For the English Impaired

Thursday, April 24, 2014

On the Diminishment of Man

Man has been diminished.  What I mean by this is that in Western culture, we see humanity diminished in favor of concepts such as “democracy”, “equality”, and “animal rights”, among so many others.  One could argue that this comes from a sense of humility in the grand scope of the universe, but I believe this is a false humility.

What I mean is that human kind is different than the animals or the plants or any other thing on this world, living or otherwise.  We are a cut above the known, visible world.  We can think on levels that not even Gorillas can dream of.  We are capable of complex thought patterns.  We can just barely perceive the origins of things and of knowing exactly what makes life tick.  No other animal is even close to this.

Most people would agree that we are superior to animals, despite our physical inferiority to most other animals.  At the same time, the West has believed that we are animals despite observable evidence to the contrary and that we are a virus on the planet.  Interesting dichotomy, isn’t it?  That we are animals yet not a natural part of this world.

This is one of the most damaging ideals that our corrupt culture has ever produced.  In the decades that such a notion has taken hold of the mainstream masses, we have seen a general sense of loss and hopelessness that has not been observed in hundreds, if not thousands of years.  Losing one’s own sense of self has a tendency to do that I suppose.

There are millions of Americans taking anti-depressants.  The vast majority of them could be taking a sugar pill and not notice a damn difference.  Despair is, by and large, a spiritual disease.  And if spiritual diseases could be fixed by a drug, Jesus would have started a pharmaceutical company.

The point is, we have diminished what it means to be human.  We know that something is wrong but we do not recognize the problem for what it truly is: a spiritual or soul sickness.  Most of us embrace it and live for the moment, trying to capture the happiness emotion by any means necessary.  Indeed, the core of the moral code for the secularist is the pursuit of happiness no matter the cost to others or yourself.

But happiness is only one emotion.  There are others.  There is fear, anger, hope, passion, joy, frustration, and sadness.  There are so many others.  They are the experiences that help us to properly process the world around us.  Pursing positive emotions, however, is a symptom of the spiritual sickness.

That sickness is the loss of our place in this world.  We have lost our sense of what it means to be human, to be a man and to be a woman.  It is more than just making money or having a family or going to church or whatever else we do.  We are created in His image, which makes us special in comparison to all creation.

He made us a part of Creation but set us apart for some higher purpose.  I do not know the entirety of that purpose and have had only glimpses of what His plans are.  I wish I knew more, but He has not revealed it to me.  I don’t believe that Rick Warren has it entirely right though when he claims that we are meant to solely worship and obey God.  I get a sense that this is the default position, one that is expected of us regardless of whatever else we do.  I believe that there is more to our existence than that.

In any case, we have lost our sense of who we are in this world because we have lost our connection with God.  We are born into sin and, as such, are separated from God at birth long before we are separated from our mothers.  God separates Himself from that which he finds abominable and so we lose that connection.

With the widespread belief that religion is private matter, compartmentalized and boxed in only to be opened on a Sunday (or Saturday) where we sing praises we don’t mean because we really want the emotional high rather than the spiritual one, it is no wonder that the Western man is a shell of what he could be.

The only thing that can be done is to fight back against the forces of death and destruction.  They are rampant though and can be seen in every form of entertainment and at all levels of government.  The fleshy beings of this world hate everything.  They view themselves as unworthy of love and as such will murder anyone who behaves otherwise.

Those of us who still believe in the sanctity of life because we love God more than our own lives are the ones who will be targeted.  But we must stand against such monsters and actively defy and attack them.  Civilization depends on us uprooting the evil among us and making the good acceptable again.

Monday, April 21, 2014


I don’t have all the answers.  I’ve tried to get them all.  I have maybe 1% of all the answers, but I doubt I am even close to that given all the questions out there.

