Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On the Responses to ‘Rape’ on ‘Game of Thrones’

Apparently Game of Thrones has crossed the line.  A popular female character was “raped” on screen by an ugly male character with a eunuch watching.  I put the word “raped” in quotes because number 1) it was a staged scene in a television show and 2) technically the characters were already married so it isn’t rape as consent was given via marital vows.

The outrage is so extreme that even Senator Claire McCaskill has said she’s done with the show.  I don’t know what is more stupid, the fact that she’s obviously lying or the fact that a U.S. Senator actually watches the show.

In a show where a woman was sold as a sex slave to a savage, where good men and women are brutally murdered, where a child was pushed out of a window to cover up incest, and where a fetal child was stabbed to death over an insult, this is what crosses the line for feminists.

And the great part in all this is that George R. R. Martin is not a stranger to feminism.  He embraces it and has openly sought to condemn this year’s effort by outsiders to infiltrate the Hugo awards in order to reverse the tidal wave of stupid fiction written by preachy whiners (aka Social Justice Warriors).

So what have we learned about feminism in all this?

For one thing, they are not happy people.  No matter how much you claim to be on their side and no matter what you do to curry favor with them, they will stab you in the front and go for the genitals.  They cannot be appeased and they will not compromise.  They are not interested in cutting deals, they are interested in cutting dicks.

Another thing is that their outrage is selective.  I don’t know much about the show or the books, but I suspect that the “rape” victim was a feminist hero of some kind and the “rapist” was a typical male psychopath.  What this demonstrates is that they are only concerned with their own kind and don’t give a flying rat’s butt about anyone else outside of their own clique.

In other words, feminists are tribal.  And in this post-post-modern world, your tribe is strongly tied into your ideology.  Going slightly off the reservation means you are exiled, as Mr. Martin (and Mr. Wheedon) are just now hopefully realizing.

The bottom line here is that feminism is not a ideology you want to get yourself tangled up in.  Eventually, all feminists do is end up feasting on their own.  Looking as you Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Rational Thinking and Irrational Beliefs

Among those who are Godless and who are high-church (note that there are plenty of people who claim to be Christians but who are still Godless), there is a sense that anyone who behaves or acts rationally, then they have done good things.  Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth of the matter.

Rational thinking is the ideal state of mind for the post-modern man.  It is a mind without sin or at the very least without bad thoughts in the minds of many men.  And it occurs in most secular-based philosophies largely because they fail to truly understand what real evil is.

The problem with believing that rational thinking is the perfect state of mind is that mankind bases his reasons on mostly irrational concepts.  Philosophies and religions are, by and large, irrational disciplines.  But they form the premises of the ideals that men use to rationally think through their belief systems.

Of course, in the belief that rational thinking is good, people tend to also reason that irrational thinking is bad.  So when they view religious dogma as irrational, they tend to dismiss the arguments made by religious thinkers because the premise of their arguments are viewed as irrational.  Meanwhile, the rational few forget that their own core beliefs are irrational as well, but they view them as perfectly rational because irrational thoughts are bad and their thoughts are perfectly rational.

The truth is, most of the great evils in this world were rational actions brought on by their core irrational beliefs. Communists have murdered millions of people in the last century alone, far outstripping the Christian dominated West of the previous 1800 years in body count.  This was all done in the name of stamping out irrational religious and economic thought in their minds.  It was done to create Utopia on Earth, to create a paradise for all of mankind to strive for.

But countless wasted lives later, we see that the former Soviet Union is now a shell of what it was with dwindling demographics and lost economic manpower. China is looking at a demographic decline that is even worse.  The one thing that communists seemed to forget is that the economy is not an abstract concept that can be managed by a central elite but a vast network of interactions between people.  And when you have less people, you have a shrinking economy.

Likewise, the Spanish Inquisition, which claimed the lives of roughly 800 people over three centuries, was a rational response to Islamic aggression on the Spanish peninsula.  I won’t go to much into the history of it, but the Spanish crown had just liberated their country from Muslim conquerors and they were not about to let their foes just over the Mediterranean sea reconquer it.  Loyalty to the Catholic church was loyalty to the Spanish crown in the minds of the people there.

ISIS (or ISIL) is likewise following a very rational path given their belief system.  While it is brutal, disgusting, and horrifying, their actions appears to be directed at creating fear and intimidation in order to save the souls of their fellow countrymen.  And honestly, if you felt that murdering a bunch of Christians would cause the rest of the populace would fall in line and thereby secure their place in Heaven, would you not consider it?

Do I agree with all of these things? No, I don’t.  But I understand their reasoning, their logic, their rational thoughts.

The point I am trying to make here is that rational thinking is merely how we process our irrational belief systems.  From the atheist who claims that God doesn’t exist because babies die to the Catholic who claims that dead babies go to Limbo to myself who believes in God’s good judgment on our hearts, we all share irrational beliefs.

