Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Truth About the Secret Service (or "SS")

Recently, a man was able to jump the fence at the Whitehouse and get inside the building, having brushed off one secret service agent and overpowering another (female) agent in the process.  This has called into question the nature of the secret service, with some stating that they’ve only managed to stave off total disaster because of luck.

The Secret Service is by and large a joke really.  While there are few good agents who work there, like most law enforcement agencies, it has a bunch of opportunists and failures who could not work in the private sector.

Ironically, the Secret Service is also involved in investigating counterfeiting, which is basically taxpayers footing the bill for private enterprise.  In other words, the institution that creates and maintains the monopoly on currency in the United States, the Federal Reserve, is a private organization that enjoys the benefits of Presidential-level law enforcement to protect their assets (emphasis on “ass”).

So while they brutally maintain a monopoly on behalf of private individuals, they are totally inept at protecting the President.  Guess which objective is their top priority as an agency?

The truth about the Secret Service (or “SS” as they were called in Germany back in the 1930s) is that their protection of the President is really just for show.  For the most part, bodyguards are there to demonstrate that a man is protected.  It is a deterrent.

The ones who guard the Whitehouse gates and doors are probably little more than overpaid mall security guards.  I have my suspicions that they are given those positions because they are totally inept at just about ever other aspect of the job.  I suspect that their main job is to radio in and let the snipers on the roof take care of any disruptions.  And yes, there are snipers on the roof of the Whitehouse.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that this level of “protection” not extends to the Whitehouse but just about every other major Federal building in the country from the Capitol to the Pentagon.

Except for the Botanical Gardens.  You’re liable to get shot there if you reach for your pocket too quickly.  I can attest to this personally.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Fascination With Evil

I once heard a story from a pastor about a man who was confronted with a murderous dictator in a court proceeding.  The man proceeded to break down and cry because he “saw himself” in the man.

Such thinking is irrational at best.  The vast majority of us, though capable of murder, are not murderous.  If anything, it repulses us, especially as we get older.

I used to be intrigued by the stories of serial killers.  Now these stories affect me deeply, usually a combination of horror and sadness.  I think of the people these bastards have killed and I think of those who remain behind.

There is no reason to feel guilt over what others have done and no need to empathize with them.  Murder is evil, pure and simple and to compare yourself to a murderer is foolish.  I don’t understand why normal people think that they can relate to a murderer.

It doesn’t help that our society uses serial killers and other assorted wicked people for entertainment purposes.  How many cop dramas, among other genres, are out there where the most watched episodes involve some kind of wicked person.

It’s this sick obsession we have with death and those who issue it out without guilt or remorse that I find repugnant.  What’s worse is that we have movies where graphic details of torture and murder or shown to us.  Usually, the gravity of what is depicted is lost on audiences, mostly because the movie-makers are interested in morality but money.

I have no problem with the depictions of such people or the gruesome actions they do, but I think the gravity of who they are and what they did needs to be captured as well.  Otherwise we turn serial killers into anti-heroes and their victims are depicted as annoying people whose deaths are not something to be mourned.

In any case, I am finding myself more and more disgusted with all of this.  I don’t know if it’s because of me becoming a mature adult or because I am connecting with God in a way I haven’t before, but I just can’t stand such things anymore.

And I have trouble taking people seriously who watch these kind of shows and movies where the murderer is considered a hero or anti-hero while the victim is someone who deserves death.  The only people who deserve death are those who have been judged so as a matter of justice.  And that only applies when they themselves have murdered someone else.

This fascination with evil needs to stop.  We must hate it, hate everything about it, and focus on what is good.

Unfortunately, we are rapidly becoming a society that has forgotten about the nature of the fruit of the Tree that caused our fall in the first place.  Instead of making us knowledgeable about the difference between good and evil, we find ourselves not only ignorant of the difference, but indifferent of it as well.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Two Factions

You’ll often hear arguments from people stating that voting in the United States doesn’t matter because both parties are two sides of the same coin.  You’ll also hear that voting does matter because both the Republicans and Democrats represent very different ideologies.

I think it is a little more complicated than that because I believe that both arguments are correct, despite their inherent contradictions.  This is because I’m looking at a bigger picture than most people when it comes to voting and political parties in general.

From where I see it, most people who vote for a Democrat or a Republican do so with the intention of supporting someone who they perceive as upholding a certain ideology.  In other words, most individuals who vote are voting for their beliefs and they believe that the person they vote has those beliefs.