Here’s a short list of things I just don’t comprehend:

  • I don’t understand why people aren’t angrier at the Federal government for selling our children and grandchildren as collateral for their loans.
  • I don’t understand why people don’t demand that the Federal government purge their own holdings in Federal debt.  The Federal government itself is the largest holder of the National debt.
  • I don’t understand why people want to feel safe.  It’s feeling safe and actually being safe two separate things?  I mean, if you owned a gun, your house could still be robbed at gunpoint and you’d fail at either getting your gun or shooting the thug in your home.
  • I don’t understand why human life isn’t appreciated more.
  • I don’t understand why there is no food in the Walking Dead.  I mean, the zombies are slow and unable to catch up with regular humans, unless they are in groups.  Animals could run laps around them and not get caught.  Seriously, I doubt there wouldn’t be much game to hunt in that world.
  • I don’t understand why people continue to believe in more government solving any problems at all.  It is clear based on historical observations that government only exacerbates problems or just flat out creates them.
  • I don’t understand how fining poor people for not having healthcare will somehow make it affordable.  I know from experience that premiums have gone up not down.
  • I don’t understand how why sitcoms are still popular.
  • I don’t understand why so many people think they cannot live without both parents working full-time.
  • I don’t understand why women suffer from envy.
  • I don’t understand why men suffer from lust.
  • I don’t understand why black people keep on harping about slavery and Jim Crow when neither institution has existed in the US in decades and it was white people who ended both.  In the former case, hundreds of thousands of white people died to end it.
  • I don’t understand why so many Leftists get into top entertainment organizations.  And software companies.  Where did the libertarians go?
  • I don’t understand why the Bible stopped with Revelations.  There is so much more that could have been recorded following Acts.  For that matter, why did the Jews stop recording things following the return to Israel after their exile?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The State vs. Cliven Bundy

I haven’t discussed the Bundy Ranch incident on my blog here because I just haven’t had the time.  In reality, I have been greatly concerned for the Bundy family and their well-being as I am sure now the Federal government wants them all dead a la Ruby Ridge or Waco.

And no, I am not joking when I say that.  What happened last week was nothing short of a humiliation for the Federal government and demonstrated that all that needs to happen to defeat tyranny is for a few good people to put their lives on the line.

When I first heard the story, I knew that the Feds’ claim about protecting turtles or tortoises was complete and utter horseshit.  I knew that there was something else going on.  That dirty money was being used to make certain friends richer at the expense of a rancher.

And lo and behold if Senator Harry Reid did not show his true colors once people really start looking into it.  It is clear that this is nothing short of cattle rustling being employed by a prominent United States senator and his wormy son.  A crime, by the way, which warranted the death penalty back in the day.

I don’t know Cliven Bundy.  I hardly know anything about his land, his way of life, or his ideals.  He could be a hardcore communist for all I care.  That doesn’t matter.  What matters is that it was his cattle and he was allowed to have them graze on that land longer than the Federal government has had nukes.

Suddenly, the Federal government decided that all of that land was theirs without so much as any compensation for the true owners, the ranchers of Nevada.  They then had the gall to charge them for using that land.

Such is the behavior of tyrants, not “public servants.”  Hell, even an enlightened despot would not do something like this.

This case illustrates why I believe that the Federal government should be completely disbanded, its assets seized, and all its leaders be exiled to Haiti.  They no longer operate on behalf of the American citizen but in spite of him or her.

I know that sounds extreme and a few years ago I would have argued that things can be fixed.  But they cannot.  The Federal government is too corrupt, too rotten, and too powerful to ever be fixed by the actions of a group of angels.  And since we are short on angels as it stands, I have my doubts that any man or group of men could do much better.

With each passing year, more laws, more mandates, more inflation, and more downright corruption appears.  And just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, it does.

It is high time we broke up the nation, dissolved the United States government, and had a peaceful divorce.  Of course, such things are never peaceful or pleasant for anyone.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Saving Civilization: Restorative Justice

Modern society is collapsing as it is criminalizing everything.  The justice system is overwhelmed with people who are accused of breaking laws that getting a speedy trial, despite being a right, is now a mathematical impossibility.  An argument could be made that too many laws is a violation of the Constitution as it hampers the right to a speedy trial.

The reason behind this is because our culture has lost sense of what real justice is.  To us, justice is about punishing lawbreakers by locking them up in prison or a mental ward or, in rare cases, putting people to death.  To us, justice can only be served through the judicial process.

But what if true justice had nothing to do with the government?  What if a society that recognizes true justice as being about restitution rather than simply punishment?

True justice is about restitution being made for an infringement on another person’s life or property.  By property, I mean something physical that someone owns.  Ideas are not property.  Claiming ownership of an idea does not mean you get to keep it from another person.  But that is another topic.

