Thursday, September 18, 2014

Contrarian Busybodies

They exist in their own world where everything that anyone else does is wrong no matter what and they are here to fix things.  If they believed in God, they’d believe that God put them on Earth to fix what is wrong with the world.

They go by different names as the time goes by.  This is usually because the names they use become derogatory, despite being positive and uplifting.  Ever wonder why the term “progressive” in the US is now a negative term?  Or liberal?  Hell, even Social Justice Warrior is becoming derogatory.

The main principle behind the contrarian busybodies is that they must defy everything that is mainstream or viewed as widely accepted.  Take any topic and they will bash the overlords in charge of it for some reason or another.

For example, the US now has a black President (he’s half-white, but that half doesn’t count).  Given that the majority of the US is white (like 70% or more last I checked), you would think that this would be an end to the charge of racism against whites.  But that hasn’t stopped.  Instead we see racial divisions ramped up.  These black teens running rampant, robbing stores and beating random people (usually white), is indicative of a racially disenfranchised group.

Video games have come under attack lately.  Certain groups of people with a huge chip on their shoulder have complained about the portrayal of women in video games.  Now, video games have been largely a boy’s or man’s hobby.  Most of the games that women play are the simple puzzle games like Tetris or Bejeweled.  And while men play them too, they tend to go for more interactive and immersive games.

So naturally women aren’t always portrayed as strong, independent females as dictated by the ancient tenants of the Goddess.  Never mind that there are depictions of strong female warriors dating back to Metroid for Nintendo (or possibly even further).  That doesn’t matter.

The point is that contrarian busybodies will never be happy or satisfied.  This is because their entire life is consumed by pride and envy, which cripples their thinking patterns and causes them to not process reality in the same way that most people do.  This wouldn’t be a huge problem except that they also tend to get into positions of power with the drive to implement their delusional policies and force everyone to follow suit.

There is no compromise with them.  Do not make any attempt to appease them.  They view it as a weakness, not as a kindness.  They view every action you take through the lens of their own narrow vision.  They are incapable of recognizing acts of kindness from people who do not agree with them 100%.  They view it as an attack because that is exactly how they would behave if the roles were reversed.

So have nothing to do with them.  If you are an employer, fire anyone who acts up demanding equal pay or more minorities in the office.  If you are a business person, consider dropping clients who work toward such things.  And if there is one in your family, don’t let them watch your children or spend the night in your house.

You will find that life is so much better without these miserable miscreants.  And a lot quieter too.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Magic Thinking

Magic is the use of supernatural forces to alter reality for the user.  This is the entire intent of the use of magic in the fantasy genre.  In the science fiction genre, we usually this kind of thing done as well, although the mechanism is usually mechanical or follows some bizarre physics laws that nobody understands.  This is probably why both genres usually get clumped together.

Magic thinking is a pattern of thought where the individual literally believes that performing certain actions will alter or change reality.  It is a common pattern of thinking for most Utopians, who believe that humanity can be fixed if we only collectivize or if we completely eliminate the government or if we only invade a foreign nation.

It is a pattern of thinking that denies the reality of the situation and declares that the delusion is the reality.  You may come across it at work where a project must be done in a certain way by a certain date despite the lack of funding and resources.  Usually such projects are pushed by delusional middle managers who seek to get in the good graces of their sociopathic overlords.

In the bureaucracy, we see this kind of thinking all the time.  It’s the judge who insists on forcing excessively high child support rates despite the reality that the father can’t make that much money (see Dave Foley’s talk of his divorce with Joe Rogan).  It’s the cop who declares that bleeding on him is assault, despite the fact that the cop is one who caused the bleeding by kicking said perpetrator in the head.  It’s the crazed TSA agent shouting “I’m God!” to an airplane passenger who is offering only mild defiance to his groping.

It’s also the customer who insists on getting coffee even though the coffee machine is broken and the mechanic’s butt crack is clearly visible over the counter.  Or the insistence that the coffee is not 140 degrees as requested because it’s too hot, ignoring the fact that the barista has science on her side (my wife worked at Starbucks, in case you’re wondering).

It’s the woman who gets off on DUI and assaulting a police officer because she was PMSing at the time.  It’s the guy who insists that he got that sandwich last week when the cashier knows it didn’t exist last week.

