Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another easy way

I've been busy for a little bit, but I've got another easy way I could take. The other easy way is to say I'm conservative:

-I would promote free markets and free enterprise, but then decry those who propose eliminating the Federal Reserve because I consider a central bank that controls the money flow a free market enterprise.

-I would promote sexual abstinence by labeling boys under the age of consent as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.

-I would call for limited government, but when it comes to military spending, I will be blind, deaf, and dumb to the wasteful spending done there.

-I would continue to vote Republican because, after all, the Democrats are "worse." (Not an endorsement of Democrats)

-I would hold up God as the authority over mankind (and rightly so) and yet look to the government to "protect" us from condoms, gays, sexual promiscuity, gambling, drugs, alcohol, prostitution, abortion, etc. (Morality begins and ends at your home, not on the steps of the Capitol building)

-I would continue to fight against the liberals but never, ever offer a valid alternative to what the crazy and confusing ideas they propose.

-I would justify expanding government into limiting what we eat because we'll "pay for it more" through Medicare and Medicaid.

-I would continue to call it the Iraq War when in actuality, it is merely an occupation since the war ended with Saddam out of power.

-I would support a more Constitutional-oriented government and at the same time ignore Article 2 Section 8 Paragraph 11 of the Constitution.

-On that same note, I would continue to support unconstitutional and pointless agencies such as the DEA, ATF, FBI, NASA, DoA, DoE, etc.

-I would decry pork barrel spending, but then vote for the incumbent Republican because the Democrat is "worse."

-I wouldn't bother to analyze the current war on drugs in the same context as the war on alcohol back in the 1920s. Oh wait, that was called "Prohibition."

-While I would continue to lift God up as lord of all, I would continue to look to the government for morality.

-I would support taxpayer dollars going to foreign nations to bring them out of poverty, even though writing checks and handing them to dictators doesn't seem to really work.

-I would promote Democracy around the world, not realizing that Democracy leads to the tyranny of the majority.

-I would constantly get distracted by minor problems like legalized abortion, the Ten Commandments in courts, and gay marriage while letting Congress tax and spend our nation into bankruptcy.

-I would not hold any Republican incumbent accountable for anything.

-I would continue to watch CNN, MSNBC, and FauxNews and believe every word of what they say.

-I would complain about government skool indoctrination but send my children to those same skools and not do what is necessary to get them a good education.

-I would buy every book by a conservative author but not bother to read it (applies to most conservatives because they tend to read less than liberals in recent studies).

I could probably go on more with this, but my main point is this: the conservative movement has spent too much time supporting worthless Republicans and focusing on social issues to be an effective force for real political change. I read conservative columns on a regular basis and it is very rare for any of them to talk about wasteful government spending or the injustice of our current tax system.

The fact is, most of them are too wrapped up in social issues to give a damn about the ever expanding size of government. The government that is big enough to teach your kids will be big enough to control what they eat, control what they fear, and ultimately, what they will know. My uncle, a liberal biology professor, said that government has an investment in our children's future through education. I sarcastically agreed with him wholeheartedly. Government has an interest in keeping children stupid and distracted so that less than 50% of eligible voters will actually vote and that those who do are generally using their emotions rather than their reason and rational minds.

For all of my disdain for the Socialist movement (or Progressive or Liberal) in this country, I have nothing but utter contempt for the conservative movement in the past decade for their lack of focus and sheer blindness to the absurdity of the current situation our nation is in. If they really were conservatives, they wouldn't waste too much time on abortion, gay marriage, and all those other wonderful social issues. They would focus on returning our nation to a Federalist system with the Federal government's scope and power severely limited to the powers specifically defined in the Constitution and actually adhere to the 10th amendment for once.

You can never have your cake and eat it too when it comes to ideology. Be willing to say and do what is necessary and proper to bring your dream into reality or stop trying.