Tuesday, December 6, 2022

America the Cursed Nation

Lately, it seems to me that the United States has become a curse before God.

I know, this sounds like something some random preacher would say to his congregation in an attempt to keep them around by assuring them that they are not like all the others.

But I don't have a congregation and I wouldn't kiss their collective asses if I did.  That's probably also why I don't have a congregation.

The fact is, Americans have turned their backs on God.  As a collective group, we have rejected His messages, His teachings, and His Grace in favor of our own devices and designs.

This sounds cliche, but we are all suffering from a very deep spiritual sickness right now as a result of this.  And the effects aren't just limited to spirituality.  The past several elections where we are seeing massive voter fraud is one such effect.  God has turned His back on us and thus allowed evil, wicked, and quite possibly demonically possessed yahoos to rule over us.

In this past election alone, we saw red states like Montana and Kentucky vote via referendum to keep abortion legal or expand it.  It should have been an overwhelming landslide vote in both those states to overcome even the voter fraud, but it didn't.

The people have flatly rejected Christ.  I see it all the time.  I see it when people say that they don't care what consenting adults do in their private lives, forgetting Jesus's lessons on the yeast of the Pharisees.

I see it with the Christians who declare that racism is a sin, forgetting that Jesus said some things that would be considered racist by modern standards, and thus they elevate themselves above Christ Himself.  Meanwhile, they do not acknowledge their true sins of Pride, Envy, and Lust.

I see it with the Christians who declare that their church is the one true church forgetting that Paul himself admonished the Corinthians for such nonsense.  And thus, we all bicker and argue over pointless things and fail to unite against the rampant sin and evil that is in our midst.

The planks in our eyes are massive.

Our women do not submit to men.  Instead, men simp for women leaders and are happy when they get elected, even though they are the worst possible people to be in those roles.

As a result, our government is now bullying the rest of the world to engage in abortion, sodomy, and usury.  The isolated communists and Islamic countries are more moral than the US, even though they deny Christ.

So I see many people who seek God and His Son building things to replace what was lost.  But such things are nothing more than folly, a chasing after the wind.  It is materialism, just like the sons of the devil, and it seems to lack any kind of spirituality.

Do you say to have many children?  St. Paul had none and he had no regrets.  St. Philip had four daughters who could prophesy and he was teleported to different locations.  Do your daughters have the Holy Spirit upon them?  Do your sons proclaim the Christ?  Do you focus on what truly matters?  Are you not worth many sparrows?  Your barns are full but your lives will be accounted for soon.

I say these things not to shame you but to challenge you.  We need a real spiritual awakening in this country.  We need the Holy Spirit to spread across this land more than ever.  We need the demons to scream in pain as they are driven out by Christ.

And all you do is take pride in your works, bicker about who is a grifter, and boast about the size of your family.

Take time to really focus on God.  See if He will intervene not just in your own life but that He would pour His Spirit out on our nation and the people here.  Yes, things are broken, but they can be fixed and God is good at doing that.  But we have to turn back to Him and stop talking nonsense and doing evil.