Thursday, October 8, 2015

On Feminism

Feminism is that which seeks to redefine women as men and treats men as either extremely aggressive or simpering wimps.  It is a philosophy of contradictions that hides behind the crowd of all women claiming to speak for all of them when in truth it merely the loudest sub-group of idiots among them.

In truth, it seeks to destroy civilization, knowingly or not, because it inverts the proper roles of men and women and thus changes how civilizations thrive.  A civilization needs mothers to nurture children and fathers to teach them right from wrong.  It needs wives to be submissive to their husbands and husbands to love their wives.

Instead it fosters resentment between the sexes because the typical feminist is an unhappy harpy who would rather see everyone else unhappy.  It is easier to destroy rather than to create.  And creating personal happiness is the greatest obstacle that perpetually offended people have.

Think about it.  If you were offended by just about everything, would you be a happy person?  I know I wouldn’t be.  I would be constantly angry and depressed and always looking to accuse others of making me feel bad when in reality, all my bad feelings are of my own creation.

But they aren’t offended by what you do or say.  They are offended by your very existence.  If you are not of their sex, race, sexual preference, or any other “oppressed” group they can come up with, then you offend them by existing.

And when dealing with something like that, there is no point in debating or apologizing.  The only option is to shut down the conversation before they gain the upper hand and the crowd sides with them.

Despite their self-hatred and assortment of mental illnesses (usually BPD or NPD), they tend to be very good rhetoricians.  Their calls for equality out of a sense of fairness or justice are nothing more than pleas for good vibes from foolish men.  Have you ever considered why equality was so great in the first place or why it is something we should strive for?

No really ever asks that question or seriously considers it.  Equality must happen because it has to.  Never mind that each individual human being is no more equal to the next in any capacity.  At best, I could argue that we all have an equal right to life, provided we do nothing to exterminate the life of a fellow human being.

But feminist abandons that notion.  When it comes to the equality of the fetus, it is nothing more than a tissue mass, a parasite to be terminate on a whim.  And so while we are supposed to accept that men and women are equal, forgetting that not even all men are equal to each other, it doesn’t count when said man or woman still remains in the womb.

In truth, feminism is really just about absolving women of the consequences of their actions while simultaneously blaming men for all the bad things that happen.  And while men as a collective group are dangerous and destructive, we are also caring and creative.  And if we were so aggressive and destructive, why would a woman seek to poke that sleeping bear anyway?

Logic escapes them.  They should not be taken seriously but unfortunately a few sociopathic elite Alpha males decided that their sex lives would be easier if women were liberated.  And they felt like knocking the Beta schleps down a notch too.

And so the current mainstream narrative is that women are just as good at men in everything except child bearing, which is solely a woman’s domain.

Is that really equality or just a matriarchy?

Monday, October 5, 2015

On Morality, Economics, and Why I’m Not an Anarchist

I recently saw a Facebook post about how in China people would rather kill pedestrians they strike with their cars than risk them being injured.  The primary reason behind this horrendous practice is the law requires you to pay for their health care if they are injured, but only a funeral if the unfortunate person dies.

I pointed out that this is why I am not an anarcho-capitalist, or any other kind of anarchist, because it demonstrates that economics isn’t good at creating a moral code.

Of course, people were confused by what I meant by this.

It’s actually real simple.  Economics is the study of the use of scarce resources that have alternative uses.  Ludwig von Mises stated that economics is really just a subset of praxeology, which is the study of human behavior.

Unfortunately, it is not the subset that deals with evil.

For a moral code to exist, you need to have a clearly defined set of evil actions.  Otherwise, it becomes subjective and wrong.  Yes, with any moral code you will have ethics and vagueness.

But at the same time, the point of any moral code is to point out the evil that men and women do.

In economics, what this means is that you are fitting your moral code into forced exchanges for when someone takes another person’s life, liberty, or property through force or fraud.  But some evil acts cannot be measured monetarily.

Human life is one such thing.  You cannot simply kill someone and pay off the loved ones.  What if the person had no living loved ones?  And there isn’t a clear value you can place on human life.

But anarchists claim that private companies can isolate serial murderers by banning them from the private roads and homes and other such nonsense.  It makes no sense.

Murder is not something that has an economic value we can apply it.  The best thing we can do is execute the person who has committed the murder and only if we are 100% sure said person committed the heinous act.

And this is really why I can’t subscribe to the ideals of anarchism.  They don’t value human life and instead regard it as just another economic actor in the grand scheme of things.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The End of the Whole Gov’t Mess

Is the US government salvageable?

I ask this question because it seems to me that most people in the US agree that our Federal government is broken in some way.  Hell, politicians on both sides will talk about how the government is broken.  They of course have their own ideas on what is broken and what needs to be done to fix it, but the fact remains that most people agree on government’s brokenness.

But I’d argue that we have reached a point of no return.  That our government is completely and utterly broken and that there is nothing left but allowing it to crumble and collapse completely.  Already we are seeing the cracks in the infrastructure as people have pretty much lost faith in our government’s ability to progress humankind.

As of right now, our government appears to be operating out of its own self-interest rather than as an institution intended to serve the needs of the populace.  While an argument could be made that this has always been the case, I doubt it has ever been as severe as it is now.