Only a fool would believe himself to be good if they thought and acted rationally.  Moral good is an irrational concept just as much as evil actions are.  So have a clearly defined moral code (it’s pretty easy if you are a religious person, a non-religious person has a tougher time) and use rationality to dictate your actions based on what is morally good.  I recommend you follow Christian virtues and morality, even if you don’t believe in God, merely because centuries of its use has created the greatest civilization the world has ever seen with the least amount of bloodshed.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bomb Threat in DC Against #GamerGate; Women and Minorities Most Affected

In case you haven’t heard, a bomb threat was made against a bar in downtown Washington D.C.  Fortunately, it was fake and nobody was hurt, least of all the ghost of Ted Kennedy (that chill in your butt crack is him ladies), but it was a little alarming.

Why was a bomb threat made against the bar?  Because there a hate group in attendance: the dreaded #GamerGate supporters who want to oppress women and minorities by pushing for ethics in gaming journalism.

In attendance at the impromptu event, were Christina Hoff Summers, a feminist Democrat, and Milo Yiannopoulos, a writer for Breitbart and professional gay man.  Reports indicate that Christina Hoff Summers left shortly after the bar was evacuated to parts unknown (probably to go home) while Milo himself left to get laid.

There is an indication that Arthur Chu, famous Salon writer and former Jeopardy champion, incited the bomb threat by raising Hell about the #GamerGate gathering.  Because freedom of association is not a right in the United States.  Despite it being in the fucking Constitution you trivia hack.

Full disclosure: the author of this piece was not at the bar in question, but fully supports #GamerGate because Social Justice Warriors are living pieces of crap and because video games don’t need to be preachy.

Anyway, it is amazing to me what lengths SJWs will go to in order to stop their opponents.  From sending death threats to pulling fire alarms to pushing for bomb threats.  These folks are modern communists, of the same breed as the ones who followed Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution (started primarily because Mao Zedong was bored as Hell with actually leading the country he conquered and because he had been deposed for starving 30 million people to death).

To understand these people, you merely need to think of all the shit you were indoctrinated with in government school about racial oppression, human sexuality, and gender equality (short summary: white man evil!) and think of the pathetic moron who listened to it all whole-heartedly.

Despite many of them being white, middle to upper-middle class human beings with lots of time on their hands, they believe themselves to be an oppressed minority.  Or are champions of it.  Or are warriors for them.

You know, like Karl Marx, the champion of the working class.  He was such a champion of them that he flatly rejected their unions and kept a slave maid/sex slave around with him for his entire life.

Arthur Quizboy should be wary of what he is doing.  His actions only serve to make those on the fence side with #GamerGate as they see what a shit-bag he really is.  Now, I’m not saying that the bomb threat was made by Quizboy, but since #GamerGate is collectively responsible for all the death threats against the anti-GG folks, I’m holding him responsible for this.

In the mainstream press, however, there is silence.  Because the narrative of a peaceful gathering of an anti-communist group being disrupted by a bomb threat in our nation’s capital is not newsworthy.  But deflated footballs are.

Oh, and apparently ISIS has a hit list of American citizens.  But that’s not important because FOOTBALL!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Unsolicited Advice for Young Men on Marriage

Marriage advice for young men from a married man:

  • Don’t let your sex drive dictate your relationships.  Yes, you should approach attractive women in order to mate with them for life.  But while attractiveness is a highly valued feature among most men who are seeking a life-mate, keep in mind that most women are irrational and the hot ones are more likely to be so.  This is because very attractive women are used to being treated very well by other people and so they expect everyone to worship the ground they walk on.  I’m not saying don’t date such women, just something to keep in mind.
  • Never marry a woman who is two levels above your own sexual marketplace value, unless you are really good at Game (and most men are not, even those Game-aware).  This is because she is more likely to divorce you due to being unhappy with you.  While you may believe yourself to have lucked out, she will view you with contempt eventually.  She will wonder what she could have had, had she not married you.  50% of the time, this doesn’t end well.
  • Get in shape and lift weights.  Be more attractive physically.  Keep that going, even in marriage.  Just because you got her to swear an oath before God to stay with you until one of you dies, it doesn’t mean you get to stop being awesome.
  • Don’t concern yourself with marriage when you’re in your early to mid-twenties.  You have not reached your peak value yet and your job probably doesn’t bring in much money anyway.  So instead focus on your career, your friendships, and building your own life.  A woman is more likely to say, “yes” when you have long-term prospects that you are willing to share.
  • Understand that Game doesn’t end when you get married.  You will have to engage in Alpha behaviors often.  Beta behaviors will have to activate from time to time, but always be sure to maintain frame.
  • Don’t tell your wife/girlfriend/fiancĂ© every secret you have.  You don’t owe her anything in this regard.  It’s okay to keep things from her, provided they are not things which damage the actual relationship (like adultery).
  • For Christian men, understand that she is not your accountability partner.  Your sins are not for her to know unless it directly affects your relationship with her.  So if you are looking at pornography, for instance, it is none of her damn business.  And unless she can respond to catching you looking at it by stripping down and taking you back to your bedroom for a midnight romp, she is in no position to judge.
  • Understand that you are the head of the household.  Don’t let her take power away from you as she will despise you for it.  Women want to be lead by men (mostly) and they find taking charge to be attractive.  It makes them feel safe and cared for.  But they also like to test you and losing your frame and conceding ground makes her hate you all the more.
  • From time to time, your wife will lose her shit and say and do completely irrational things.  It happens to the best of them.  Don’t blame it on hormones or yourself.  It is just her trying to work something out emotionally.  Do not let her get away with anything either.  At the end of it, she should apologize for her small fits.
  • Learn how to do laundry, cooking, and cleaning.  This is not so that you can do it for her, but so that you know how to do these things in case she does leave you.  It also works as Dread Game in that you can replace her at any time or live without her.  Nothing gets a woman to get closer to her husband than the knowledge that her gravy train can run out soon.
  • Understand that there is no such thing as a balance between work life and personal life.  Your wife should also understand this and that you will probably spend your 20s, 30s, and 40s working hard so that you can spend the rest of your life on an easier path.  A paid for house in your 50s is worth more than 22 trips to Disneyworld in your 30s.
  • Finally, don’t be afraid of divorce.  If she ever threatens it, just tell her to pack her bags and leave if she really feels that way.  If things get really bad, don’t be afraid to leave yourself, although I’d only recommend it if she has cheated on you.  Remember that most men come out on top even after the worst of divorces.  So if you get divorced, especially in your 30s and early 40s, you will have a huge opportunity to make a better life for yourself.

