz has been able to simplify constitutional logic and make it so that even a Malibu retard could understand it.

I'm still not going to listen to him though. Or read his website.