Monday, April 25, 2016

On Virtue Signaling

Virtue signaling.  It is a term that is not heard outside of certain circles of the Internet and it is amazing that most people haven’t caught on to the game these days.

In short, virtue signaling is an action done for the sake of the supposed virtue behind the action.  It is a narcissistic action that is about raising yourself up and not so much doing the right thing.

But motivations are often secondary.  If you are doing good to help others or help yourself, you are still doing good.  Western culture gets hung up on motivation too much, especially in America, because for some reason, we like to judge the hearts of others.

So if I see someone feeding the homeless in front of the press, I don’t care that he’s an attention whore because at least the homeless are getting fed.  And usually wicked people who behave like righteous people end up failing within their lifetimes.

The problem with virtue signaling these days is that it mostly happens with ideas that are neither virtues nor vices.

The most common form of virtue signaling these days is for white people to try and prove to the world that they are not racist.  There are a variety of ways in which they do this, though, with the most common method being the adoption of a child of a different race.

I’m sure the child you adopted appreciates that you have him around to prove a point to a bunch of communists.

Racism is not a vice nor a virtue.  In fact, I doubt that it even exists since primitive tribalism never involved groupings based solely on skin color.  But that was another blog post.

On the other hand, Anti-racism is also neither a vice nor virtue, but it appears to be destroying more lives and creating more divisions than racism theoretically ever did.

While virtue signaling does take place on the Right, usually in the form of token children, it is much more prominent on the Left.  Communists tend to use rhetoric, largely because they are too stupid or too illiterate to use dialectic, and virtue signaling is nothing more than emotional appeals of one’s own self-righteousness.

So we have communists engaging in man-shaming, white-shaming, Christian-hating, and all other sorts of “virtues” where they try to appear either penitent or righteous or both.  From a mediocre author stating he’s a rapist to a feminist claiming there’s oppression in video games to a white woman passing herself off as a black woman and leading a local NAACP chapter, virtue signaling is the primary means of engaging in rhetoric for the cultural Marxist.

The sad thing, most Americans, especially white Americans, have grown up with this guilt stigma that has been hammered into their collective psyche in government skools.  This causes them to overcompensate for the supposed collective crimes or overlook the virtue signaling of others.  Because there is nothing worse than being called a “racist” in modern times.

The solution to combating virtue signaling is to stigmatize it.  Respond to it with contempt anywhere you see it and people will back off from it.  Once they realize that their attempts at doing the wrong thing for the wrong reasons won’t be accepted as good or righteous, they will find other pursuits, hopefully more constructive ones.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Why I Support Donald Trump

I support Trump for 2016.  This may seem odd coming from someone who has libertarian leanings and is a self-described “anti-Utopian” but my reasons are valid.  I know that my support of Trump is probably no surprise to most people who follow me (all three of my other personalities) but on the off chance it does, I think I can explain myself.

The two most important issues in politics today are the ever growing welfare state and the continued influx of immigrants into our nation.  Nearly everything else is utterly pointless to bring up because it is in those two issues that we find our nation and culture dying.

When I say the welfare state, I mean the entire apparatus of government programs designed to provide people with free money and services that they could otherwise obtain outside of the government if they bothered to get up and work for a living.  This includes Social Security (it is not a trust fund), Medicare, and Medicaid*.  This includes handouts to corporations who suck at their business.  This includes handouts to non-profits of all types.

Our domestic policies are bankrupting our governments at all levels and it is largely because of the welfare state.  Yes, Federal military spending is higher than most other countries combined but the total cost of foreign defense amounts to roughly 1 trillion of the Federal budget.  Considering how much the Federal government takes in on taxes, just paying for foreign defense and law enforcement would yield a considerable surplus every year.

The welfare state, however, is here to stay until the Federal government defaults on all its loans or the sun explodes.  This is largely because the welfare state is supported and held up by lobbyists for big corporations.

Think about it.  If you are the CEO of Wal-Mart (somehow) and your primary customer is someone who is middle to lower class, wouldn’t you petition for more and more food stamps?  That way, there is more disposable cash for poor people to have, which they will promptly spend rather than invest or save because poor people generally make poor financial decisions.

So really, any chance of eliminating the welfare state is pretty much dead in the water.  You won’t ever beat that system, you can only break it.