That’s about all I can think of.  Most of this is from my own mind, not necessarily from experience.  Take it for what it’s worth but know that I’m not perfect so my advice may be flawed or foolish.

Friday, April 24, 2015

On Valve’s Monetization of Steam Workshop

Yesterday, Valve announced that they have set up a pay wall for video game modifications (or mods) on their Steam Workshop service.  What this essentially means is that mod authors can charge money for their work and will receive 25% of the proceeds while Valve and the video game company will receive 75%.  They started this service with Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a popular game for mod authors.

As of right now, there are 18 mods for Skyrim behind the pay wall.  There will probably be more in the future, especially if this service does very well.

When I first found out about this, I was outraged and upset.  Now that I’ve had a night to sleep on it and think it over, I have a different perspective from when I started.

First of all, we have to understand that Skyrim has had three paid DLC packs that were released to PC and console.  Two of them were game expansions with new stories, content, and extra features that expanded the experience of playing the game.  They called Dawnguard and Dragonborn, and both cost $20 on release.  The other one was a simple package that allowed the player to construct custom homes in certain areas of the game title Hearthfire.  This one cost $5.

So, based on the DLC scales, we have a better idea of what a mod might cost for Skyrim.  If the mod adds a ton of new content, it is probably worth at least $10.  There are a good number of mods that are like this, two popular ones being Wyrmstooth and Falskaar.  Both of these mods featured a new land, new characters, new gameplay, and loads of new content.

As a gamer and not a mod author, I would have paid for both mods.  They are fantastic additions to your gaming experience.

There are other mods that add survival to the game, like needing to eat, drink, sleep, or survive the cold harsh climate of Skyrim.  These are immersion mods and they are mods that add a element to gameplay that allows you plan out your adventure rather than a generic go to a location and kill the bandits or monsters.  Many of these are probably work less than $5 if they are good.

I think at the end of the day, I’m not for or against mod authors wanting to monetize their work.  They won’t make a living doing it, if anything they’ll just make some extra cash.  At the same time, though, I understand the desire to get paid for the amount of work you put into something like this, especially if it is a lot of free time away from your regular job.

There has been a lot of angry comments directed at this new service.  I understand where it comes from.  Many of the mods that are posted, especially the more popular ones, are mods that were previously free and now are gamers are being charged for upgraded versions.  I get it.  You have a good mod and the mod author just made it better.  But you have to pay for it.  And that sucks.

But don’t through angry comments around.  There’s no point.  Just remove any endorsement you’ve made and remove that mod from you mod profile (unless you are already playing with it, in which case don’t remove it since it will break your game).

Also, keep in mind that most mod authors who posted paid content did so with many of their mods still available for free.  And those are pretty good mods that these authors could be making money on.

Look, I am not going to buy a whole lot of Skyrim mods.  I will probably just pay for a couple of decent ones and leave the rest alone, considering that my mods have reached an upper limit.  But I am not going to go out and do it right away.  After all, you can add mods to your play through, but you can’t remove them (and upgrading is also risky depending on the changes).

In any case, I do see a positive side to this in that we could see a rise in DLC-sized mods like the official ones released by Bethesda.

In my case, we shall have to wait and see what this new service does to the mod community.  My guess is that it will have little impact overall and may fizzle out within a year.

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