Friday, August 28, 2015

Some More Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts I have:

  • Books have been written to explain why a loving and all-powerful God allows evil to exist in His creation.  Yet those who complain about this concept almost never read any of them.  Those few who do often have the theological reasoning of a small child (and the pride of one too).
  • We often pray or hope for big miracles like those seen in the Gospels or in the book of Acts.  Yet many of us forget about the small miracles.  One of mine is the birth of my oldest son, whose umbilical cord was a quarter the size it should have been.  Another is the small miracle of my yet to be born son whose kidneys now appear to be functioning.
  • I don’t know what the world beyond the material one I live in entails.  I don’t pretend to know.  For all I know, what has been written about them is nothing more than some kind of cosmic metaphor for something greater.
  • I don’t know the Father’s Will for me.  Perhaps it’s a simple one.  Or maybe he just has me in a holding position like He did with Moses before said prophet returned to Egypt.  Whatever it is, I will submit to it as best I can because to do otherwise is evil.
  • I have no interest in fixing the world.  I can barely fix my own life or keep up with it.  I imagine that those people who do wish to fix the world are the most messed up people you can meet.
  • Josh Duggar apparently was banging a porn star while his wife was pregnant.  And as a Christian, I consider what he did to be wrong.  But as a random person who doesn’t know him, I cannot pass judgment on him.  If his wife is a typical Churchian woman, then I can see he reasons (Hell, as a man I can see his reasons), but that doesn’t mean I agree with them.
  • Never pass up an opportunity to wrestle with God for a blessing from Him.
  • Feminism is merely the politicization of envy.  Never endorse what is essentially a political movement centered around one of the seven deadly sins.  Incidentally, this is probably why the movement has always had close ties to communism.
  • Communism is merely Socialism backed by the force of government.  This is why I never regard any Leftist political figure as “Socialist” since it require voluntary collectivism.
  • There is a Corporate Elite who rule the West.  Some of them are in government and some run companies that heavily “regulated” by the government.  You’d recognize them by the fact that they all go to the same schools, network with the same people, and often share familial ties.
  • There is an Occult Elite who also rule the West.  They tend to operate in the entertainment industry, often times performing rituals in public which many normal people shrug off and mere imagery.  The truth is, much of it has to do with pagan rituals that invoke some kind of higher power.  Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of it, much like the priests in Ezekiel’s vision who worshipped the sun from the Lord’s temple.
  • There is some overlap between the Occult Elite and the Corporate Elite, but they are not always the same group.  And never assume that even within these loosely formed groups that there is union.  Their disagreements are what has probably kept them from ruling over all of us directly.
  • Do not bother to seek out companionship.  Simply seek out people.  Accept the people you meet for who they are.  If they leave a bad taste in your mouth, then cut them off.  Never assume that they will change over time.
  • Funny how most people on anti-depressants are usually depressed.
  • Having sex with your wife doesn’t get much easier than having sex with a random stranger.  With children, the logistics get even more insane.  The whole process can be tiresome.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More Reasons to Hate Walmart

I hate Walmart.  I hate the store, I hate the executives who run the company, and I hate the assholes who shop there because they wonder aimlessly like fucking zombies.

I hate the fact that they encourage their employees to go on Medicaid.  That they consider food stamps to be a portion of projected profits for their company.  That they push fluoride for babies, despite the fact that babies don’t have teeth.

And now, I have another reason to hate Walmart:

Walmart has instituted a new corporate policy that bars its stores from selling semi-automatic AR-15-style rifles and semi-automatic shotguns that have a magazine capacity of seven shots or more, multiple news outlets report.

According to Walmart spokesman Kory Lundberg, the massive retailer will replace ARs and self-defense and competition shotguns with budget-oriented bolt guns, rimfire rifles and pump-action shotguns. The spokesman denied that politics had anything to do with the decision, telling the Bearing Arms blog that a slump in AR and semi-auto shotgun sales prompted the company to pull those types of guns from its shelves.

I am sure that this has nothing to do with gun control ideology, as stated in the article.  Because it’s not like Walmart isn’t run by communist assholes.

Look for guns to disappear from these various department stores and outlets as companies decide they aren’t economically viable for whatever reason.

Bottom line though is that you shouldn’t shop at Walmart.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Stock Market Crash and You

Well, the stock market is apparently crashing.  I don’t know the exact numbers, but I do know that we are seeing oil prices less than $40 a barrel.  This is key since the US dollar, while technically fiat, is actually backed by oil.

What this also means is that we are seeing deflation in the economy.  And I predict that deflation will go on the rise, provided no government intervention happens.  Of course, something will happen because world leaders are too hyperactive to not let things just naturally occur.  They have their own interests to look out for along with the interests of the corporate elite whose bribes line their pockets.

So what does the future hold?

It certainly does mean you have to stock up on bottle water (which lowers your testosterone) or canned goods.  I mean, you probably should do that anyway, but not because of a stock market crash.

No, the stock market crash is good for every American who has little to no debt, has more savings, and lives a relatively frugal lifestyle.

Everyone else will probably be screwed.

Despite what you may think or believe, the US economy is run by debt (or what “experts” refer to as “capital”).  This means that it is a operating under a parasitic model whereby productive workers see their wages reduced so that corporate elites can decrease the value of the dollar and cash in on it before the decrease hits all markets.  Essentially, inflation is the tyranny of the corporate elite.

Please note that when I refer to the corporate elite, that I don’t mean all corporate CEOs.  I mean the cabal of corporate executives and government officials (elected or otherwise) who collude with each other to benefit themselves.  Kind of like the overarching plot of True Detective Season 2.

