Monday, October 20, 2014

Sweet, Sweet Irony

Talk about unintended consequences:

An Augusta County woman faces a misdemeanor charge under Virginia's new revenge pornography law.

Waynesboro police tell media outlets that 28-year-old Rachel Lynn Craig is accused of posting a nude photograph of another woman on Facebook.

The law went into effect July 1. It makes it illegal to distribute a sexually explicit image of others without their permission. The phenomenon is called "revenge porn."

Police Sgt. Brian Edwards says the 22-year-old victim told police that Craig took the photograph from a cell phone belonging to the woman's boyfriend and posted the image on Facebook. The woman says she had taken the photograph of herself and sent it to her boyfriend's cell phone.

I opposed the revenge porn law personally because I believed it was meant to punish men who get sexually explicit images from their girlfriends/wives.  I think that women shouldn’t do that to begin with because it is uncouth and that the only way to resolve that is to allow women to face the consequences of their stupidity.

Now it appears that the law is being applied equally, regardless of gender.  I don’t know the backstory behind all this (my guess is it was a lover spurned or something), but it is refreshing to see a law clearly biased against men being applied appropriately.

I still don’t support this law as it is backwards and will only cause more government overreach, especially if it is made into a Federal law.  We’ve already had a case in Virginia where an underage kid was being coerced into having a picture taken of his erect penis for comparison with a sext his girlfriend got.  That would be considered child porn in any other circle.

So I shudder to think how this law will be applied and if it will be applied fairly in the future.  I doubt it will and there will probably be some overzealous prosecutor or police officer who will take things too far.  And then get away with it because they are the government after all.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Attack on Titan Review

Today I’d like to review an anime and manga series I’ve been following.  It’s called Attack on Titan (English translation is rough, the raw translation is closer “Advancing Titan) and it is a very popular series in both Japan and in Western countries alike.

The premise of the series is that a new form of creature, known as titans, have appeared and begin to devour human beings.  Titans range from 3 meters to 15 meters, although unique ones can reach up to 60 meters.

In response to the threat, humanity raised up a massive set of three 50 meter walls (although it is doubtful human beings did that; more on that later).  Humans have lived behind the walls for roughly 100 years at the beginning of the story.  For a depiction of the scale of the walls, check out this map.

So the start of the story (and I will reference both anime and manga since there is little difference between them so far) has our protagonist Eren Yeager, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman, and his friend Armin Arlert live in Shinganshina District, the southernmost city behind the walls.  In fact, the city actually extends just outside the Wall with a gate to the outside world and another gate to the main area between the outermost wall (Wall Maria) and the middle wall (Wall Rose).

They witness a colossal Titan, measuring over 60 meters, appear outside the outer gate as it peaks over the wall.  It then proceeds to kick in the gate, killing many people due to the sheer force of the debris that flies out, and letting in all the titans that are just on the other side of the wall.

In the ensuing chaos, Eren, who is 10 years old at the time, witnesses his own mother get eaten by titan as a soldier takes him and Mikasa to safety.  This sets up his motivation to join the military and join the Survey Corps (the group dedicated to leaving the walls and attempting to take back the land where Titans now dominate), as well as Mikasa’s motivation to protect Eren at all costs (a promise she makes to Eren’s mother shortly before she is eaten).

Five years later, Eren is a newly graduated cadet of the military corp and ready to join the Survey (or Recon) Corps, although he ranked 5th in his class and thus qualified to work for the Military Police in the innermost walls, where the elite and the wealthy live.  On the day of or after his graduation, the Colossal Titan appears again and this time batters the gate at the city of Trost, the southernmost city of Wall Rose (the area between Rose and Maria has been abandoned due to the breached gates in Shinganshina).

During the Battle of Trost, where the Garrison (military branch whose chief duty is defense of the Walls) and the newly graduated cadets face off against the Titans as they try and evacuate the civilians.  Things don’t go well for Eren as he loses his leg within the first five minutes of his deployment and then gets swallowed whole while saving his friend Armin.

But Eren is something more than a mere human.  He is a Titan Shifter, a power he did not know about.  Inside the Titan’s belly, he inadvertently transforms into a 15 meter Titan, killing the Titan who swallowed him in the process.  What follows is the Garrison using Eren to retake Trost by sealing the breached gate with his Titan strength.  And the story carries on from there.