That leaves the other major issue of our day: immigration.  Since 1965, the United States has seen the largest influx of immigrants has occurred in the history of mankind.  Some 61 million people have immigrated into the United States, many of them from third world hellholes.

The trouble is, these people generally are not the best and brightest that their country of origin has to offer.  In many cases, the people coming here are their country’s equivalent of white trailer trash.

Bear in mind that there are plenty of immigrants who come here with professional skillsets and the ability to work high paying white collar jobs.  They usually come from India or South Korea and they are, for the most, decent, hard-working people.

But the vast majority of immigrants come from crime-ridden Mexico and countries further south.  These men and women come here at the behest of their leaders and are even given information on how to get on the welfare rolls.  63% of immigrants are on welfare right now.

They also have been shown to abandon their own children, in some cases maiming them, in order to create an anchor child situation.  Are these the kind of people we want to come to the United States?  What kind of cultural benefit could they provide to our society as a whole?

This all brings me back to Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.  He is probably the only candidate who has sworn he will build a wall along the Mexican border and get the Mexican government to pay for it.

It is a loud boast and his mouth may be writing a check that he can’t cash, but he will try and do it if he is elected.

The fact of the matter is, we need less immigration, not more.  There was a long period in this country’s history (approximately from 1930ish to 1965) where the borders were closed for everyone.  And yet, we had one of the largest economic booms in the history of mankind.

Yes, there were other factors that went into it.  I doubt immigration had anything to do with anything with regards to the 1950s boom.  At the same time, however, we had it in spite of not having a porous border.

At the end of the day, I don’t agree with Donald Trump on a whole lot.  I fully expect Obamacare to keep going and the tax code to get more complex even if he is elected President.

And no, I don’t expect President Trump to end the welfare state, at least not intentionally.  But at the same time, no politician would propose scaling it back, even with 100% support from all sectors and branches of government.  Such a policy stance is the political equivalent of having your scrotum nailed to a chair and then being pushed down a stairwell.

So the only other important issue, immigration, is the only issue that really matters.

And Donald Trump is the only one who is taking it seriously.

So my support goes with Trump.  The other candidates are just same old, same old at best.  At worst, they are worse than Obama, which is hard to conceive of but is possible I suppose.

*Full disclosure: I have my premature son on Medicaid right now.  I did this because there is a good chance my insurance would drop him from coverage because he qualifies for Medicaid.  Yes, that can happen as insurance companies will drop coverage for people if they have alternatives.  In my case, however, I use the one I pay for as my primary for him and only resort to Medicaid if it is needed.  Also, if Medicaid goes bankrupt or he loses that coverage, it isn’t a huge loss for me and my son won’t die with inadequate coverage.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Our Product Doesn’t Suck, You Suck!

A new study has found that ad blockers break the internet:

Ad blockers don't just block ads on the internet - they actually break websites such as British Airways and Vodafone, a new study has found.

According to tests conducted on the UK's 100 most popular websites, ad blockers didn't just block pop-ups, but accidentally corrupted useful parts of a website, such as an airline check-in screens or retail order tracking pages. If you were browsing, all you would see is an error message or simply a chunk missing on screen, but no explanation for what was behind it. 

In the study by London ad-tech company Oriel, the researchers tested 24 common ad blockers, including Adblock, Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin,  on a range of popular websites including BA, Aer Lingus, RyanAir, Vodafone, P&G and Land Rover.

I don’t just use ad blockers but script blocker as well.  I do this because many websites link to content that I don’t want on my computer.  For example, the script blocker prevents analytics from pulling data from my machine.

Honestly, if a company’s website breaks because of the use of ad-blockers, then you’ve set up your site wrong.  Ad placement needs to be strategic and also needs to ensure that if they are blocked, the site remains intact.

So let’s not blame ad-blockers for bad web design.

Monday, April 18, 2016

RNC Hell-Bent On Losing Again With Vote Rigging

As of a right now, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has claimed victory in Colorado and Wyoming without a single vote cast in either primary or caucus.  He is currently bragging about how these wins were “landsides”, even though he never won the favor of the citizens of those states, just the delegates.

I’m not a big fan of democracy myself.  I vote because there is at least one other asshole out there who stands for everything I’m against.  Also, it’s not as if I can boycott government.  I’ve seen how that ends and it usually means an armed stand-off of some kind.

