Monday, January 26, 2015

Selling Out Churches to Single Mothers

I was listening to a podcast from Bechtloff yesterday and he talked about something that I found extraordinary.  He discussed how the church does not properly deal with single motherhood and how he sees a greater problem with bastard children being raised by a mom than gays adopting.

This is a great example of the American church, that is the community of Christian believers in the United States of America, embracing single motherhood as a virtue rather than confronting it as a vice.  We have pastors across the nation teaching that women tame men.  That men need to “man-up” and marry these women no matter how damaged they are or used up they are.

That is the socio-sexual strategy of modern women, or at least the one that is encouraged by the elite and embraced by the church.  Have as much fun (i.e.. sex) as you can while you are in your 20s and then find a decent man to marry when you are older, less attractive, and possibly have a baby or two you need to take care of.

That’s a raw deal for any man if you ask me.  I know that the median partner count for women upon getting married is around four, but that is something that goes against nature.  Men naturally want to marry inexperienced women.  There’s no shame in that.  They naturally will pump and dump sluts.

This is a natural part of the male instinct to procreate.  I’m not saying that men should go and out and pump and dump as much as possible, but I am saying that we are better able to emotionally connect with a woman who has had no previous partners.  Especially younger men who are more likely to get married in the first place.

But these days women, at the behest of feminists, have declared that what was once considered normal is now considered to be oppressive and patriarchal.  Feminists themselves are a hate-filled lot who lack a sense of humor and have allowed envy to rule over their thought processes.  As such, they seek to destroy any expression of masculinity they can where ever they can because it is something they cannot do naturally.

Every boys club, every predominantly male activity must be infiltrated for the sake of the feminine, never mind that they destroy the feminine in the process.  This also applies to socio-sexual relations.

So we have an upside-down system of dating and marriage where men are given all the responsibilities but none of the benefits while women are given the benefits while avoiding the consequences.  If you want a real-world example of this (and didn’t bother to follow the link I provided above), look no further than reproductive rights.

Women have nearly every form of contraception available to them.  Besides condoms (which every single man must use during every sexual encounter, regardless of what she says she does), men have no real alternative.  Women have pills, meshes, and just about everything else you can think of to allow them to avoid pregnancy.

Yet single motherhood is on the rise.  Well, at least it has skyrocketed in the past several decades.  These days it is considered perfectly normal when in the past it was something to be ashamed of.

And churches are all too willing to clump such women into the same category as widows when widowhood is a condition that women cannot control where as single motherhood is something that can be controlled.  So the church has willingly embraced irresponsibility in order to curry favor with their largest group of donors (women attend more church than men).

Nationwide, the American church is for sale.  Their moral compass skews in favor of those who provide the most donations.  Any pastor willing to stand up against sluts and single mothers will find himself attacked by Team Women for oppressing them.  The wagons will circle and that pastor will either have to apologize or face excommunication from his own congregations.

And all for the simple crime of pointing out what the Bible says with regards to sexual immorality.

Is it any wonder why I’d rather not become a pastor?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

David Ricardo and the Rise of Jihad

The rise in Jihad can be directly attributed to David Ricardo’s Comparative Advantage theory.  For those of you who have no idea what I’ve just said, let me break it down for you.

The theory of comparative advantage is the theory that free trade allows for more goods and services in the market than were possible with trade restrictions.  The idea is that you have country ‘A’ which can produce good ‘X’ and good ‘Y’ while country ‘B’ can produce good ‘X’ and good ‘Y’ at a much lower rate and quality.  So instead of both countries producing both goods, country ‘A’ produces only product ‘X’ while country ‘B’ produces only product ‘Y’.  The net result is significantly more products for both countries.

That’s the theory anyway but keen readers will be able to see the fallacies in the logic.  For those who can’t understand economics very well or mathematics, it is a simple matter of adding more countries and more products that causes the theory to break down.  Whenever you replace a constant with a variable, you get unpredictable results.

As a real world example, look at China’s current production.  The common Chinese citizen is very poor compared to the US yet they produce tons of products for the US to purchase.  On top of that, the citizens work for much less than Americans will work for, so Chinese companies can cut the prices since they don’t have to cover labor charges as much.  Labor costs are the largest expense of private enterprise.

So most of production moves overseas rather than here at home and we end up with shittier products (“Made in China” usually means garbage).

How does this apply to Jihad?  Well, the answer is simple really.

The theory of comparative advantage also doesn’t account for the structure of foreign governments and cultures.  It just assumes all things are equal and that everyone wants to trade freely with everyone else.  You know, that eternal optimism that everyone wants to just get along.

It was this misguided optimism that caused many companies to stop drilling in the United States for oil and start importing oil overseas into the US.  It was cheaper to get oil from the Middle East.  And oil is a commodity that is in high demand in the Western world.

So with all that oil flowing from the Middle East and all that money flowing back to an elite few, the opportunities for the rise of Jihad in those regions was inevitable.  With powerful financial backers, various terrorist groups now saw that they had the means to inflict serious harm on the corrupt Western civilization.

And so we have modern terrorist organizations killing people in the name of a god who cares nothing for them (seriously at least Jesus did something for mankind, Allah seems fairly benign).  They have financial backers such as Saudi princes whose oil money funds their operations against Israel, the US, and Western Europe.

Economics is never an exact science, but when it comes to praxeology, one should never discount it when looking at human behavior.  If the US had stuck to drilling at home rather than importing oil, I suspect that many of these Islamic terrorist organizations would have had much less of an impact on world events.

