Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Delightful Life

He sat alone in his living room of his one bedroom condo.  His recliner was positioned perfectly to his flat-screen television.

He was binging on a Netflix show.  It was a show about a lawman in a remote area of the country dealing with crime.  He was amazed at how picturesque the landscape was and he wondered if he could live there.

In his 40s, having been married and divorced with no children, he realized there wasn’t much holding him back from attaining such a delightful lifestyle.  His life in the city-suburb where he currently lived was far too complicated for his tastes.

He had bills, traffic, deadlines, health issues, and unnecessary responsibilities.  He had alimony, a mortgage, and a career.

But he thought about it all.  He could conceivably work from home, provided his company gave the blessing to do so.  He wasn’t going to be working for much longer anyway, so if his company fired him, he would just be stranded in a remote location with little to no bills.  And he’d consider it early retirement.

So he did the math in his head, went to his computer, and, after checking out a couple of porn videos, found a nice, small house in a rural town that was in the middle of the woods but not too far from a town which provided everything he’d ever need.

The next day, he proposed to his superiors that he should work remotely.  While they mulled that over, he went about the processing of purchasing the cabin, which was much cheaper than his overpriced condo.

Within a couple of months, everything was approved, signed, packed, and otherwise accounted for.  He found himself on a moving truck driving a few hours away from the city-suburb he felt he had wasted so much time in.

The small house had a couple extra rooms, so he set up a home office, a living room, a dining room, and a bedroom.  Once his condo sale had gone through, he had no mortgage anymore, just an electricity bill and the annual government rent payment.

There was Internet access, although it took him a week or so to get it working.  Technicians rarely make those long trips.

But after another week of effort, he finally had everything he needed set up.

And so, in the early Spring, he started his delightful life.

But as the Spring season raised the temperature of the air, so too it brought all kinds of insects. He found himself fighting off ants, centipedes, spiders, and other assorted intruders in his fortress of solitude.  He was certain that he once swallowed a centipede in his sleep, but he wasn’t sure.

Then the mice invaded his kitchen.  He never had trouble with mice in his condo, but this time he found himself buying traps at the local Wal-Mart.

These were those wonderful “humane” traps which caused the mouse to get stuck on a sticky pad and starve to death.  He found himself crushing their heads with his boot because he couldn’t stand to see them suffer.  The first time was grueling and horrible.  But he got used to it eventually.

He found himself getting less sleep as time went on.  With many of the local birds returning from their winter migrations, they sang happily at all hours of the night and he could just not quite get used to their sounds.

His work suffered as well.  His Internet connection was pretty decent but it would often times go down, sometimes when he was engaged in a remote meeting.  The outage would sometimes last hours at a time and he would find himself working late nights just to make up the lost time.

As Spring brought forth Summer, he found that the heat was unbearable.  His house didn’t have much of an air conditioning system, just a window device in his bedroom, so he had windows open and lots of fans running.  At least he didn’t have to dress professionally for work.

On top of that, the mosquitos started to swarm and somehow found their way inside, in spite of his best efforts to keep them out.

Then, in early August, he awoke to see a massive wasp nest outside his bedroom window.  Already the wasps were trying to get into his bedroom through the screen.  The mere sight of those devilish beasts freaked him out and he immediately sought an exterminator, not wanting anything to do with them.

By the middle of September, the weather started to cool and the insect problem gradually went away.  But heating his house proved to be problematic as well, since his heating system was old.  He found that chopping wood and keeping his fireplace going became a regular thing.  Good thing that firewood was plentiful.

Until the wintertime.  In early December, he ran out of wood to chop.  He didn’t dare try and cut down a tree on his property, largely because he figured he smash his home.  So he found himself going into town and buying as much firewood as he could.

His old Sedan was able to carry all that he needed, so he decided to buy a nice, big truck.  Between that, the flannel, the boots, and the long underwear, he was becoming more and more rugged everyday.

And he hated it.  He missed consistent Internet connectivity.  He missed being around people.  He missed not having to kill helpless mice, not having to start a fire, and, above all else, he missed just dropping his trash off in a dumpster, as trash pick-up consisted of him picking it up and taking it to a dump that was an hour away.

By the end of winter, he made a decision: he would move back.  And so, having saved a bunch of money from living so frugally in his remote home, he was able to buy a small condo back near his old dwelling, this one within walking distance of his office.

He kept the home, but converted it into a vacation home and rented it out to vacationers who wanted the mountain experience, but only temporarily.

After five years of buying his delightful life, he was summarily let go of his employment.  But, between the severance, the money provided by his rental, and his own savings, he considered it early retirement.

