Friday, February 27, 2015

Complaints and Grievances Against the US Gov’t

The United States Federal government is out of control, out of its mind, and working on borrowed time.  Sooner or later, the sum total of the grievances of the American will come to a head and the country will descend into madness, secession, and dictatorship.

Here’s a short list of my grievances (compare them to the Declaration of Independence and you’d wonder why we didn’t bother overthrowing the whole lot of them decades ago):

  • They have devalued our currency to the point where it is no longer economically viable for the average American to get higher education or own a home without going into massive debt.
  • They have regulated our food to the point where the poorest among us are massively unhealthy and overweight thus creating more systemic problems for productive taxpayers who must foot the bill for their unhealthy lifestyles.
  • They set up rules in place to encourage police officers to confiscate all forms of legal tender that are in possession of a person without due process or even a search warrant.
  • They have taken our telecommunications networks and unlawfully collected data on everything that the American citizen does without a warrant.
  • They have failed to bring to justice bankers who have stolen literally trillions from the citizenry while continuing to incarcerate the average citizen for possessing small quantities of a substance determined to be not approved  by said government agency.
  • They have failed to audit the Federal Reserve, which is part of their duties as outlined in the Constitution.  Instead, they allow the Federal Reserve to do whatever it wants with the currency of the United States of America.
  • They have instigated, funded, and executed foreign wars over flimsy excuses which has lead to the direct deaths of many young Americans as well as thousands of foreign nationals.  They have failed to even write up proper declarations of war as outlined by the Constitution.
  • They have held common people in contempt of Congress for lying to them during Congressional testimonies, but failed to do so with their own bureaucrats.  Effectively, this means that Congressional oversight is a joke as they will not reign in those who outright lie to them and get caught in doing so.
  • They have taken over nearly every institution in the united states from education to marriage to clown cars and are effectively destroying them.  This is all done for the sake of a few large donors who would rather not be bothered with corporate competition.
  • They have taken over the Internet in the name of “neutrality” and “freedom” when both already existed without them.  They have no authority under the US Constitution to do this whatsoever.
  • They have regulated farmers out of their livelihood by fining them for production that they do not authorize while subsidizing them for not producing farming goods.
  • They constantly subvert the original contract of this United States and use rhetoric as a tool in order to win favor with the dumb masses.  This is not leadership, this is weaselship at its finest.

I’m sure there are plenty more.  But I think this is a good start.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Western Churches Need to Go All In With Regards to Marriage

So my father shared this article on Facebook today, which I read through and mostly agreed with.  I mean, I don’t consider gay marriage to be actual marriage either (because getting a man to have sex with you is easy and therefore not much of a challenge).

But Western Christendom has largely failed to maintain and uphold the sanctity of marriage for many reasons and all of these reasons could either be attributed to apathy, fear, or outright heresy.  Because I cannot think of anything else that would motivate someone to sell out what was originally a Church responsibility to a democratic republic.

Whenever marriage licenses were first issued, that was the beginning of the degradation of marriage as an intuition.  This is not because the government destroys everything it touches (although it generally does), but because once you made marriage a political issue rather than a religious one, you effectively opened it up to whims of the idiotic masses.

You know, the ones who can’t identify the Vice President or will sign petitions to move all Obamacare opponents to concentration camps?

Yes, most people are idiots.  Most people cannot comprehend cause and effect, otherwise they wouldn’t be leasing their BMWs or living in subsidized housing.

And so, we decided that the people would elect loud, obnoxious failed lawyers to determine what their morality would be when it comes to human sexuality, despite thousands of years of it being pretty much set in stone.  I mean from an evolutionary standpoint, being sexually deviant is a dead end really.

All this happened and the Church approved of it because outsourcing responsibility is a natural inclination of the human species.

That’s a summary of what happened really.  I’m sure there were some theologians and priests and pastors who spoke out against it, but most were mute as the people decided to keep those Mormons from engaging in polygamy.  Never-mind that polygamy is not explicitly forbidden in the Bible.

But here’s the deal: the modern Church is focusing on a controversial issue that is easy to condemn while forgetting the harder issues that are the real reasons for the decline in marriage in the United States.

Until the Church writ large decides to openly condemn no-fault divorce, alimony, child support, the usurpation of the husband as the head of the household, condemning women who divorce their husbands for anything other than physical adultery (porn doesn’t count), etc. then maybe, just maybe I can take our Christian leaders more seriously.

Until they start focusing on the right issues with regards to marriage, any complaints about gay marriage are just silly and stupid.  Gay marriage is the end result of decades of the Church’s own failure to reign in the culture and be the moral center of our society.  If you want to become the moral center again, you need to go all in.

Monday, February 23, 2015

No Cyberpunk Future

I don’t get why all these people think the future is cyberpunk.  I mean, I’ve seen some of the more common depictions of the genre in film and television and I’m not impressed.  I found the Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex series to be completely pretentious, confusing, and boring.  I mean, you have robots and cyborgs, but the climax of the story is resolved without any action?

Okay, I’m getting a little distracted already.  The point is that I keep seeing stories pop up about how we are going to put our human consciousness into a machine or we will download experiences directly into our brains.  And all this will happen within this century.

