Tuesday, January 2, 2024


 In a very early episode of Family Guy, Stewie Griffin refers to his mother's nurturing as a "gynocracy".  It was an amusing term at the time and it perfectly illustrates a worldview that such a character would have.

But what if we were living under a gynocracy of sorts right now?  What if we were, in fact, living under the management of something much worse than that?

Ladies and gentlemen, I offer you the nightmare scenario of the Karenocracy.

To define a Karenocracy, we have to have a simple definition of a "Karen".  A Karen is simply a woman who is entitled, arrogant, and authoritarian.  They are often white, middle-aged women who seem to be suffering from the male equivalent of a mid-life crisis, although in this case it usually focuses more on political action rather than trying to reclaim youthful vigor.

Karens are not necessarily racist.  I have to stress this since a common misconception is that they are, when in reality their actions are more about them and their sense of entitlement and power rather than other people.

And we are all currently living under the tyranny of the Karens, or a Karenocracy.

Recently, the Secretary of State in Maine, Shenna Bellows, decided that President Trump should not be on the ballot in Maine because of a bunch of YouTube videos she watched about January 6th, 2021 or something.  It really doesn't matter what her reasons were, because they were just excuses to elevate her sense of importance and entitlement.

It came out shortly afterwards that she participated in a Zoom meeting with several other Secretaries of State, all of whom were middle-aged women, where they discussed ways they could "save democracy."  Sadly, Katie Hobbs wasn't on that meeting, probably because she was too busy plotting how she could steal the Arizona governor's race.

I am willing to bet that in every state, the head of elections is a Karen.  Red state, blue state, it doesn't matter.  That responsibility has probably been granted, or delegated, to a woman because men would rather pretend to be governor or attorney general and not take a less glamorous position.

But the Karenocracy extends far beyond the electoral system.  They occupy nearly all HR departments in every major company or corporation.  And let me tell you, no matter how high up you are in the leadership structure of a corporation, you will have to get HR approval before you are even allowed to fire someone.

Karens are the primary driving force behind expanding child sacrifice in several states under the guise of "abortion or reproductive rights."  They can't stand "losing" a right, even the right to murder their own children because that would be them giving up power.  And what is more powerful than control over life and death?

Karens also permeate our entertainment industries, taking up writing and directing duties for popular movies,  They write the "best-selling" books, the comic books, even localize anime and fan wikis.  It's like they want to ruin everything that men enjoy and are constantly trying to teach us to think like them.

This is not a political issue.  In both political parties, you will find Karens.  In fact, if a woman is a politician, she's probably a Karen.  Already we are seeing the likes of Nikki Haley and Marjorie Taylor Greene get exposed for committing repeated adultery.  They are also constantly fighting with other members of their own party.  And this is just the publicly reported stuff.  I'm sure there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

I fully expect most people to read this and say that I'm misogynistic or that I have had bad experiences with women or that I'm an incel.  To be frank, I don't care.  Every time there is a shitty judicial ruling, a shitty rule exploited, a shitty decision made to make everyone miserable, it's always a Karen behind it.

Yes, there is a ruling class of oligarchs in the West who are managing our political leaders.  But are employing Karens to mismanage things on their behalf.  This is because, at the end of the day, women are more likely to obey men with authority, even if they are a Karen.