Monday, July 27, 2015

Conservatives Are Losers

The old adage “give them an inch and they will go a mile” is probably the best way to describe mainstream conservatives right now.  They have constantly failed in their efforts to stem the tide of a whole host of issues from abortion to LBGT fascism to successful wars overseas.

I guess we could sum up mainstream conservatism is one word: failure.  Despite all their ranting and ravings against the American communists, they have failed to stop them, failed to steer people in a more favorable direction, and ultimately failed to even properly identify their enemies.

Communists have managed to successfully alter the demographics of our nation from being a predominant culture of liberty minded individuals to a culture that imports low-church communists from other countries, mainly Mexico, while simultaneously altering the existing culture to more readily accept communist principles and policies.

Communists won the propaganda war in the last half-century.  Sure they lost the Soviet Union, but that country was doomed to fail from the beginning.  But they were able to convince an astonishingly large number of people in the West that communism was good.  Hell, I’d argue that Putin is much more free market than the US these days.

But what was the conservative response to all this?  Mainly it was to say that they weren’t racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.  They even went out of their way to try and prove it to a bunch of people who don’t give a damn who you really are.

The time for defense is done.  If you are a conservative-minded person, stop paying attention to the leaders who lost the culture war.  They suck at their causes and they’ve further driven our country down the toilet with their pointless hand-wringing and sickening attention to detail.

The offensive is what needs to be done now.  Take a clue from the communist playbook and start applying their techniques against them.  Stop trying to prove to them that you’re not racist, homophobic, or whatever and start calling them out for who they really are: anti-civilizational morlocks.

The time is now.  We need to stop allowing these wicked little imps from destroying our country for the sake of some unproven cause.  You don’t need dialectic, you need rhetoric.  Start using it against them.

Otherwise you’re just another cuckservative.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Beatings Will Continue

The only reason this was a crime was a because it wasn’t the mental institution staff who was doing the beatings:

A young Palestinian man died on Tuesday after being badly beaten in an "exorcism", medical and police sources in the West Bank town of Hebron said.

The family of the 19-year-old with psychological problems had called in two "healers", a man and a woman, who beat the young man to drive out evil "spirits", Palestinian police sources said.

He was critically injured and taken to hospital in Hebron where he died, police and medics said.

The pair who administered the beating were arrested, as were the victim's father and brother.

In America, we used to cut out your brain and/or run electricity through your brain.  But since that was State-sanctioned violence against people who have no observable physical issues, it was okay.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Nothing is Private Online

So apparently the Ashley Madison site has been hacked.  For those of us who don’t care much for dating sites, Ashley Madison is a website that allows married people to hook up with other people who are not their spouses.  And now a hacker group is threatening to release the hacked data to the public unless the site is shut down permanently.

While I could care less about the outcome of all of this, the incident does reinforce the idea that nothing you do online is private, no matter what guarantee is provided by the service you are using.  No matter where your data is, no matter how its encrypted, it will be hacked eventually.

Look, there are a good chunk of human beings out there who are total douchebags.  They are unlikeable people who hate humanity in general and most people they meet in person.  And so they will make it their quest to make everyone else as miserable as they are.

The Internet is a great tool for passing and receiving information.  You can set up events, meetings, and even extra-martial affairs.  At the same time, nothing should be considered private because there is probably at least one crazy asshole who has access to everything.

So make sure that you don’t take nude pics, you don’t pay for porn online, and you don’t join up questionable social media circles.  Because if you ever desire to take on any kind of controversial issue, chances are you will be exposed for the pervert that you are.

So please do keep that in mind when your girlfriend asks for a picture of your dick or Claudia sends you an e-mail about how she is lonely and needs your attention (despite the ample women who seem more interested in her than you do).

Nothing on the Internet is private.  Always remember that.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Without God Ramblings

Though I am in favor of a fully unregulated economic system (which is really an impossibility even without a working government), I am not an anarchist.

The main issue I take with anarchism is that they have a weird set of moral principles that are related to consequentialism and have nothing to do with actual morality.  This is because most anarchists tend to be agnostic or atheist and thus have no moral center to build their philosophy from.

I am not a libertarian.  Libertarianism has become a generic term that sweeps a broad political spectrum.  It is basically the default political ideology if you’re not conservative or progressive these days.  Think government should stay out of socials issues but believe in corporate regulations?  Well, you’re a libertarian.  Think that pot should be legal but guns should not?  Libertarian.

In many cases you could argue that both libertarian and anarchist beliefs systems come from a foundation that doesn’t include a religious moral code.  The non-aggression principle is, after all, half of the second greatest commandment which God gave us through his prophet Moses (Love your neighbor as yourself).

The trouble with these belief systems is that most people are incapable of truly loving their neighbor if they don’t love God first.  The anarchist will see the Jew on the side of the street dying and simply tell him that he should’ve had a gun.

That’s not fair.  I’m sure the would help him.

The problem is, both anarchism and libertarianism tend to think in terms of true equality and thus fail to understand human nature.  Human beings desire to be led by people they perceive as better than them because it is easier to outsource moral responsibility to a higher authority than it is to think for yourself.

And believe me, no amount of effort on your part will help them to think for themselves.  People need a leader of some kind because without one, they tend to lose their car keys.  Or their morning coffee money.

Seriously though, as social creatures, human beings have always required leadership of some kind.  The trouble is, most leaders are simply leaders because they want power, not because they desire to rule over us out of some higher purpose.  Hell, even King David behaved like a mafia boss from time to time.

To truly understand humanity, you have to understand the nature of evil, why it exists, and what it truly is.  Once you understand that, you’ll understand that it is not power that corrupts but the kind of person who desires power to begin with.

And thus we see that all leaders tend to be corrupt from the beginning.  Power just brought out the worst of it.

The point of all this incoherent rambling is that libertarianism and anarchism are Utopian ideologies which lack a true understanding of human nature.  That is why I can’t support them.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Truth About Banking

The above cartoon from the mad genius Scott Adams illustrates the truth about banking in Western civilization (and probably the other civilizations as well).

You see, when you put your money in a bank, what you are effectively doing is loaning the bank your money on their terms (why do you think it’s called a “Debit” card?).

That doesn’t seem so bad, until you realize that their in the business of making loans and you’re just a rank amateur when it comes to their business.  You see, they are masters of making making loans and selling debt.  If they weren’t, they’d be out of business, assuming that the government doesn’t bail them out.

The point is that the banks use the money you’ve loaned them (it is no longer your money when you deposit it) and loan it out to other people, businesses, and governments in order to turn a profit on the interest they charge.  This is how they invest.

So when you are depositing money into your bank, think of it as investing in them to make good investment decisions.  But most customers don’t give a damn about the big banks they have their money tied up in.  They look at banks as a generous company who is willing to hold on to your assets for free.

I say you invest in local banks and make sure you keep up to date on who or what they are loaning money to.  Otherwise, you may wake up one day and find that there is no money in your checking account and the FDIC is flat out broke.

It sucks that this is the way it is, but it is important that you treat them like a financial investment firm and not like a free money holdings firm.  Because the latter doesn’t exist.

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