Right now, Congresspeople work solely for the benefit of corporate interests.  These interests are often used to cement corporate monopolies within our society and thus ensure stagnation.  Think of the most heavily regulated industries in the United States and see that their progress has more or less stagnated as result.  The reason for the stagnation is that large corporations don’t innovate as the status quo affords more profitable results

And while that is certainly bad, it isn’t the only thing that is problematic with the Federal government these days.

The entire judicial apparatus seems to be loyal to the communist Narrative.  Instead of judging cases based on the merits of the Constitution, it instead looks at cases based on the Narrative.  The final decision in that case suit the Narrative rather than the Constitution and thus we get rulings like gay marriage being a right, even though marriage itself is not found anywhere in the Constitution.

The bureaucrats are by and large devoted to the communist Narrative as well.  And why wouldn’t you be when the majority of jobs offered there are related to implementing communist ideals?

On top of that, we see more and more insanity coming from the Federal government.  From standards dictating how to deal with domestic abuse (hint: the man is always at fault) to researching why lesbians tend to be overweight, the entire apparatus appears to be situated toward insanity and abandoning the entire founding principles of this nation.

So I ask: even if we vote the right people in, would we truly fix it?  Given that the only real turnover is the occasional ousting a politician, do we really believe that we can fix it?

I don’t believe that.  I believe that the US government is at it’s end.  As the policy makers continue to insist on immigrating more and more people who are hostile to the ideas of individual liberty, I doubt that the United States will exist as either a democracy or a republic by the end of this century.

Sure, there is a chance that things can be saved and salvaged.  But the chances of doing so are about the same as me winning the lottery, give or take.

So I figure the whole thing is going to collapse and probably in my lifetime.  No nation can survive such a massive shift in culture or policies without being conquered by outside forces or splitting apart.

Monday, September 28, 2015

On The End of My Church

Last month, the church which I attended for 24 years held its final service.  It was always a small church in the Episcopal and then Anglican Church, but the small attendance and dwindling ministries offered finally caught up with it.

There is a lot of analysis that can be done as to why the church finally closed down.  Frankly, I don’t have the patience to do so.  Most of it would be pure speculation on my part anyway.

It was the church I grew up in.  I had my wedding there, witnessed my brother’s wedding there, had my son baptized there.  I was confirmed there.

But in the end, as with all things, the church just wasn’t able to support itself, even with a part-time pastor and minimal expenses.

The people who attended were not stingy.  We were, by and large, a very generous group.  It just wasn’t enough.

And we weren’t bringing people in.  Maybe it had something to do with the building we moved to.  Maybe we just weren’t going out and evangelizing enough.

Still, I’m not terribly sad over the whole ordeal.  When I was on Vestry years ago, I pointed out that we can get people to come but not to stay and that if they decide to go to a different church and get saved, then the Body of Christ still wins.

Churches come and go.  They have a finite lifespan just like everything else in this life.  What matters is the lives that are touched and the souls saved in the process.

Right now my family and I are attending a new church.  It takes me a while to get used to the people in new places as I do not trust new faces easily.  But that is okay, it is all part of the process.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thoughts on my Premature Son and Abortion

I’ve been out of blogging lately but for a good reason.

A month ago, my wife started bleeding while pregnant.  We went to the hospital and her OB/GYN basically stated that it looked like she was going into premature labor.

So she checked in and underwent treatments to help the baby should he be born prematurely.  After about ten days, she had to have an emergency Cesarean and my second son was born.  My wife was 28 weeks pregnant when he was born.

Right now, he’s doing fine and my wife is out of the hospital.  But I’m spending much of my time either working, taking care of my older son, or visiting my little one in the hospital.

Why do I bring all of this up?  Because I like exploiting personal experiences for political messages.

For one thing, 28 weeks is around six months.  A child is viable at this point (there is about an 80% survival rate for 28 weeks).  So whatever your qualms are about abortion, third-trimester abortionists are straight up serial murderers.

Of course, if you view human life as sacred as I do, then abortionists are legalized serial murderers.

My son currently is tiny (two and a half pounds), yet he wants to live, whether it is a conscious thought or not.  He needs help to eat and breathe, but he wants to live.

I cannot understand how communists can think that such a living being is worthless.  It is only through an inhuman level of wickedness that such evil can exist.  Not even God conceived of such things (that’s in the Bible).

Any woman who has an abortion at any stage is unworthy of having children, having a husband, or finding happiness in life.  You murdered your own child because you couldn’t face the consequences of your actions.

And yes, I am aware that pregnancy happens sometimes when women are raped.  However, most rapes are easily preventable through responsible behavior like not getting drunk alone in public, not wearing skimpy clothing (because it’s easier to rape when less clothing gets in the way), and by not going home with strange men.

At the same time, just because you were raped, it does not give you the right to dispose of the another human life who is innocent of what happened to you.

You would think after my wife going through four miscarriages and two children going into the NICU, that we would be more cynical about human life.

In fact, it has merely strengthened my resolve about human life.  I find myself getting more emotional than normal (which is next to none) when I read or hear about people, especially children, dying.

I am appalled at the lack of respect for human life, forget about human dignity.  This is doubly true for Western civilization, as its morality was based in Christianity, which has an inherent respect for human life.

And the folks who identify as progressive or Leftist are the worst.  They view all human life, except their own, as worth less than animals.  Do not compromise with such evil.  Do not make concessions to them.  They are wicked, evil people.

Never forget that.  I don’t as I hold my son and monitor his vitals in the hospital.

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