The truth is, most politicians are very pragmatic and opportunistic at the same time.  While they may be morons in a lot of things, they are masters of making a deal.  By that I mean that they are really good at working out an agreement with another party and gaining an edge of their own.  If the US haggled more, they’d convince most grocers to sell their stuff for a penny or less.

Because they are people of underhanded dealings and not people of honor or integrity, they have little use for ideologues or concrete political beliefs in general.  They see political ideals, such as Socialism or conservatism, as a means to an end: ensuring a solid voter base.

The mainstream voters for these candidates are fairly gullible as well.  They will often project their own views and beliefs onto the candidates they intend to vote for.  This is why you have pro-life voters supporting Republicans, despite their long track record of doing nothing about abortion, while you have various minority groups supporting Democrats despite Democrats being largely old, white former-segregationists.  In either case, these groups are projecting their beliefs onto a person who really doesn’t give a damn about their politics.

But what do politicians really want?  What are their beliefs, if they generally hold the ones they publicly support in such contempt?  The answer is that they believe in themselves.

A politician is generally a narcissist, like many who like the spotlight.  I remember a press corp. standing outside a room when, sure enough, some important Congressman or Senator came strolling out to greet them.  He was practically glowing with divine energy as he began to address the press about the innocuous and utterly meaningless agreement he has just brokered.  The deal itself didn’t matter really.  It was all about the limelight.

Politicians in both parties are brokers of power, pure and simple.  They make deals to enrich themselves.  That’s why if you ever want to further a cause, you will need a lot of money to coerce a politician into supporting you.  Gone are the days of grassroots influencing politicians.

The truth is, when you vote, you are just deciding which faction will have the most influence.  Ideology is not a factor, but the top donors are.  They are two sides of the same coin but they are also different in that they get support from different corporations and institutions.

Except, of course, the largest ones that can afford to give money to both parties.  They are the true masters of the government.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Contrarian Busybodies

They exist in their own world where everything that anyone else does is wrong no matter what and they are here to fix things.  If they believed in God, they’d believe that God put them on Earth to fix what is wrong with the world.

They go by different names as the time goes by.  This is usually because the names they use become derogatory, despite being positive and uplifting.  Ever wonder why the term “progressive” in the US is now a negative term?  Or liberal?  Hell, even Social Justice Warrior is becoming derogatory.

The main principle behind the contrarian busybodies is that they must defy everything that is mainstream or viewed as widely accepted.  Take any topic and they will bash the overlords in charge of it for some reason or another.

For example, the US now has a black President (he’s half-white, but that half doesn’t count).  Given that the majority of the US is white (like 70% or more last I checked), you would think that this would be an end to the charge of racism against whites.  But that hasn’t stopped.  Instead we see racial divisions ramped up.  These black teens running rampant, robbing stores and beating random people (usually white), is indicative of a racially disenfranchised group.

Video games have come under attack lately.  Certain groups of people with a huge chip on their shoulder have complained about the portrayal of women in video games.  Now, video games have been largely a boy’s or man’s hobby.  Most of the games that women play are the simple puzzle games like Tetris or Bejeweled.  And while men play them too, they tend to go for more interactive and immersive games.

So naturally women aren’t always portrayed as strong, independent females as dictated by the ancient tenants of the Goddess.  Never mind that there are depictions of strong female warriors dating back to Metroid for Nintendo (or possibly even further).  That doesn’t matter.

The point is that contrarian busybodies will never be happy or satisfied.  This is because their entire life is consumed by pride and envy, which cripples their thinking patterns and causes them to not process reality in the same way that most people do.  This wouldn’t be a huge problem except that they also tend to get into positions of power with the drive to implement their delusional policies and force everyone to follow suit.

There is no compromise with them.  Do not make any attempt to appease them.  They view it as a weakness, not as a kindness.  They view every action you take through the lens of their own narrow vision.  They are incapable of recognizing acts of kindness from people who do not agree with them 100%.  They view it as an attack because that is exactly how they would behave if the roles were reversed.

So have nothing to do with them.  If you are an employer, fire anyone who acts up demanding equal pay or more minorities in the office.  If you are a business person, consider dropping clients who work toward such things.  And if there is one in your family, don’t let them watch your children or spend the night in your house.

You will find that life is so much better without these miserable miscreants.  And a lot quieter too.

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