And his life was delightful.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Racist Facts

The following facts are considered racist by proponents of the Narrative:

  • Higher IQs do not make for superior traits in human beings
  • George H. W. Bush ran as a pro-choice Republican in 1980 against Ronald Reagan.
  • Laura Bush is secretly pro-choice.
  • Israeli nationalism is the only acceptable form of nationalism for white people.
  • The creator of Conan was Robert E. Howard who blew his brains out at age 30 after he found out his mother was dying.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. enjoyed having orgies.
  • President Lincoln wanted to deport all freed slaves to Africa.
  • The only reason that West Virginia exists is because there were a group of Virginians who didn’t want to leave the Union but also wanted to keep all their slaves.
  • Inflation happens in modern society because people are greedy and want to buy cars and homes long before they should do so.
  • Modern colleges are nothing more than overpriced daycare centers in many cases.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and many other mainstream social media services are nothing more than Left-wing propaganda tools.  The fact that conservative or right-wing content gets through is merely a lack of manpower on their part.
  • The average IQ of a criminal is 85.
  • Low-IQ correlates with high time preference.  There are exceptions, however, as I once saw an obese man who drove a Hybrid car with a Mensa bumper sticker.
  • Atheist leaders have murdered more people in the last century than all the Christian leaders since the death of Christ Himself.
  • Islam is by far the most violent religion in the world these days, mostly because its form of evangelism is done by the literal sword rather than the sword from Jesus’ mouth.
  • Pretty much all the high-IQ people from the third-world have already immigrated to Western nations.
  • Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is not a libertarian.
  • AIDS has yet to spread to the heterosexual community in any meaningful way.
  • Your sex is determine by your genetics.  You are either XX or XY and there are only a handful of people in the world who are not.  Nothing you do can change this.
  • Karl Marx had a sex slave.
  • Not all religions are equal.
  • White people built modern civilization.
  • Donald Trump will not save the United States.
  • A woman cannot be a mother and a career woman at the same time.
  • A father should have custody rights in a divorce proceeding by default.
  • Most men aren’t rapists.
  • Most women have not been raped.
  • Most social justice warriors are pedophiles or supporters of pedophilia.
  • MMR Vaccines caused autism in black children.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Libertarianism vs. Anti-Utopianism

I have stated in the past that I am anti-Utopian but not libertarian.  I think the difference needs to be spelled out as I do have many libertarian leanings but I ultimately cannot bring myself to aspire to the title.

Firstly, libertarianism requires a certain level of optimism about human nature, much like communism does.  It believes that if many of the restrictions that the government places on human beings are lifted, then people will behave in a rational and responsible manner.

The trouble with this premise is that man is not a rational creature but a rationalizing one.  There are very few individuals in the world whole view it through the scope of pure rational thinking and usually they are so socially autistic, most people write them off.

Personally, I don’t know what the obsession is with rational thinking to begin with.  Irrational thinking is no more a sin than rational thinking a virtue.  They are simply two different modes of processing information in the world.

That being said, libertarians like hold themselves up as paragons of rational thinking to the point of foolishness.  In many cases, they assume falsely that all human beings are equal, that racial and sex differences don’t matter, and that everyone in the world yearns for freedom, they merely lack the means to do so.

Truth be told, human beings are perfectly comfortable with the path of slavery, provided the slave master doesn’t oppress them too much.  It took decades of oppressive slavery in Egypt before the Israelites finally rallied behind Moses and left that country to form their own, as an example.

As an anti-Utopian, I share the view that government should be minimal or eliminated (either way works for me) but because human beings are rationalizing creatures rather than rational creatures.  Because no matter who is in charge, you will always have a rationalizing sociopath or psychopath at the top running things.  Less government is preferable for no other reason than to limit the scope and reach of those kind of people.

Secondly, libertarians tend to derive their moral worldview from economics.  I’ve heard so many talk about how free trade would bring peace to the world, failing to recognize that the world has scarce resources and sometimes people want to violently seize those resources.

It’s like they have a complete denial of original sin or the seven deadly sins or any other real vice that we suffer from.  Greed and envy are usually the primary drivers behind war, not lack of free trade.  This is a level of magic thinking that is on par with modern cultural Marxists really whose own dogma seems to be that less white, straight, Christian men will lead to global world peace.

I believe that while free trade is a noble goal, it is a foolish one.  We have had a couple of decades of free trade with many nations now and all we have to show for it is the rust belt.  I know, many libertarians will argue that the US didn’t implement it right.

But that’s like saying the Soviet Union didn’t do communism right.

Instead, we should be mindful that other nations do not think as we do, even white European nations.  That we have our ways of preferable governance and they have theirs.  And that you will have to engage in some form of restrictive trade in order to maintain domestic stability in the job market.

Thirdly, libertarians have their priorities mixed up.  They advocate for things like open borders and drug legalization over and above advocating for a deregulated market and an end to the welfare state.

Open borders is really a pie-in-sky fantasy world.  The only feasible way that such a world would exist is if all nations decided to adhere to the libertarian principles and abolished their governments in favor of private markets for everything.  When that happens, open borders isn’t even an issue because, guess what, there are no more goddamn borders anymore anyway.

Drug legalization is something I agree with.  I think too many resources have been used to focus on activities that I don’t consider crimes.  I agree with libertarians that crimes should only be when an individual takes away another individual’s life, liberty, or property through force or fraud.  This is because I believe true justice is about restitution, not punishment.

The trouble is, legalizing drugs only further enables a regulated market and the welfare state.  The welfare state will be further abused to enable the moochers to sit at home and enjoy their cocaine whilst getting their monies in the mail from the ever shrinking productive class.