Most of the time these collusions are harmless and generally don’t hurt the average citizen, at least in the short term.  Unfortunately, these collusions do generally result in more debt, which creates more and more inflation.  This is because credit is also money.

Over time, these collusions eventually come to a head and the piper must be paid.  Unfortunately for the American people, the corporate elite would rather sell out your own children in place of owning up to their responsibilities as administrators of failed business endeavors.

So what will happen in the wake of this?  For one thing, President Barack Obama won’t address the issue directly because it doesn’t involve black teenage thugs.  The corporate elite will probably push for either another bailout or they will push for a total war, since those are the only two things that a government can do to remedy an economic collapse.

But I could be wrong.  Perhaps by the end of the week the economy will be strong again and the corporate elite will resume drinking diamonds or whatever it is that they do.

But for the rest of us, who drink coal, we have to be mindful that we do not live in a free market or capitalist economy but instead a fascist one directed by bankers and their butt buddies in government.  Anything we own is subject to confiscation on whatever grounds the corporate elite deem appropriate (see Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

And once you know this, you can begin to vote for the right person.  I don’t know who that is yet, but I’m not supposed to tell you who or how to vote.  I’m just trying to enlighten you to the reality of our economic situation and not let you fall into the trap that I had done for several years.

And to realize that we are not a free nation.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Observations on the Ashley Madison Data Dump

In case you’re living under a rock (which you’re not), you’d know that the Ashley Madison data being held by the hacker group has been released.  While it is still early to get a good index of everyone who signed up for the site, there have been some significant findings so far.  Here are a few of my observations on the whole mess:

  • The majority of people using that site were men.  This doesn’t surprise me in the least.  A woman who wishes to cheat on her husband doesn’t have to do much to achieve that end.  All she has to do is put on a pretty dress and head out to a local bar.  Or text nude pics to the Alpha she pines for.
  • I heard a story of a woman who was using the site because her husband is an invalid.  Her husband has consented to such an arrangement apparently.  Anyway, she was complaining about her reputation being ruined as a result of this.  Frankly, I don’t give a damn.  She’s a gold-digger looking to keep her cuckold husband while being given the freedom of banging other men.  That isn’t a marriage, it’s a business arrangement.
  • Apparently Josh Duggar, the eldest son of the Duggar family of 19 children, was a member.  He apparently used his grandmother’s credit card to use the site.  While I was somewhat sympathetic to his “child molestation” stuff as he committed such acts when he was 13, this is certainly bad.  Not that what he did to his sisters wasn’t bad, just that he was a more naïve child when it happened.  He was an adult in this case and should know better.
  • There have been some high ranking government officials who were caught as members on that site.  If this country had any integrity or sense of responsibility, then those people would be fired.  This is because their personal indiscretions could be used against them in an extortion or blackmailing scheme which could endanger American lives.
  • There will be another site like this set up real soon.  It will done in a way that will not allow for hacking, at least whatever technique the hackers used.  This is because an adulterer wants to cheat in an easy and private manner.  Social media provides all that.
  • The company behind Ashley Madison could have shut down the site in compliance with the hackers’ request.  They knew that their site would go down either way, so instead of saving the privacy of their clients, they instead allowed the hackers to get their way and embarrass all their clients.  I smell a lawsuit coming their way.
  • The company behind Ashley Madison apparently charged 20 dollars (roughly) to erase all of your account data form their databases.  It looks like that this was a lie.  That’s another lawsuit coming their way.

Ultimately, this whole ordeal exposes just how morally corrupt our society is.  Granted, there has always been adultery since the beginning of mankind and our predilection to sin.  But the levels at which it has been demonstrated on Ashley Madison is appalling.  Maybe I am a little naïve in all this, but are marriages so bad that people are willing to pay for access to a social network that allows you to engage in extramarital affairs?

I suppose so.  And given that men are the primary users of such sites, it means that most women in the West make for shitty wives.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Pro-Life Republican Voters Are Still Suckers

I caught some flak for my last post calling pro-life Republican voters suckers.  Here’s the tweet:

I understand what he means.  I get that you want a candidate who values human life, no matter what stage it is at.

But saying you’re pro-life and demonstrating it are two different things entirely.  The Republican party has, by and large, failed to protect the Unborn in the 42 years since it was forcibly made legal in all 50 states by an unelected body of communist activists in judge’s robes.

And yes, they have had plenty of chances to bring up the case in the Supreme Court, plenty of opportunities to pass a law that outlaws the heinous practice of murdering children to absolve women of the consequences of their bad decisions, and plenty of chances to defund the organizations who promote.

And they have not.  They have done little more than ban partial-birth abortion (later overturned by a communist activist in a black robe) and defunded foreign abortions.  Because American abortions don’t count.

This is not victory.

What should be happening is every year the case against abortion should be brought before the Supreme Court.  Hell, if you can file the case every month, it should be done.

What should be happening is the Sanctity of Life Act should be brought before Congress every year and broadcasted to the people.

And the people who do feel strongly that abortion is an abomination should be working to change the culture to view human life as sacred.  Not lions, giraffes, or any other animal of which we have dominion over, but human life.

Instead our churches don’t even address the issue.  They pay lip service to it.  Our religious organizations do likewise and just tell people who to vote for as churches aren’t allowed to affect the political process since it’s illegal in the eyes of the Federal government (a 1st Amendment violation, I know).

And still, the Republican party continues to claim to be the party of pro-life when they have done nothing to stop it here in America.  They barely fight it at all.

And still, you morons keep voting for a self-described pro-life guy while he uses his cronies to bankrupt America and doesn’t even bother outlaw abortion.

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