First of all, I cannot help but think that if someone were to place their consciousness inside a computer, someone else will pull the plug and never power it up again.  To me, you would be more vulnerable if you transferred yourself into a computer since the human body, though always decaying, is a very well built self-sustaining machine.

Secondly, putting your brainwaves in a computer reminds me of one of the plots of That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis.  A man is decapitated for murder but scientists take his head and keep it alive with machines.  However, the head is actually a puppet being controlled by demons to command the gullible scientists (a few know the truth).  I get a feeling that the same thing could happen here.

Lastly, the human body and brain is more complex than anything humanity has created thus far.  The genetic code is looking more and more like an actual programming language but instead of a sequence of 1s and 0s we have something more akin to base four calculations with sequences and variations that reach a complexity that most people cannot even begin to conceive of.

To top that off, the human brain is probably the most complex computer.  While it cannot exactly perform mathematics calculations in fractions of a second, it can think abstracting, find reason, and all the while keeping the rest of the body alive.  No machine we have created thus far comes close.

I am not trying to say that man won’t be able to feed experiences into the brain or be able to transfer his or her existence into machines.  I am just pointing out that things are not going to be as easy and straightforward as we would like to think.  Transcendence is not something humanity will achieve in the near future.

I am not a transhumanist, but I do not oppose the use of technology to live a better, longer life.  I don’t know why such things were cobbled together into an ideology that directly opposes Christianity (well, I do, but you get my point), but I don’t think technological advancement in any form is a bad thing.  It is always about how we humans use it.

So creating cyber limbs or finding a way to clone organs is not a bad thing in my mind.  Nor is trying to find a way to upload human experiences into the minds of others.  Experience would breed wisdom after all.  In theory anyway.

Christians are not opposed to scientific advancement, save a few of us who are flat out crackpots when it comes down to it.  We welcome anything that might extend our lives, keep us looking young, and improve our bodies to perform superhuman feats.

But we are not fools either.  We are dust and to dust we shall return.  Even if our bodies are mechanical, those too will rust, crumble, and break away eventually.  To think that immortality will be gained with technological advancement is a foolish thought, in the literal Biblical sense.

Because despite our best efforts, science still has not isolated the actual cause of death.  Only the factors that lead up to it.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Frozen Eggs for Bitter Career Women

There is nothing worse than the effects of feminism on display:

Human egg freezing is going mainstream. The biggest reason: it works. A handful of studies suggest the success rate for women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) is just as high when using frozen eggs as fresh ones. The results increase the flexibility and control women can have in their reproduction and their careers.

Men don’t have this luxury.  We are unable to have any reproductive rights whatsoever.

In fact, if a career woman decides to have a baby, unfreezes some of her eggs, fertilizes them with a sperm donor, will said donor be on the hook for child support?

He probably will be.  Hell, we now have a man being charged with child support for a kid who isn’t his.  So that wouldn’t even be a stretch.

As women get older, their fertility problems go up.  That is a fact.  And no, it isn’t just because of the aging eggs she has.  There are a lot of other factors in pregnancy which makes it dangerous later on in life for both the mother and the child.

This kind of attitude will backfire.  We already are seeing a generation of men raised by women.  Can you imagine a generation of men raised by older, bitter career women?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The New Saints of the Left: Transgendered

The Social Justice Warriors aka Low-Church Leftists aka Left-wing Pawns have lately taken up the cause of transgendered people.  The entertainment industry has followed suit with television shows taking a serious look at the issue to video games who feature such characters to transgender characters in fantasy table top games.

It has gotten worse.  With the Left, it always boils down to insults, death threats, and hatred being thrown at their opponents, even moderates.  I heard a story about a lesbian porn actress who does not do scenes with men at all and how she was asked to a scene with a pre-op transsexual male.  She refused because she likes her women dickless.  In response to this, many people started calling her “transphobic”.

Now, I’m not into porn.  I do watch id occasionally (in Churchianity terms, this is adultery although I consider a slip up of a fallen man), so I don’t know much about the industry itself.  But I would imagine that like any other business, the actors and actresses are offered money on a scaling system where freakier or rarer acts of sex are given more money.  My guess is that this actress would have been paid more to bang a dude with boobs but she outright refused because she doesn’t want to do it.

You know I like my women to come without dicks as well.  Does that make me transphobic?

Apparently it does.  In a video released by a gay movie reviewer on Channel Awesome, he explicitly stated that being shocked that a woman you are about to have sex with was a dude is transphobia.

I thought these social justice warriors believed that getting sex through fraudulent means was rape?  I mean, the state of New Jersey is seriously considering passing a law to this effect.

Oh wait, that only applies to ugly white men when they do it to slightly prettier women (usually white).

Look, I don’t care much for transgendered people.  I personally believe that if you are born a man or born a woman, no amount of mutilation or hormones can change your gender.  Yes there are cases where people are born genetically male but have female organs but those are rare occurrences.  In those specific cases, I would consider them to be female anyway since they usually have XXY instead of either XY or XX chromosome structures (if my high school biology classes were correct).

But people who intentionally destroy their bodies to try and pretend to be another sex are a whole other matter entirely.  I have pity for them.  I hope that they can overcome their insecurities through other means.

But at the same time, I don’t consider them saints.  But the Left does.  They are looked upon as the newly sacred minority class that we cannot criticize and must accept every crazy idea from.

Do not succumb to them in this endeavor.

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