Only when the welfare state is more or less dismantled and the labor market fully deregulated will drug legalization make any kind of sense.  At that point, using drugs will require you to deal with the consequences of your bad decisions and there’s a better chance you’ll do it rationally.

Lastly, libertarians seem to have a huge boner for democracy and the democratic process.  What they fail to acknowledge is the fact that the Libertarian party never even comes close to a majority, that most people disagree with them, and that libertarianism can exist in a nation that isn’t a democracy or republic.

In fact, I’d argue that peasants in feudal Europe during the Middle Ages had more rights and protections than the average US citizen does today.  And an abusive government was often met with the end of a pistol or rapier during those times as well.  We do know that the largest massacres in those times occurred at the hands of foreign invaders and diseases but not at the hands of their own governments, unlike today.

My view is that humanity is largely stupid, irrational, and easily driven to violence.  I don’t hold out hope that this is going to change if we stop spanking our children, ensure that boys keep their foreskins, or eliminate all forms of government.

But it is precisely this view which leads me to many of the same conclusions as libertarians.  Because in the end, we really don’t want a stupid, irrational, and insanely violent group of people ruling over us.  Best to play it safe and limit the power and scope of government.

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Mammoth in the Elephant’s Room

Whenever you hear of a conservative or Republican who wants to highlight the failings of liberalism or Democrats, they often cite certain cities of proof of their destruction.  Mainly Detroit is cited, but Chicago and Philadelphia have also been cited.

While it is true that Socialist policies have been in place in many of these cities for a long time now, they always overlook another factor that has, by and large, been right in front of them.  And it is hard to ignore when you cite other locations where liberal policies have not lead to the destruction of those areas like the New England states and many others.

The cities that are falling apart are largely populated by minorities, specifically blacks.  Now, I know, that seems racist and it probably is (I really don’t care what people think of me), however, there are cities with large populations of blacks which are not falling apart.

It is hard to ignore the racial factors when it comes to Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc. when it comes to their rampant crime, drug use, and the crumbling infrastructure.  But conservatives tend to do it along with Republicans.  They use the “liberal policies” rhetoric to justify it.

When it comes to racial IQ make-up, blacks have below average in comparison to whites and East Asians.  What this means is that blacks are more likely to have high time-preference.  Combine high time-preference with liberal policies and the result is the destruction of an existing civilization and an entire group of people reduced to their barbaric roots.

Yes, liberal policies didn’t do the black man much good in Detroit.  But neither did many of the conservative policies like free trade.  Without jobs and an overly generous welfare program, people with lower-IQs did what came naturally: enjoyed the moment without regard for the future.

This doesn’t happen in states where liberal policies are etched in golden tablets populated primarily by whites.  You don’t hear about how Vermont is deteriorating into a third-world hellhole.  Or Maine.  Or most of New York (New York City is debatable as some areas are still nice to live and work in if you can afford it).

No, in the liberal enclaves populated by lower-IQ peoples, we see nothing but degeneracy, crime, and barbarism.  And when you try to correct them, you get nothing but accusations of racism.

The fact is, conservatives are by and large cowards.  They are afraid to be called “racists” by people who so clearly hate them.  As if racism was one of the seven deadly sins.

If we want to fix these very severe problems, we have to recognize the racial reality in them.  If a group of people is more prone to crime, poverty, and immaturity, then we need to ensure that they can be kept busy.  We do this by removing the welfare system, deregulating labor, and paving the way for real jobs that even low-IQ people can do as not everyone gets to be a Software Developer or Nuclear Engineer.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

White Guilt Brings Measles Back

More reasons to shut down immigration in the US:

The first reported case of a person with measles in the recent Memphis outbreak, which now numbers seven confirmed cases, was at a local mosque on April 15, according to the Shelby County Health Department.

“The first public place where there was a public exposure potentially [to measles] was theMasjid Al-Noor Mosque on April 15,” Dr. Alisa Haushalter, Director of the Shelby County Health Department, tells Breitbart News.

“The mosque is one location we know that individuals who were infectious were during their infectious period, but that’s not necessarily where the first case occurred. I don’t want you to draw conclusions without sufficient information,” she added.

Haushalter acknowledged, however, that the measles outbreak could have originated with an unvaccinated for measles adult or child brought to Tennessee under the federal refugee resettlement program, something she called “a possibility amongst many.”

So let’s get some things out of the way:

  1. Even if you have the measles vaccine, you can still contract measles.  This has happened in the past, very recently in fact, so saying that you are vaccinated against it doesn’t mean total immunity.
  2. This kind of thing endangers children because many babies don’t get the vaccines until a certain amount of time passes.  So, any child being placed in a daycare center could end up getting this disease from unvaccinated third-world caretakers.
  3. I do vaccinate my children against measles because the disease can cause blindness and it is untreatable, for the most part.

White guilt is literally bringing measles back into vogue.  We in the West didn’t use dead fetus tissue to create the vaccine for no reason after all.

It is high time we brought common sense, reason, and rational thinking back into our immigration policy and stopped arguing for more migrants in order to prove we aren’t racist to assholes who hate us.

I’ll let that last part sink in.

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