Understand that this is not the only reason for the rise of Jihad, just one that I believe is overlooked because it destroys the narrative of the neo-Keynesians, the Monetarists, and the Austrian economists alike.  Nearly all of them depend on free trade in some form or another to justify their economic theories.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Divorce Plan

Nobody really ever wants to get divorced.  Well, statistically speaking, most husbands don’t want to get divorced as anywhere from 60% to 90% of all divorces are initiated by wives.  But it can happen to just about any man, regardless of whether or not you have a stable marriage.

The only real solution is to have plan of some kind.  Some procedure you can implement in case of a divorce.  And it has to be one that is well-thought out.  Here are some of my suggestions:

  • If your wife ever threatens divorce, call her bluff.  If she begins to execute divorce proceedings, then you were headed in that direction anyway.  Women will often times focus their primary emotion into some kind of weird mission.  If it happens to be hatred for her husband, then it will lead to divorce.  You cannot stop her.  Don’t try.
  • Fight for your children.  Just because she has given up on your marriage and you have given up on it as well doesn’t mean you get to let her stomp all over you with your children.  If you have them, fight for full custody.  A divorce is basically a contract renegotiation.   Don’t be afraid to aim for the moon on this.  Concede nothing to her until she provides a favorable deal for you.  Remember, the goal her is not to deprive her of children who are just as much hers as they are yours, but to ensure that she doesn’t use them against you.
  • Don’t be afraid to call her out in court and meetings.  If you have documented any misbehavior, from child neglect to adultery, use it against her.  She would do the same to you in a heartbeat.  You are not married anymore.  This is the concept of leverage.
  • Do your best to not have any child support or alimony payments.  Use any form or rhetoric or blackmail you can against her to stop this.  We live in a modern (or post-modern or post-post-modern) age where women are supposed to be strong and independent.  What kind of strong and independent woman demands alimony and child support?  One who is incapable of taking care of herself and her children.
  • Do not hook up with her at all during the proceedings.  Sometimes women will use their sexuality to gain an advantage.  There is a reason that prostitution is the world’s oldest profession.  Women trade their sex for goods and services with men.  The prostitute just happens to be more honest about it.
  • Once separation has begun, document every interaction you have with your spouse.  Even small talk.
  • If she makes any claims of abuse, demand documented proof.  Hold the judge’s feet to the fire if they believe her.  Have your lawyer find a new venue if necessary.  Fire your lawyer if he or she is unable to work around this.
  • If you have a prenup, make sure she sticks to it.  Women these days are always looking for ways around it by claiming things like signing it under duress and other nonsense.  Like they lack any sense of self-awareness or moral agency.
  • Finally, meet up with men who have been divorced online.  They will probably have loads of advice and things to avoid or do when getting divorced.

I don’t plan on getting divorced.  But that’s me.  My wife could suddenly change her mind and there is not a damn thing I can do about it.  I will not grovel at her feet to stay with me.  I’m better than her and if I get divorced from her, I will come out on top with a better life.

So don’t be afraid of it.  Make a plan and stick to it.  Because disaster preparedness is always a necessary thing.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Just a Tourist

And then God answered Job in the whirlwind.  Well, it wasn’t an answer so much as a declaration of how insignificant Job was in comparison to God.  And it was God’s way of saying that Job has no case against God; that no matter how obedient he was, it didn’t matter.

Obedience is all that God asks of us.  It is a hard thing really.  To be obedient to God means you have to not sin or acknowledge His cosmic loophole.  The former is impossible for everyone, the latter is next to impossible for many people.

In our pride, our arrogance, we think that we can control the outcomes of our lives, take hold of our destinies, and change the world for the better.  Yet we can barely control when our next bowel movement is or the rate of our heartbeat.

Many people overcompensate.  They find themselves trying to control the external things like what we eat, how we dress, or what we drive.  We build civilizations for comfort and then destroy them in that comfort.  We find ourselves struggling each day yet living a life of contentment.

Mankind is a strange collection of contradictions.  We live each thinking we will live on yet we know our deaths are inevitable.  We believe we have cracked the mysteries of the universe only to not understand why things are the way they are.

I find myself wondering what life would have been like if I had done things differently.  But then I cannot change what has been done any more than I can control my need to breath air.  Yet the sadness still remains.  What could have been will only lead to more sadness at a loss of what was.

So I find myself at a weird place that nobody really seems to understand.  Everyone else is just as selfish and self-absorbed as I am I suppose.  It’s the human condition I guess.

But I try.  I try to make things better for myself.  I try to make things better for my son.  And I try to gain a better relationship with my wife.  Because if I give it all up, then I am just a failure.

I suppose none of that will matter too much in the end.  I won’t be remembered by anyone beyond my own family and the few friends I have.  And they’ll all die and I’ll just some ancestor to someone just as mediocre and introspective.

Wisdom is a curse in this way.  You begin to see things in a much more long-term perspective, longer than what most people are used to.  It is no wonder that Solomon called most of life a chasing after the wind.

I wonder if God even notices me most of the time.  I wonder if it even matters to Him.  Still I will do my best to not provoke Him to anger and hope that He allows me to remain with Him in the end.  Maybe I can get a nice house there with tons of books.  Maybe I’ll just explore the world, His creation, and perhaps even travel beyond all of this to see what else was made besides all of this.  For now, my curse prevents me from doing so in a thorough manner.

I’m just a tourist after all.

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