So what does restitution look like?  As an example, let me share you something from my own life.  Back when I was in college, I would work golf course maintenance in the summer to earn some money.  One day, my boss told me to clean the bathrooms at the shack.  I didn’t do it at the time.  In effect, I had stolen from the company I worked for by not doing what I was being paid to do.  The next day, I was of course given a very nasty “talking” to.

So what did I do?  I simply clocked out and proceeded to clean the bathroom on my own time.  This was because I owed them that labor.  In effect, I was providing restitution for a wrong I had committed as a matter of justice.  My boss had not told me to clock out.  Indeed, I don’t think he could legally tell me to both clock out and clean the bathroom as that might violate the thirteenth amendment (you know the slavery one).  But I believed that I owed my own time and labor to the company I worked for because I had stolen it from them the previous day.

This is not bragging on my part.  This is simply a story to illustrate what real justice is about.  Was I punished?  In a sense I was.  But that punishment was merely a side-effect of the true purpose of what I was doing.

When Moses laid out the law for the Israelites, a key feature of this law was that justice was restorative and that human life was sacred.  You always repaid your fellow man for damage that you caused in some way and you were always held liable for a person’s death, regardless of whether or not it was an accident.  The restitution for lost property was usually payment.  The restitution for rape was usually death or forced marriage without hope of divorce along with a dowry payment to the parents of the rape victim.  A murderer had to flee to a sanctuary city or face death at the hands of his victim’s relative and may face death if two or three credible witnesses confirmed the murder was intentional for there was no word for manslaughter among the ancient Hebrews.

It wasn’t a perfect system.  It had if flaws but a key feature of justice was about restitution rather than simply punishment.  The modern world has no sense of justice, I would argue, only punishing people who commit crimes as defined by the State.

And there are numerous laws to break.  Some have said that everyone commits at least three felonies everyday.  Should we all be locked up in prison then?

Prison has become it’s own industry these days.  In the old days, it was merely a holding place for you while they handled your case.  Gradually, it became the new way of “restitution”.  But tell, how is locking up someone for snorting cocaine restorative justice?  Provided that person has not damaged another person’s property or killed anyone, nothing is being restored in this case.  We are merely destroying his or her life because we simply did not like them engaging in their vice.

I remember what Tom Woods, Jr. said about locking people up for marijuana.  He basically said that we are condemning a pot smoker to be raped simply because we don’t like them smoking pot.  That is what happens in prisons these days.  People are murdered.  People are raped, either by other prisoners or by guards themselves.  Gang activity is a necessity in order to survive in some cases.  And let’s not forget that most prisons still are able to get drugs inside, in many cases the very crimes that most people are in there for in the first place.

The natural reaction to this is to desire stricter prisons.  And while that is a solution, maybe the solution is that most people shouldn’t be going to prison in the first place.  If most crimes focused on property rights violations, then the laws would be changed to reflect restitution rather than imprisonment.  If a thief gets caught, he must repay all the people he has stolen from along with a little extra for their troubles.

But then how do we deal with the loss of human life?  The problem is that human life is not something you can simply place a price on.  It is one of the few sacred things in this world, despite how regularly it is discarded in the civilized and uncivilized world alike.

From my view, if a person is murdered, that is intentionally killed, then the perpetrator or perpetrators need to be put to death.  However, if a person is accidentally killed and a person is found to be liable, then he or she needs to make restitution to the relatives in some way.  This might entail providing for a widow who has lost her primary means of support as an example.  It is hard to say really.

Our current system of justice, however, seems to reflect something else entirely though: it is a system that punishes people for things that most people don’t like.  It has absolutely nothing to do with morality or justice for that matter, but simply whatever the majority of people don’t like.

What needs to happen in order to fix this is for our culture to shift away from seeing justice as a means to do away with trivial behaviors we don’t like and to focus instead on restitution for real crimes.  This is not something that can be done through government as government profits from two things: war and crime.  No, it will take more than just a simple law or politician to change things.  It takes a huge shift in attitude, something which I don’t think many people are willing to push.

But true justice in this world is about restitution and holding human life sacred.  Ask yourself, does the system I live under reflect that or pervert it for it’s own purposes?