The story is very well done and the elements seem to be well thought out by the manga’s creator, Hajime Isayama, definitely has framed out the world and the story, for the most part.  He knows the nature of the Titans and he indicates that he does have an ending in mind for it.

The main, over-arching story is the mystery surrounding the Titans.  Nearly every conflict, every trial always comes back to them.  They are theorizes to have been humans once, but some kind of scientific process has turned them into cannibalistic giants.  This mystery is slowly revealed as well where at the beginning of the story we see humanity just accepting things as they are but then they gradually start to try and learn more and more about them.

Though the main focus of the story is Eren and how he is probably humanity’s only hope for survival, as a protagonist he is a weak person.  He has yet to really stand out as a soldier or a Titan in the battlefield.  He is a rash person who lets his emotions dictate his actions, the primary of which is rage.  And as a Titan he gets incredibly scary, even attempting to devour another Titan shifter at one point and declaring that he will slowly and painfully kill the Titan shifters responsible for the breach of Shinganshina (they were Titan shifters as well).

Through the course of the story, he is more like a bargaining chip, bait, and a trump card for the military.  He has been kidnapped three times by different factions who wish to use Eren and his abilities for their own purposes.

In other words, he’s not a very good warrior or hero.  But I think that is what makes him all the more relatable as a person.  He is just kid who is a victim of circumstances he has yet to truly understand.

A major theme of the series is how far would you be willing to go in order to save humanity from what is essentially an Apex predator, now that humanity is no longer the top of the food chain.  Armin, Eren’s close friend, states that in order to defeat monsters, you have to become one yourself.  This is reflected in the actions of the leader of the Survey Corps, Erwin, and within the royalty like Lord Rod Reiss, who seems to be doing terrible things in order to save humanity.

Meanwhile, we find out that the initial attack in the beginning of the story was a directed attack from Titan Shifters who live outside the walls.  They represent how far Eren himself could fall as they have seemingly abandoned their humanity entirely and only pose as humans in order to blend in (and possibly avoid becoming a Titan permanently).

Another theme is how should humanity’s leaders act in the face of such an enemy.  Lately in the manga, the Aristocrats and other leaders are depicted as self-serving and corrupt.  This is hinted at in the anime, but only briefly.  The Military Police branch consists of the top 10 graduates from each cadet class, though they are probably the least effectual soldiers against the Titans.  Instead they tend to patrol the inner city with muskets and investigate human crimes.

There is also some nice nods to what human ingenuity is like when faced with hellish circumstances.  Humanity has developed a special kind of technology that they outfit with themselves to maneuver in three dimensions.  This is because the Titans’ only weakness in the nap of their neck.  All other injuries only regenerate in a short amount of time (eyes come back in about one minute, for example).  As such, humans need to move around in all three dimensions in order to get to the kill spot with a sword.

All in all, this is an awesome story.  Set in a rich, fantasy land with European characters and only a few East Asian ones, Isayama really does a good job of depicting a late Medieval/Victorian culture instead of a traditional Japanese one.  My one complaint is that the two apparently Oriental characters (I think that Levi is meant to be East Asian to some degree) are the two soldiers who are total badasses while the white people are only moderately good to terrible.  This is typical of most Japanese based entertainment though, so I don’t really hold it against him.

Check out the anime or manga series if you get a chance.  It is definitely worth it.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

And Now There’s a GamerGate?

Heard of GamerGate?  Adam Baldwin coined it to characterize the corruption in the video game industry and video gaming “journalism”.  Yes, that Adam Baldwin.

Basically, the scandal got started when a video journalist publicly known as Zoe Quinn was caught cheating on her now ex-boyfriend with five other guys.  While this could have just been another case where a loser Gamma male allowed a slightly more attractive female to walk all over him, it was who she fucked that made the scandal.

Zoe Quinn, you see, had made a very simple game called “Depression Quest” and managed to get it posted on Steam, the go-to service to downloading video games for your computer as well as win some awards.  Now, I have not played the game, but from the sound of it, it isn’t exactly a video game.  Basically it’s a choose your own adventure book in digital format, except without alien vampires or dinosaurs (God, that takes me back).

Not to knock Quinn’s idea.  She probably beat Amazon’s own choose your own adventure eBooks by a few years, so props to her.  But honestly, nobody wants to be depressed when they play video games.  We usually play them to avoid the depressing world around us with its civilizational collapse, Ebola, and that asshole who drives slowly in the left lane.