Magic thinking is an integral part of Leftist thinking, largely because the Left is Utopian.  They believe that they can fix humanity through their own efforts, no matter how many mass graves may be needed.  The political Right also falls prey to this kind of thinking, although it is usually because they have compromised with the Left, especially on issues like immigration and women’s rights.

Magic thinking is borderline insane thinking.  In fact, the insane regularly engage in it.  This is why it is insane to be Utopian.  Try to realize the reality of your life and your situation and make conscious decisions based on that, not on magical thinking.

You might find yourself much more content if you do so.  But for those who are engaged in it, keep them out of power in any capacity.  They will only end up harming others..

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Failed U.S. Military

One of the most useless professions one could take on is sociology.  Case in point:

U.S. Army sociologists are worried that a lack of black officers leading its combat troops will have detrimental effect on minorities and lead to fewer black officers in top leadership posts.

“The issue exists. The leadership is aware of it,” Brig. Gen. Ronald Lewis told USA Today on Thursday. “The leadership does have an action plan in place. And it’s complicated.”

Of course its complicated, WHEN YOU MAKE IT COMPLICATED.

This is why the US military sucks right now.  Instead of being concerned with changing tactics to deal with a much more vicious enemy, they are concerned with a lack of women and minorities in the military.

Because that is what the military is all about.  It’s about diversity.  Yet they refuse to desegregate Arlington National Cemetery, probably to remind tourists about how awful white people are.

In any case, the American Empire is doomed if this is the order of the day.  The mere fact that the U.S. Army has sociologists demonstrates that the top brass are stupid morons with little concern for actually defeating the enemies of America.

If the United States were to engage in a serious war with another nation whose tank division isn’t filled with AKs mounted on pick-ups, it would lose.  It would lose badly.

Putting women on the front lines only guarantees that they will be raped.  Putting minorities into top officer positions without regard for their ability only guarantees failure.

But by all means, put unqualified idiots (white or black or brown or yellow) into top positions because of their skin color.  See what happens.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why I Am Not a MRA

I am not a Men’s Rights Advocate or MRA.  Despite my many writings where I have been critical of the role of modern women in Western civilization, I cannot claim that label.

One reason is that I don’t like to take on labels in general, mostly because I am an individualist and I don’t like being pigeonholed.  Once you tell someone that you are a libertarian or a progressive, there are many automatic assumptions placed on you.  Many of these assumptions are usually based on stereotypes, bad information, and sometimes the true nature of your views.

But that’s a more superficial reason.  I don’t mean to be mysterious; I’m just not that much of a joiner.

The other reason is because I don’t believe in equality, at least in the sense that most Americans have been conditioned to believe in it.  Everyone is unique and different.  As a group, women behave much differently than men.  It is an observable scientific fact.

So because women will behave differently than men in almost all aspects of life, we cannot exactly strive for equality, can we?  This is one of the reasons why I believe that women’s suffrage was a mistake.  Women do not vote in a responsible manner, more so than men.  While men can be stupid about voting, it is women who are constantly voting to promote envy of various varieties.

That aside, I think that many in the MRA movement often behave as if equality is a fact.  That everyone should be equal before the law and they often use this rhetoric to fight the feminists, who claim to want equality but rarely ever act like it.  And while I believe that the current leaders of the MRA movement are genuine in their beliefs, it is a misguided belief.

Now, I do believe that justice should not consider age, race, or sex when passing judgment on others.  Remember that woman who drove her van into the ocean a few months back?  I said she should’ve been charged with three counts of attempted murder, much to the chagrin of female acquaintances.  So I do think that when it comes to matters of crime, we should be equal before the law.

I just can’t be a part of an ideology that preaches something I don’t believe in.  I don’t believe that men and women are equal and I do believe that they should be treated differently by our society because they perform different functions biologically.

That being said, I do applaud their efforts to raise awareness on several issues like the true aggressors of child abuse and the sick, messed up system that passes for family courts.  I think it is also important to point out that men are targets of the State more so than women and that they are treated much differently.

But I believe that these issues will be dealt with in time, and not necessarily because of the MRA movement.  I see many of these issues being done away with because of their inherent destructive nature.

Ultimately, though, I just don’t see myself as advocating what they advocate overall because I can’t agree with their premises.

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