Wednesday, May 25, 2022

X is Happening

Guys, I have some bad news for you.  X is going to happen and that's a very bad thing.  I know that X is going to happen because I am an expert in X, A, B, and C.  I have studied the patterns, considered all the factors, and read all the books on the related subject.

I know that X is going to happen because Y happened when A, B, and C happened, so you now the future.  History is non-linear, that's a Western Christian myth and things like X happen in cycles.  All the time.  No exceptions.

The only way for X not to happen is to do D, E, and F, which will probably reverse the effects of A, B, and C.  But it is probably already too late to stop X, but you should do D, E, and F anyway.

But you won't because you're selfish.  You want to keep your A, B, and C even though they are immoral, despite none of those things having any inherent morality and are, in fact, amoral.

Don't worry.  D, E, and F are completely amoral, but necessary in order to avoid X.

Even though X in inevitable.

To prepare for X, you'll need to buy these books, stock up on food, and buy a lot of guns and ammunition that you will never use to shoot the people who are causing X to happen.  The guns are for when your children need to fight because you are too busy to fight for them.

In the meantime, don't bother praying to God that He stops X from happening.  None of you worthless sinners deserve to avoid the fate of X so give in to the despair of X and don't pray about it.

As for your friends, if they don't think X is happening, then they are stupid normies who don't deserve your friendship.  Also, if you have family members who scoff at the idea of X, then you should become estranged from them.

Don't worry.  Every little disaster, every pointless fuck-up, and every random crime will be ascribed to X happening, despite no evidence of such a thing.  If it later proves to be not true, X is still happening, you just weren't paying attention to what I was saying.

If you message me directly, I'll send you a promo code for 6.66% off my food prep, which will only last you for a month, but I know that X will happen for far longer than that.

In summary, X is happening, you shouldn't pray about it, you shouldn't fight against it, and you should buy my stuff.

Thank you for your time.