What made Quinn’s game get those awards was the fact that she fucked the right people.  And this has many avid video gamers up in arms (digital guns, but guns nonetheless).  More than that, it has exposed just how corrupt video gaming journalism is and that it is really just another arm of marketing for major video game publishers.

This isn’t a new thing.  From its inception, video game journalism has been nothing but a giant marketing organization.  It’s kind of lot like regular journalism these days as many modern journalism merely reprint what the government officials tell them to.

Since Quinn’s alleged indiscretions have come to light, the scandal has only expanded from there.  Anita Sarkeesian is another prominent figure in fighting against how women are portrayed in video games, a form of entertainment dominated by men.  The backlash against Quinn has ignited a lot of other backlashes that were boiling just under the surface.

And the list goes on from there.  I don’t have time to really go into all of it really.  But the crux of it is that there is a large group of Social Justice Warriors who are hell bent on changing the video game industry as we know it.  And I doubt it will be for the better.

This is because SJWs fight with a passion that was ignited by envy, not from noble intentions or any true form of injustice.  And because these yahoos think that the average video gamer is a nerdy pushover who will cower before the might of female sexuality.

Unfortunately, that is only true of video game journalists, not video gamers.

One final note, I know I bashed Quinn’s game as not a real video game and I stand by it.  But understand that I don’t consider many “Quicktime” games like Hard Rain to be actual video games either.  Those games are nothing more than interactive movies.  And while I am not knocking people who play them, understand that they are video games.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Consensual Contracts For Dummies

California recently passed a law that requires some kind of written or recorded consent for college students to engage in sexual relations.  While the law is probably gender neutral as well as sexual preference neutral, it is a law designed to target heterosexual white men.  They are devils, if you believe what Leftists believe.  Except for the white, heterosexual, cisgender men who share Leftist ideals.

And really, are they men or just human beings who happen to be male?

This new law is just one more step toward government-directed reproduction with the feminists and other assorted assholes at the helm.  In other words, it is an incremental step toward eugenics and population control (emphasis on the control part).

The biggest problem with implementing the Eugenics agenda is primarily the male sex drive.  Without the male sex drive, our species would have died off centuries ago or there would be less than one million people on the planet.  You see, when a woman submits to her husbands sexual advances whenever he asks, she tends to have more children.  Enough children to grow civilization actually.

So by limiting the male sex drive, the world elite can abandon their responsibilities of leadership and instead live a life of luxury with their boot on the throats of the few who remain.  A large population is hard to control, after all.

More than that, this law was passed with the idea to curb rape.  But the premise is bad because it presumes that all rapes are committed against white, heterosexual, cisgender women by white, heterosexual, cisgender men.  The truth is, the feminist definition of rape (which expanded until it included 25% of all men) occurs equally among the sexes (I won’t go down the race route right now as it is irrelevant here).  Women are just as likely to rape men as men are to rape women.

There are plenty of stories of men who are sexually assaulted and humiliated by women.  In many cases, these are committed by women who don’t give a damn that a man did not give his consent and instead taunt him about his lack of manliness.  If a man demanded sex from a woman and called her a prude in the process while she refused consent, feminists would call that rape.

Of course, feminism isn’t about equality of the sexes.  It never was.

I suspect that this law will backfire.  What is more than likely going to happen is that women will become more and more selective in who they fuck.  There will be an elite few Alpha males who will enjoy the benefits of pussy while several men will be left to their own devices.  These men will either start reading up on the manosphere, look at a lot of porn, build sex robots, or, in rare cases, buy some guns and shoot up a sorority.

This is because women tend to pine for men who are way above their own attractiveness.  They can’t help it really.  They want the Alpha male whose good-looking, charming, and a natural bad boy.  They gush over that kind of thing.

What will probably happen is that many of these women will have pre-printed forms ready to be signed and will hand them out to men they wish to be fucked by.  It will probably list parameters too as to what can and can’t be done (oral, anal, vaginal, etc.).  It may even have checkboxes for such things.

Unfortunately for men, even this contract will ultimately not protect them from the perpetual victimhood culture of feminists.  What will happen, as with every relationship contract, is that the courts of both campus rape squads and the actual criminal courts will throw those consent contracts out.

How do I know this?  Well, a similar contract is established in all 50 states already: the marriage license.  And this contract can be tossed whenever either spouse feels like it (usually the wife when she’s not happy).  And given the State’s own track record with handling marriage, I doubt their handling of random flings will be much better.

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