What Ted Cruz has done is basically brag about how he doesn’t give a flying flip about the average American voter and instead is willing to do anything to win, even engage in vote buying among Republican delegates.

But the states Cruz has won were by and large going to go for him anyway.  Colorado and Wyoming were not going to vote for Trump and Trump’s campaign knew that.

So really, there was no need for Cruz’s supporters to do all of this.  What had they to worry about?  Trump taking 5 of the 37 delegates in Colorado?  A state popular for legalizing Marijuana and the Denver Broncos?

What the RNC has done, in effect, is ensure that they will lose the general election should anyone but Donald Trump get the nomination.  Quite simply, Ted Cruz’s sleazy behavior first by declaring that Ben Carson wasn’t running when he was now by circumventing the will of voters to secure delegates he already won will only secure general distaste for Cruz.

The Republicans have run terrible candidates in the past two elections.  Candidates who have turned off many of the conservative base, among other potential voters, because they demonstrated open contempt for the people who were supposed to support.  McCain in 2008 voted for the Wall Street bailouts, something that goes against the free market ideals of many Republican voters, and Romney showed open contempt for conservatives by completely shutting out Ron Paul.

And now the Republican party is making the same mistake again by pushing Ted Cruz, a sleazy liar, on the their constituents because Trump can’t be bought.  They are pulling every dirty trick they can think, things usually reserved to Democrats.

But they remain completely oblivious to the damage they will do if they continue to subvert the will of the Republican voter in this manner.

Of course, if a brokered convention happens, Cruz would still lose.  All Trump has to do in that case is offer 10,000 dollars cash and a hat to the first 1,236 delegates who vote for him.  I doubt Cruz could meet that offer to more than 50 people.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Review of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”

This past weekend, I watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and I have to say that that I really enjoyed the movie overall.  It was, for the most part, put together well and gave us an ending that was surprising, to say the least.

Here’s a quick overview:

The Good

The movie has lots of action.  Zack Synder is very good at putting together insane action sequences that are mostly believable and, at the same, impossible to behold.  The fight between Batman and Superman, Batman’s attacks on various criminals, and the final battle were all the highlight of the movie.

The character of Bruce Wayne is given a brief introduction (in case you really don’t know the origin of Batman) and then we see the current timeline.  Bruce is a jaded superhero, consuming alcohol, abandoning his no-kill rule if he needs to, and generally cynical about everything.  He admits that he’s basically a criminal in the eyes of the public and we see a Robin costume in a display with a message from Joker, basically bragging about killing Robin.

Also, Wayne manor is burned out and both he and Alfred live in a guest house.

The introduction of Wonder Woman is subtle as well.  She doesn’t fully appear until the final fight, though her alter identity is used here and there.

Superman struggles with his identity as being essentially a god among men.  While there is some god-like symbolism in various scenes, he tries to portray himself as not a threat, which fails at nearly every turn thanks largely to Lex Luthor.

The Bad

The characterization of Lex Luthor is pretty weak.  He’s basically portrayed as a whiny millennial who hates Superman because he’s a hipster Atheist+ asshole.  He whole goal of killing Superman is largely because Superman’s very existence disproves his ideas about the existence of gods.

What I take issue with all of this is that in nearly all other portrayals, Lex Luthor is not a socially awkward faggot who can’t even make a proper keynote speech at his own goddamn party.  Instead, he’s a very reserved and intelligent man.  Kevin Spacy did an excellent job as Lex Luthor in Superman Returns.

The future-vision-as-a-dream-sequences in the movie should have been handled better.  The transition was abrupt and poorly executed.

The Ugly

The marketing department really screwed the pooch on the trailers.  They gave away the final villain and leaked out that Wonder Woman was going to be in the movie.  If they had kept a tight-ship and just implied that only Batman and Superman were going to be in the movie, there would have been a lot more surprises for the audience.

Also, it is implied that Darkseid is coming, but there isn’t much to go on if a person doesn’t know who he is.  Probably should have implied what was going on in Batman’s vision of the future.

Overall, this was an excellent movie, despite what critics say.  I know the movie is getting panned, but what they forget is that this is a superhero film where two of the biggest badasses in comic book history fight for the first time in live action.

I recommend every comic book fan go see it.  Comic book snobs, however, can go get swallowed up by their own asshole.

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